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Joseph Portela (D-MI)

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Character Name: Joseph Albert Portela

Political Party: Democratic

Seat Held: Michigan's 12th congressional district

Date of Birth: April 16th, 1977

Place of Birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Place of Residence: Ann Arbor, MI

Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic (Puerto Rican)

Gender: Male

Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic

Avatar: Luis Fortuño


Family Information:

  • Father: Dr. Gerardo Portela (b. 1950);
  • Mother: Isabella Betancourt (b. 1952);
  • Wife: Juliana Portela (nee Silverstone; b. 1976; married 1999);
  • Child #1: Edward Portela (b. 2001);
  • Child #2: Madeleine Portela (b. 2004).


Educational History:

  • B.A, political science and economics, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor);
  • J.D, University of Michigan Law School (Ann Arbor).


Occupational History:

Receptionist and Archivist, University of Michigan (1997-2000)

Cafeteria Staff, University of Michigan (1997-2000)

U.S. Army, 1st Army, 181st Infantry Brigade, Wisconsin (2001-2006)

Member of the Michigan House of Representatives, (2007-2010)

Member of the Michigan Senate (2011-2015)

U.S Congressman for Michigan's 12th Congressional District (2017-present)

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Can someone message me with a Telegram or Discord link, please? :)

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