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  1. Cyril (Water Bottle), [4/12/19 9:01 PM] I just wanted to say I'm sorry for banning you. I don't think you did anything to really earn it and it was bullshit and I should have stood up stronger to Anderson and his crew. Cyril (Water Bottle), [4/12/19 9:02 PM] (which is kind of hypocritical since I gave the site partially to Anderson but...yeah)
  2. Dude asked me to repent...
  3. This was also during an attempt for reconciliation Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:08 PM] I completely agree. I find it awful how things went down, and have no intention of engaging you IG or out of game in the future in any way. Quite frankly, based on what I' Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:09 PM] Based on what I've seen over the last 3 months or so, the behavior of you and two others close to you were beyond reprehensible and the complete inability to this point to be held accountable by the AB for it nor the ability to recognize your massive fault has been the greatest threat to VGS's future Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:11 PM] I have never been shitty to you particularly. Every complaint I've had against you has been backed up by others and by AB investigation. In return for my well-founded issues, I've been run through the mud and targeted mercilessly both publcily and privately by yourself, admins, the owner, and your friends.... I understand your desire to put it to bed, and I applaud it. I'm glad to do the same. I'm happy to accept a heart-felt public apology and put the beef between you and I behind us. Storm, [3/16/19 10:20 PM] Well I haven't seen any complaints or investigations that have confirmed me targeting anyone or even threatening the future the game. So I can't own up to that, and I can confirm the past 3 months has been a two way street. As I doubt anyone did anything solely because they are just "evil" people, but things were done that caused them to act with the inclusion that people are dealing with things in real life. So i personally have come to keep that in my head when dealing with people in the game. But I don't want things to reach the same tensions as before, as just to ensure that things that happen in game are truly just in-game actions. Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:21 PM] Please list how I wronged you, aside from causing an AB investigation that couldn't determine whether you were incompetent or openly biased (and a second one they refused to make public post-reset). Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:21 PM] I have done nothing wrong Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:23 PM] And I have no interest in putting this to bed unless you can admit that what you did was awful, that you tried to derail the reset to force me to deal with you (and then backed out when I was baited into a bad deal when I tried to save the game at an AB request), and that your behavior in the last reset was entirely unacceptable and toxic when I was openly appeasing on the boards. Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:23 PM] If you came here to ask me to forgive and forget without having to apologize, then what are we doing here? Sweet Daddy 500 Hundred, [3/16/19 10:26 PM] I want to clarify that there was no second report proper, though I have seen that circulating. We did acquire additional information after the report was released and that was taken into account, but nothing so formal or codified. Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:28 PM] [In reply to Sweet Daddy 500 Hundred] The former CA informed me that the findings of his secondary investigation was decided on, by the AB, to not be made public despite my request and his prior promise to publicize it. A formal "report" is, I suppose, a misnomer. Storm, [3/16/19 10:29 PM] To be honest, I didn't want to be HML. I only did it because we did not have many players, and I kept all of my actions specific to the game and the situation we were in. I had my own things in life that I was dealing with and targeting you with any in-game actions is not something that I had any intention doing or did at all. It was strictly role-play and in game play. I'm sorry if you felt like I was targeting you, which is why we need this open dialogue to ensure it doesn't happen again. And while some bad decisions were made, I can't personally say that i contributed to an OOC harassment towards you and from the best of my knowledge I don't think anyone I know did. I jsut feel right now everyone just feels personally attacked by every little thing the other does, because of lack of communitcation. Sweet Daddy 500 Hundred, [3/16/19 10:30 PM] [In reply to Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor] This is a conversation or process that I do not have an immediate recollection of. The secondary phase of the investigation involved little more than a re-grade of the election (the changes were really statistically meaningless) and, despite me not being comfortable doing it, logging into Storm’s account to check his PM records. That’s about the sum of it. Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:34 PM] [In reply to Storm] Then we have nothing to discuss, if you think what you did was above board. I have a deep issue with what you did for months, IC OOC and as an admin, and how the people you surround yourself have behaved in response to our issues... I have no interest in simply telling you its okay to make you feel better when you clearly have no intent to do anything to deserve that. I am allowed to hold a grudge, and until you're ready to truly repent and apologize for that behavior, I have no interest in letting it lessen. Storm, [3/16/19 10:42 PM] Listen man, I wouldn't even repent to the pope. So me repenting to you would never be a thing. Also I won't apologize for in-game actions, as it was solely responding to in-game scenarios. As a person who played in the opposite party, I wouldn't expect you to like every action I made on the opposite party.I made a mistakes as a member of AB, which you know it was my first time overseeing an election. As i told AB before, I'l apologize for my mistakes as I wasn't aware of how things were done entirely in the pass. I jsut simply want to squash the beef so this doesn't leak into the game or cause any type of tension. i want both of us to be the better man and just move into the future on a clean slate. If you can't let it go, then I understand. It's no problem. Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:44 PM] I repeat that I don't see the value in this conversation if we aren't going to substantively talk about putting things to bed and only argue about which of us is right. Storm, [3/16/19 10:45 PM] Well you feel that you were attacked off of personal reasons. I'm just letting you know that it wasn't like that, and that everything was solely in game. I can understand the reasons for the way you acted or responded to things, solely because you felt we were being unfair to you. We both have to admit that we have a communication break down both in game and OOC Storm, [3/16/19 10:46 PM] I haven't had a personal conversation with you in over a month Storm, [3/16/19 10:47 PM] We were friends at one time, and it's ridiculous to me to let a disagreement over game play to harm that Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:51 PM] You are not going to convince me that I am wrong in my deep seeded issues with you. I entertained this because I thought you might actually want to clear the air, to come to some understanding that we made mistakes and we should attempt to at least be cordial going forward... That is apparently not the case. You wanted another window to explain why I am wrong and you are right before my return to the community, as some poor gasp at an attempt to look like the better man without having to make any attempt at showing any remorse, admit fault, or perform any function that would actually solve the issue. It was only to attempt to skew blame to me. I'm saddened by that, and I am insulted by it as well. And it does nothing to lessen my immense distate for you that has been given no reason to subside. Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [3/16/19 10:52 PM] I believe I have given this enough of my time.... Goodbye.
  4. Storm, [2/8/19 4:54 AM] i mean if you can't negotiate with the HML then that's a consequence your WH will have to take Storm, [2/8/19 4:54 AM] my doors are open Storm, [2/8/19 4:54 AM] im going off to bed though Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:54 AM] No they aren’t, fraud Storm, [2/8/19 4:54 AM] so lets talk later Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:54 AM] You’re trash Storm, [2/8/19 4:54 AM] good night Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:54 AM] Don’t smile to my face then stab my back like some two bit Machiavellian knockoff Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:55 AM] [In reply to Storm] You won’t be HML. Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:55 AM] You’ll be gone Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:55 AM] Hopefully forever Storm, [2/8/19 4:55 AM] and why will I be gone? Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:56 AM] Because I wasn’t the only suspension dumbass Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:56 AM] Im the start Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:56 AM] Bye Felicia Storm, [2/8/19 4:56 AM] ive done nothing to be suspended Storm, [2/8/19 4:56 AM] but i guess lol Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:56 AM] I hope you are gone forever Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:57 AM] [In reply to Storm] We both know that ain’t true Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:57 AM] Bye. Felicia. Storm, [2/8/19 4:57 AM] good night Storm, [2/8/19 4:58 AM] I hope you really do feel better though Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:58 AM] Not enough to be decent about it Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 4:58 AM] Or hold the other trash accountable Storm, [2/8/19 5:02 AM] 👍 Storm, [2/8/19 5:04 AM] if you don't want to be friends, then im ok with that. But truly do get well Storm, [2/8/19 5:05 AM] at some point the game and the ooc has to be seperated Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:05 AM] You’ve had enough time to be decent. Putting on the facade doesn’t change what I’ve seen about you. Storm, [2/8/19 5:06 AM] and what have you seen about me Storm, [2/8/19 5:06 AM] if you noticed I wasnt even advocating for you to do anything cause you were sick Storm, [2/8/19 5:06 AM] I was advocating for an alternative person to take over in the mean time Storm, [2/8/19 5:06 AM] I don't understand why you take everything as a personal attack Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:07 AM] No, but you were all happy to take advantage of it and push a story to Brink and subpoena the WH and complain that I’m not allowed to LOA Storm, [2/8/19 5:07 AM] what story was pushed to Brink? Storm, [2/8/19 5:07 AM] I asked Brink for economic information Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:08 AM] [In reply to Storm] That I canceled all talks with Democrats indefinitely. Storm, [2/8/19 5:08 AM] which is what i;ve been asking about for like a month now Storm, [2/8/19 5:08 AM] no one even pushed that shit as a story Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:08 AM] Your little trio is trash Storm, [2/8/19 5:08 AM] it was a Press conference Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:08 AM] You three drive players away as a tool Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:08 AM] You’re trash Storm, [2/8/19 5:09 AM] cause what i dont understand is why conrad as SML cant begin talks with us Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:09 AM] Don’t care Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:09 AM] You guys are trash Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:09 AM] Trashy trash Storm, [2/8/19 5:09 AM] I guess man, we're trash lol. Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:09 AM] I won’t entertain garbage people Storm, [2/8/19 5:09 AM] get well though Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:09 AM] You aren’t welcome when I’m back Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:10 AM] Dem leadership can change, or be forever left out to dry Storm, [2/8/19 5:10 AM] well lol, by the time you come back, itll be election timea Storm, [2/8/19 5:10 AM] nd we'll see how that turns out Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:10 AM] You won’t be back until 1993 buddy Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:10 AM] Bye Felicia Storm, [2/8/19 5:10 AM] unfortunately im not going any where Storm, [2/8/19 5:10 AM] buddy Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:11 AM] Dream big Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:11 AM] #BanCity Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:11 AM] That’s my prayer Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:11 AM] It’s coming for the garbage crew Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:12 AM] My new goal isn’t being president Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:12 AM] Until this community dies Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:12 AM] It’ll all be IC Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:12 AM] But every reset forever Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:13 AM] You deserve it Storm, [2/8/19 5:14 AM] ok, please stop messaging me Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:18 AM] Oh. Storm, [2/8/19 5:19 AM] please leave me alone Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [2/8/19 5:19 AM] To stay away from you until the next reset
  5. Storm

    SIG 15

    Running AP: 3/40 Target:Koch Brothers It is truly an honor to be able to speak with you all. Our nation is in dire need. From an infrastructure investment and to enabling the economic growth of our private sector, we need to surge the growth of our economy. I am currently the only candidate in this race with a legislative record on finance, investment or taxes. My opponent Senator Wood, says he is pro-business but is talking at the side of his mouth with out action. Till this day I have introduced the "Tax Choice Act" of 2019 which will lower the capital gains tax on investments back 15% as in 2001 and the "Move America Act of 2019", which will work with our securities and investment sector to finance loans for infrastructure investment and job creation.With these two initiatives we will over see the greatest private sector growth than in anytime within the last 50 years.  I will strike a no deal on Democrats attempt to raise taxes or implement capital gains increases. My veto will be known and I will make it clear that new taxes or tax increases will not be considered under a McKnight Presidency. The myth of climate change is anti-economic growth. As President I will shrink the EPA by limiting it's scope of power while also cutting back on the red tape and regulations that prevent development.
  6. California Gotv: Small Business Owners Cost:$500,000 Budget:$800,000 Remainder: $300,000
  7. Costs: Running Costs: $3,500,000 Budget: $4,300,000 Remaining:$800,000 Talking Points for California And Texas As a nation we are indebted to the the sacrifices that our veterans have made to protect our country.Which is why it is unfortunate that Senator Florian Wood hasn't mentioned veterans in his platform or spoken about them once in his campaign. As President I will ensure that we enact serious VA reform that will shorten wait time, allow the states added flexibility on medicare and medicaid to provide healthcare to our veterans and build more hospitals and clinics to the help our veterans in rural communities. Senator Florian Woods speaks a good game. He says he pro-farmers and want to lower taxes, but yet he hasn't proposed a single bill to get it done. Senator Cassius McKnight however is the candidate in the race with multiple tax reform bills that will repeal the death tax,estate and lower taxes overall for the good of our nation and entrepreneurship. Campaign Offices California GOTV: Veterans Rural Americans Cost: 1,500,000 Campaign Offices Texas Houston Cost:$500,000 ADS: California: $1,000,000 *Patriotic music plays in the background* NARRATOR: Senator McKnight is an ardent supporter of America’s veterans. That’s why he’s proposed expanding VA clinics and allowing states more flexibility in enhancing medical care for our men and women who have served in uniform. NARRATOR: Senator McKnight has promised that families of veterans will also receive proper medical care — as no family should go without because their loved one served their country. [Music transitions to a dark ambiance] NARRATOR: Yet Senator McKnight’s opponent in this election has seemed to forget about our nation’s veterans... NARRATOR: ... as he didn’t even bother to mention our veterans in his Presidential platform. [Music turns patriotic again] NARRATOR: In this election, don’t take a risk on someone who can’t even bother to think about our vets in their long-winded platform. We can’t take that risk. [I’m Senator Cassius McKnight and I’m running to be your next President.] California: (Placed in Orange county) $500,000
