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Chief Administrator Application Thread

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Name: Ben, Ben Thomas. Some Saroyans, Some Welles, Waits

AB Experience: Founder and CA of AMPU, CA/DCA/Elections/Gubernatorial: Virtual Politics, \USA: Fundraising/Media, VGS: Co-Founder , DCA (three times), Chief of Elections (two times), Senate Elections (two 2.5), var domestic positions (endless), rules (endless)

Playing Experience (VGS only): Vice President Abe Saroyan (R-MT), Speaker BJ Welles  (D-TX), Attorney General Jackson Welles (D-TN), DNC Chair Benny Knuckles (D-MN), others.

Ideas: I don't want to be CA anymore



Want to be CA? File your application here, I proved my own bio for example of the basics most expect. 

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Yeah, I do want to strongly encourage people to take this step and we will take all applications seriously.

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Name: Russ @Rusty Russ


AB Experience: Novice


Playing Experience: (Teddervision experience) = SMW Richard Townshend (D-NC), HmL/HMW John Shultz (D-TX 22nd), Mitch Johnston (D-MO 4th)

(VGS experience) = Eugene Chillings (D-NC), HML/Speaker John Shultz (D-TX 22nd)


Ideas: Haven't served on AB yet but can learn on the job. Might be limited in what I can do since late May's final's time.

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Name: Conrad

AB Experience: Owner & Chief Administrator of VUSA (and normal Administrator), Deputy Chief Administrator/Chief Administrator of Capitol Hill

Playing Experience (VGS only): HML Michael Conrad, SmL Saunders, HmL Marshall, SmL Dotson

Ideas: Install a reign of terror and dictatorship here in VGS.

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