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Torkin 2020 Fundraising Commitee

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Name: Defense of your land

Type: Mailer

Intended Audience: Conservationists, blue-collar, Sierra Club and CommonCause



My name is Elis Torkin, US Senator from Connecticut turned 2020 Democratic Candidate. We ask you today to support us as my future administration plans on defending the lands that are owned by the people and not by the top. There are 58 national parks, and about 10,000 state parks throughout the nation. These are lands that are completely open to the public, and that's a beautiful thing. However, President Trump has significantly cut funding to the Interior Department throughout his time as President. During his government shutdown, there was virtually no maintinence of these parks that were meant for the public. As President, I will defend any and all of your lands and create more jobs by expanding upon the lands that we own while also not affecting any residential areas.  I also hope to use the National Parks Service to increase tourism in areas that could use it as a major source of revenue, such as in the Dakotas, Wyoming, and other states in this region. Because whether the Washington Insiders like it or not, this land is your land. Our land is something that needs to be harnassed to its fullest extent, as America is a beautiful land that is full of diverse ecosystems and natural phenomonems.

Thank you so much for your time,


Your friend, Senator Elis Torkin of Connecticut.


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