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  1. 72 Hours For Debate, Followed by 24 Hour Vote
  2. Bolster


    Mark Rounds - @MarkforND
  3. Fundraisers for MARK ROUNDS for U.S. Senate
  4. Bolster


    Mark Rounds - @MarkforND Our Vision is to make sure that North Dakotan Veterans don't have to wait in long lines to see a doctor. I will introduce legislation that mandates the VA to foot the bill at private hospitals for Veterans.
  5. The motion was made and second. 24 hours to vote. Chair vote aye
  6. Bolster


    Mark Rounds - @MarkforND Here is Our Vision For North Dakota. Read what I stand for here .
  7. Bolster


    Mark Rounds - @MarkforND I am not going to play politics during this campaign. I am going to present my platform to the people and I will not use rhetoric to pander for votes.
  8. Bolster


    Mark Rounds - @MarkforND I believe in supporting the working families of North Dakota. We must come together as Republicans and Democrats to cut taxes for the middle class not just the wealthy. That is the true compromise.
  9. The Bill in not agreed to.
  10. Mr. Chairman, I motion to table this bill. I yield.
  11. With a vote of 2 Aye and 3 Nay, The Amendment is not agreed to.

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