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  1. Bolster

    Press Office || Frank Stokes (D-NY)

    STOKES VOTES FOR MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE; WEIGHS IN DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION Washington, DC -- Today Congressman Frank Stokes (D-NY) votes to pass the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 1987. This bill if passed would increase the national minimum wage to five dollars an hour. Congressman Stokes avidly supported this bill and proudly voted in favor of its passage. "I believe our hardworking men and women deserve a pay raise," stated Stokes "many minimum wage workers who have these jobs can barely get by because of growing housing prices and horrible policies set in place by President Reagan." He continued in his statement that this vote was a major factor in his decision in the Democratic Nomination. "I have watched my colleagues and have looked at their platforms and this vote was a deciding factor in my endorsement." He expressed disappointment with some of his colleagues who didn't vote for the passage of the bill. "Congressman Seymour is a great man and so and I respect him," Stokes exclaimed, "however, joining to keep our hardworking Americans from earning a well-deserved raise is unacceptable." Upon the vote in committee to kill the bill and a present vote on the Bill on the House Floor, Congressman Stokes made this statement in regards to his endorsement: "I see that Congressman John White is committed to our working men and women and that he will make sure that they earn a raise. He has proven to me that he will stand with the middle class, that he will support people of color and that his presidency will be a fresh start for our nation. This is why I am supporting John White for President."
  2. Bolster

    Frank Stokes (D-NY)

    Missed you guys!
  3. Bolster

    Frank Stokes (D-NY)

    I have arrived. Looks like you guys need some diversity up in here!
  4. Bolster

    Frank Stokes (D-NY)

    -Basic Information- Name: Frank Stokes Age: 51 Gender: Male State: New York Party: Democratic Party Congressional District: New York's 12th Congressional District (Brooklyn) Faction: Progressive -Personal Information- Date of Birth: 2/14/1937 Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY Place of Residency: Brooklyn, NY Religion: AME Ethnicity: African-American Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual -Family Information- Father: Samuel Stokes Mother: Latitia Stokes (b. 1912) Wife: Yvette Stokes -Educational History- BA in Political Science Howard University (Class of 1959) -Occupational History- - Community Activist (1960 - 1965) - Legislative Assistant - Shirley Chisholm (1957 - 1972) - New York City Coordinator for Chisholm for President (1972) - New York State Assembly (1973-1983) - Congressman 1983-Present
  5. Bolster

    Malcolm Garvey (D-MD)

    More occupied with school so Imma sign out for a while! See you in the chats tho!
  6. Bolster

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Malcolm Garvey Party: Democrat Interviewing Agency: WMAR-TV Channel 2 "We have better things in Congress to worry about. We must come together and accept the results of the House Leadership. Augustus King ran unopposed for Majority Leader and won fairly. We have more pressing issues that we must combat to help the people of Baltimore and our Nation."
  7. Bolster

    Press Office of Malcolm Garvey

    GARVEY SPEAKS ON KING ALLEGATIONS WASHINGTON, DC -- Congressman Malcolm Garvey (D-MD-07) released a statement on the ongoing investigation relating to the King brothers in the Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and the Judiciary on the allegations of nepotism. In his statement, Rep. Malcolm Garvey stated that "the actions by the committee are unacceptable and that the Ranking Member and Minority Leader are obstructing the rules of Congress in order to investigate members of the committee." Garvey continued uttering that he believes that Reginald King (D-CA-09) is "qualified for the position and deserves to serve as chairman." Having served in Congress since 1975, Congressman Garvey believes that Congressman Reginald King is qualified. "I had the pleasure to get to know the King Brothers over the past few years," Garvey stated. "Reggie, who was elected in 1981 has proven to me that he is qualified for the position and I also believe both 'ARK' and Edward are honorable men who have served California well in local politics and have bright futures in Congress." With the obstruction of congressional procedure, Garvey stated that "the Republicans are disrespecting our own set rules to support political gain."
  8. Bolster

    Committee Registration


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