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  1. Mr. President, A Parent should not have the right to risk their child's health and well-being by opting them out of a class designed to keep them safe. Would we allow a parent to remove their child from a science class because they taught evolution, and it didn't align with their religious values? I encourage this body not to damage the good work a national sex education program could do by passing the amendment of the Senator from Virginia. I yield.
  2. Mr. President, This will be a national program, and I imagine there will need to be significant research done to make sure that it is the best possible program, to figure out how to make sure that states are adopting it and it will also need to be monitored once implemented to make necessary adjustments and improve as time goes on. I think 10 million is a fair number for a likely years long project. If you think it is wrong, you're welcome to push for it's adoption, and then amend the number. What concerns me however, is not the difference in opinion we may have on how much this project would cost, but rather your attempt to draw an equivalency between a 10 million dollar expenditure, and authorizing the federal government to expand it's borrowing by 2.1 trillion dollars. That appears to me to be a clumsy political argument, not a serious attempt to do the work of the nation. If the Gentleman from Virginia doesn't mind, I'd like to get back to the business at hand, by trying to improve the sex education taught to American teenagers and consequently reducing the rate of abortions in this country. I yield.
  3. Mr. President, Abstinence plus is a method of sexual education that combines traditional abstinence only sex ed with contraceptive education, lessons on birth control and other related things to make sure that young people who choose to have sex do so safely. I yield.
  4. Senator Clay takes on Abortion Bill, defends Right to Choose. Senator Clay took to the Senate Floor in opposition to the Partial Birth Abortion Act, fighting to protect a woman's right to choose. Senator Clay, in an effort to actually make a meaningful change, proposed that the bill should focus on actually preventing abortions, through a more comprehensive sexual education system, and introduced an amendment to do just that. It is the Senator's hope that the Republican Party will realize that by supporting this amendment, they can reduce teenage pregnancy and as a result, lower the amount of abortions in this country.
  5. Mr. President, I consider myself an ardent supporter of a woman's right to choose. I don't believe that we, as a body, need to intervene in a private health care decision that should be made by a woman on the advice of her doctor. While the rhetoric of the right makes this out to be a very graphic and disturbing procedure, it is designed to protect the health of the woman who is having that procedure. The Supreme Court struck down a similar law because of that reason. Can the sponsor of this bill explain why he believes this bill is any different? If members of the other party wish to reduce abortions, I have an amendment they may want to support. I move to amend this bill by adding the following Section 3. 1) It has been found that comprehensive, abstinence-plus sexual education has reduced teen pregnancy, and protected teenagers from sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, 10 million dollars is hereby appropriated to the Department of Education for creating a national pilot program that will create a curriculum to teach abstinence plus sexual education. 2) Upon completion of the curriculum, an additional 100 million will be appropriated for the program to be spread nation-wide, with the Department of Education setting up grants to encourage state adoption of this curriculum. I yield.
  6. Mr. President, It is a shame that the Republican party has been unable to live up to it's stated goals of fiscal conservatism, and must instead borrow trillions of dollars. While I support this measure for the good of the country, we must remember this next time a member of the other party talks about overspending. I yield.
  7. Character Name: Jackson Clay Political Party: Democratic Faction: New Democrat Seat Held: IN- Class 3 Date of Birth: November 11, 1965 Place of Birth: Muncie, Indiana Place of Residence: Muncie, Indiana Race/Ethnicity: White Gender: Male Religious Affiliation: Methodist Family Information: Wife: Stacy (b.1963, m.1990) Children: Jackson (b.1999) Educational History: (Include school names, specific degrees, and years of graduation) Burris Laboratory School, Graduated 1983 Ball State University, BA in Political Science, Graduated 1987 Notre Dame Law School JD Graduated 1991 Occupational History: (include specific job titles and employers and years in which that job was held.) Congressional Aide Phil Sharp-1990 Associate- Ice Miller Law Firm, 1991-1995 Mayor- Muncie, Indiana 1995-1998 Senator- Indiana Class 3 1998-Present
  8. I have quite enjoyed being an owner, but I feel compelled to play in what looks to be an exciting reset. I have resigned as owner, and passed my stake equally up between Anderson and Ironsides.
  9. As an Owner, I obviously won't be playing, but I will say that I think 2004 would be a very interesting round and probably the best of the options presented so far.
  10. Let me say, I know that Anderson has been less than wonderful over the past few months. However, in my many years of polisimming, he is without a doubt the best CA I have ever played under. He came up with the activity points style of campaigning, and made many other positive changes to the game. If I had any doubt that he would not be the type of Owner that he was as CA, I would not have joined an ownership team with him. I ask that you give him a fair shake, and I’m sure he will exceed your expectations.
  11. I can guarantee that you won’t be punished by him, because this new ownership group has and will continue to make it clear that you are welcome and appreciated. Any punishments will need the votes of the other ownership, and I am very certain Ed nor I will ever vote in favor of punishing you unless it is warranted by some actions you make in the future. As far as I am concerned, everything before this point is of no use to us now, and we need to band together as a community to keep the game alive.
  12. Those who have complaints will be allowed to bring them to us. We're planning to discuss this whole situation with Fitz, and we'd love to have player input when we do that, so please send us your thoughts, and make sure to back up any claims with hard evidence.
  13. We all know this has been a crazy day, and that things have gotten complicated. Because we're trying something different with this triumvirate of sorts, we know that there are a lot of questions on the minds of the userbase. As long as they are respectful, we're happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to ask in this thread, or privately if you wish.
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