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  1. GOP when HELP tables their Healthcare bill
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  3. Clay


    @JClay: Because of the rules of the Senate, no legislation can pass without the help of the minority. It would be wrong for the GOP to take credit, when their leader has continually slowed the work of the Senate in order to needlessly amend and complain about commonsense legislation.
  4. Clay


    @JClay: The GOP has yet to muster any reasons as to why it has been passed. If they can't defend their horrible policy, why should Democrats waste time arguing against it in the absence of any GOP speeches in support of it? Let's not stall the work of the committee with bad policy, let's actually pass the MediChoice bill, which will do good things for the people of this country.
  5. Clay

    Committee Rosters - 115th US Congress

    Clay in for Savage on HELP
  6. Clay

    Senate Bio Registration

    Name: Jackson ClayState: IndianaParty: Democratic PartyBio Link: in SigAnnouncement Link: 
  7. Jackson Clay Senate Announcement Speech Location: Steps of the Indiana State Capitol Cost: 125,000 Thank You! I’m so excited to be here with you in Indianapolis today, announcing the start of my campaign for reelection to continue serving as your Senator. 2 years ago, I stood at this same spot, and announced my campaign for a different office. In that campaign, I spoke all across this country about the values that I learned growing up a Hoosier. I was able to share the story of my hometown, Muncie, just an hour away from where we stand, and how it had in my lifetime gone from a growing city with a large manufacturing workforce to a shell of its former self, sustained only by longing for the days where there was no worry about putting food on the table, or keeping your children in school and away from drugs. My city is representative of other cities all across this state, and it’s story, and the stories of other Hoosier cities like it, have given me the drive to fight every day in the Senate to improve the lives of people the people who have been left behind by the trade deals, and the companies who care more about profits than the workers who have given them those profits for decades. In my time as Senator, I have worked to get things done for those people, and if I am re-elected, I will continue to get things done to improve the lives of Hoosiers all over this state. As your Senator, I have continually fought for things that will protect Hoosier Jobs, and Hoosier livelihoods. I have never voted to raise taxes on the middle class, and I never will. I have been attacked by the Republican party, who claim that their current tax plan would create jobs, and increase spending in the economy, but even they know that is not true. I want a tax plan that will provide tax cuts for the middle class, not for the richest in our society. The GOP created their tax plan with the goal in mind of helping their billionaire donors. While I represent Indiana, I will only create legislation that will help the everyday Hoosiers that I interact with, not for any donors to my campaign. I will lower middle class taxes, say no to bad trade deals that ship jobs out of this country, and make college education more affordable, so that we can educate our workforce for the economy of tomorrow. The people of Indiana deserve a Senator who will seek to improve their economic status, and with my plan, we will grow in prosperity as a state and as a country. One of the major pushes I have made in Congress is for a better healthcare system. Right now, there is what I like to call a “Medicaid Gap.” There are plenty of people, in Muncie, in Gary, in Evansville, who are stuck in the unfortunate position of having too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but not making enough money to afford private insurance. No one should have to go without health insurance because they have been ignored by those setting health care policy. That’s why I support the MediChoice plan, which would increase Medicaid coverage for thousands of Hoosiers. This plan would also increase competition between hospitals, driving down the crazy fees that make private insurance expensive, and allow the HHS Secretary to negotiate the price of prescription drugs, which will cover the cost of the MediChoice plan and lower the costs of prescription drugs for those on private insurance. This is another one of those commonsense plans that I have fought for as your Senator. I have chosen to put Indiana over party and ideology, and I have delivered on legislation that has helped thousands of Hoosiers. I passed the Rural America Revitalization Act, which is already improving the quality of infrastructure in this country. I have expanded crop insurance protections, and increased access to internet access in rural areas. I have changed the party line, and voted and supported bipartisan bills that would benefit my constituents, even when it would upset my party. I have gone to Washington, and brought home the goods. I ask that you will give me the opportunity to return to Washington, and give me the chance to fight once again for your interests. Thank You!
  8. Clay

    Press Office of Jackson Clay (D-IN)

    From the Press Office of Jackson Clay " Senator Clay Announces Platform for Re-Election Bid" Indianapolis-Senator Jackson Clay announced his campaign for re-election to the Senate recently, on the steps of the Indiana Statehouse. His platform was released shortly before his speech, outlining the issues that Senator Clay will be running on in this election. The 3 key issues that are stated at the top are the economy, access to health care, and protecting farmers in Indiana. Top Issues Restoring the economy We need to lower taxes on the middle class, to keep money in the pockets of those who are doing most of the spending in our economy We need to make college educations more affordable, so we can educate a workforce that will lead a 21st Century Economy I will not support any trade deal that would send manufacturing jobs out of Indiana Increasing Access to Healthcare Healthcare is a human right, and as Senator, I am fighting to make sure that every Hoosier has quality healthcare I support the MediChoice plan, which will expand Medicaid, lower prescription drug costs, and not increase taxes a dime while doing it The plan would also increase competition between hospitals, and help lower some of the fees that drive up the cost of private insurance I will also support investment into treatment centers, and research into how to solve the opioid crisis Protecting Hoosier Farmers I have and will continue to increase crop insurance protections I will continue to expand the support for canned fruits and vegetables as a school lunch source I will protect farmers from unnecessary regulations that slow their ability to grow I will rework the subsidies system, so that a greater share of farm subsidies are sent to family farms, not industrial farming companies Senator Clay has also presented positions on many other issues, including foreign affairs, social issues, technology, and defense. He has presented a comprehensive platform, that will allow Hoosiers the ability to see a complete picture of Senator Clay's views as their Senator.
  9. Clay


    @JClay: Happy to unveil my platform for the fall campaign!
  10. Clay


    @JClay: Here are some things the GOP has proposed this session. Lowering taxes across the board, but with special protections for the richest among us, repealing ObamaCare, with a very poor plan to replace it, and so many other proposals that would overwhelmingly hurt Hoosiers. (1/2) While they're pushing for their donors, I'm pushing for Hoosiers, so don't listen to the criticism, they're just jealous of what the Democratic Party is doing for Indiana and for this country. (2/2)

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