  8. 2 Stumps and Surrogates AP Cost: 10 Stumps: Sacramento,California Houston,Texas Friends, thank you for coming out today. I’m not here to offer you empty platitudes and empty rhetoric. If you want to hear that, you can attend a Wood’s rally. *laughs* My friends, we are at a cross point in this election. It’s a close race; any news pundit on TV will tell you that. That’s why today I want to correct the record. The last few weeks, you might’ve seen some advertisements on TV claiming I’m going to raise your taxes or claiming that I am in favor of drug users. Let me make it clear here today, with absolutely no hesitance. I will never sign a bill which raises your taxes or further increases your tax burden. I’ve never voted for a bill that will do that and my position won’t change as President. In fact, I’m the only candidate in this race who has offered a real tax plan during their career. I don’t endorse lies or slander, unlike my opponent, I’m running this race on a platform of ideas which will continue to make this country an economic powerhouse unmatched by any other country in the world. That’s what this is about, folks; making this country better. Making government better for hard working Americans, for struggling families, for those who’ve achieved success, for those who’ve served in our country in uniform. And, you know, correcting the record here today, I also want to expound on something we discovered by looking over the Wood's platform. In my lifetime, I’ve always had an admiration for the men and women in uniform who’ve served our country overseas, who’ve volunteered for our armed services. They are the rock of this country. The shield against foes far and wide. Yet, looking over the platform of my opponent, it’s easy to see he doesn’t feel the same way. Not a single time — not once — does my opponent mention what she’ll do as President for our nation's veterans. Folks, 22 veterans die by suicide every single day! An extraordinary number of veterans don’t have a roof over their head. Millions of veterans struggle to receive proper medical care, proper mental healthcare. The families of veterans struggle along with them, feeling a negative impact from their service instead of a positive one. Yet it seems as though my opponent believes this will just solve itself, because she didn’t even bother to mention the issue once. That’s a shame. No, folks, that’s a career politician who doesn’t give a damn about anything but making her elitist establishment friends happy. I’m not about that, because as you can tell, the last thing I’m worried about in this campaign is the support of establishment Republicans who were the ones doubting President Trump from the very start. No. You see, I have a plan to extend states flexibility in offering veterans the proper care they deserve. I intend to instruct the HUD Department to prioritize housing for veterans with families and I intend to introduce a massive increase in the number of VA clinics available, especially in rural areas — from California to Vermont — no veteran should have to travel hundreds of miles just to receive the care they need. That’s what this should be about. This should be an election of ideas, not one based on falsehoods and seeing who can get the most endorsements from the swamp. This election shouldn’t be about who in Washington supports who. When it comes down to it, that’s not what’s going to matter. The elites support won’t matter. Washington establishment politicians won’t matter. George Soros won’t matter. The lies spewed by my opponent won’t matter. What’s going to matter is the ideas we bring to the table, just as President Trump did in 2016, which have a real impact on the lives of the American people and which makes this country great. So I’m going to speak directly to those in the silent majority — the “basket of deplorables” — which were part of a shift in this country four years ago. Don’t be fooled by the fancy swamp endorsements, don’t be fooled by lies, and don’t be fooled by an elitist with his nose so high in the air he can smell the stars. We’ve seen that before, right? We know what that entails. We know who she is. If you dressed up Hillary Clinton in red... *laughs* The point is, ladies and gentleman, I’m the candidate in this race who might be seen as the outsider. The one without the swamp behind me. But I’m proud of that. I like that. Because I will continue to travel across this country and speak my mind, correct the lies of those who oppose me, and speak directly to those in the Republican Party who understand we need to continue to shift the paradigm in Washington and continue to upend those who’ve failed us time and time again. Whether it be standing up to cheaters like China or Japan, whether it be putting one foot in front of the other when it comes to taking action on terrorist supporting countries like Iran, or whether it means telling pompous Democrats their ideas are better suited for Sweden than they are for this great country — I’m the one in this race who will do it. Senator Woods sure won’t. If you want a candidate focused on advancing their own interests, a candidate who doesn’t even bother to mention veterans in their ‘platform of ideas’, a candidate who is more infatuated with receiving the support of establishment politicians than hard working American taxpayers... well, you can vote for Senator Woods. But if you want a candidate in this race against all odds, one who has listened, one who is fighting hard against those trying to make things “normal again”, “conventional again”, a candidate who will never allow us to go back to the same politics of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Then I can say with confidence that my campaign is the one for you. So this Super Tuesday, as you all decide on your votes, remember the difference. Remember who is willing to correct the record with honesty. Remember who is in this race for you and not their friends in Washington. Remember to vote to continue the change this country’s political system so desperately needs. Thank you, ladies and gentleman, and God bless this great country! Surrogate Location: Dallas, Texas Los Angeles, California Senator Aaron Rabin of Ohio Hello everyone!, It’s a pleasure to be here and I know you are glad to be here for McKnight! Let me tell you, I’ve been a career soldier for thirty years, I served during Vietnam and the Gulf. During my thirty years, I saw quite a few presidents and their foreign policy; I can say that Senator McKnight’s foreign policy is one I can support! Now obviously you’ve seen campaign ads talking about how Senator McKnight will continue to push us through endless wars, more American soldiers will die under him as commander in chief etc etc. Now I ask you, the same people attacking Senator McKnight, have they read his platform at all? Or folks are they lying to play on the emotional strings? Here are the main proposals for Senator McKnight’s foreign policy plans, As President he will stay committed to standing by Israel and helping them defend their right to exist. I will immediately begin negotiations with Iran to further limit their nuclear capabilities and make the middle east a safer place. Furthermore the senator will immediately begin negotiations with Russia, to develop a collaborative plan to end the conflict in Syria, establish peace and transition into Democratic elections. While also setting down our American foot, Senator McKnight will not be afraid to reduce diplomatic channels and cancel any form of aid which they receive from us if they disrespect the United States or reneges on their agreements with us. Does this sound like warmongering folks? What I hear is a comprehensive and reasonable foreign policy plan that in no way sends our young men and women to their deaths for no reason. However what I will say is that Senator McKnight believes in a Pax Americana. As in Roman times, a Roman citizen could walk anywhere unmolested knowing that he was a Roman citizen. In a speech in the House of Commons, British Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston stated, "As the Roman, in days of old, held himself free from indignity, when he could say, Civis Romanus sum, so also a British subject, in whatever land he may be, shall feel confident that the watchful eye and the strong arm of England will protect him from injustice and wrong." Those who do harm to American citizens wherever they maybe must know the arms of America will find you and strike you. That is why I am supporting Senator McKnight for president, Americans died on mass during the Obama years, however according to some; we should not defend Americans or our interests. We should withdraw from the world; should we allow China who manipulate their currency and steal our hard-earned American intellectual property make the leaders of the international community. Should we allow Assad to go unchecked? Pax Americana my friends, America must always come out on top and we should be proud of that, I can not accept defeatist talk, we need a president who we knew won’t be scared to use force to defend our citizens.
  9. Thoughts and prayers to you brother. I hope everything gets better.
  10. Storm

    SIG 14

    Target: Manufacturing Groups Our nation has made major advancements in manufacturing. From the assembly line and now the rise of automation, the productivity of or nation has never been better. We need a President who will work alongside our manufacturers and push our economy to great heights. Currently I am the only Pro-manufacturing candidate. My opponent Senator Florian Wood doesn't have a plan for manufacturing in his platform and neither does he address on the campaign trail. The Democrats, well they rather tax and prevent the rise of automation. As President I will embrace the rise of automation. In fact, I support it so much that i want to develop a brand new workforce designed specifically to respond to the needs of automation, which is why as President I will champion my "Workforce Pell Act" which will expand the pell grant to help Americans gain training and access to short term certificate programs that will help them gain the qualifications needed to work in the automation era and provide the much needed skills our manufacturers need. I will also encourage our manufacturers to engage with our local community colleges and universities to help develop the workforce you desperately need with my 'Move america Act of 2019" which will allow employers a business-related tax credit of $5,000 for each community college, other institution of higher education, or area career and technical education school engaged in a qualified partnership with the employer. The bill allows a maximum credit of $20,000 in any taxable year. i will grant employers a worker training tax credit equal to the lesser of: 50% of the job training program expenditures for a full-time employee participating in a qualified training program, or $5,000.
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