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RNC Fundraiser - 2019 #1

Type: Gala

Location: Dallas, Texas

Topic: Economic Freedom and the American Dream

Target: Chambers of Commerce, Club for Growth, economic conservatives, Koch groups


The 2019 Republican National Committee gala is themed around "Economic Freedom and the American Dream." The location is the historic and luxurious Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, in Dallas, Texas.




A reception is held prior to dinner being served, with the donors and elected officials mixing and mingling. The doors to the dinner hall are opened, and the guests are seated at tables with a Senator at the host committee's tables (one Senator per table). A fine three-course dinner (salads and soups, entrée - choice of chicken, steak, or fish - and dessert) is then served. As dessert is served, home-state Senator Noah Hawthorne takes the podium and speaks:




ASFAJ Chairman Noah Hawthorne, Republican of Texas


Good evening Dallas! There really couldn't be a better time and place for us to talk about economic liberty than right here in Dallas tonight. Dallas is home to nine Fortune 500 companies, and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area is home to 22. In 2018, CNBC ranked Texas the top state for business and that's no accident. Texas didn't get here through cronyism and socialism, Texas became an economic powerhouse by embracing free market capitalism. We've said no to a state income tax, kept other taxes low, and we don't over-regulate businesses. That's the formula for sustainable success. It's a formula Senate Democrats simply refuse to accept, and that's why it's so important they not be allowed to take control of the Senate. Can you just imagine the economic devastation an Arroyo or Williams administration could unleash with a Democratic Senate?


As Chairman of the Senate Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary Committee, I can tell you one of the biggest ways they could damage our economy is through the federal judiciary. We hear a lot about the judiciary in relation to social issues, but federal courts also play an important role in protecting our economy from the forward march of socialism. We all know Democrats aren't going to be able to amend their socialist daydream, the Economic Bill of Rights, into the Constitution. We also know most of what they're proposing in that amendment and in the Green New Deal is blatantly unconstitutional. But when has that ever stopped them? That's why we can't afford federal judges who will decide the Commerce Clause is part of a "living document" that evolves to mean whatever Democrats want. We can't afford federal judges who will decide Tenth Amendment federalism is antiquated, and let Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and David Bautista run roughshod over Texas and other states that have embraced free markets.


Senate Republicans are committed to saying yes to federal judges who know it's their job to interpret the Constitution, and no to federal judges who think they have the power to rewrite it. We know we can count on your support to keep the Senate in Republican hands, because it's not just about keeping the Senate. It's about keeping the federal judiciary, it's about keeping the Supreme Court, and it's about keeping the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Thank you so much for your support. God bless!




Senator Florian Wood, Republican of South Carolina


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you all for coming tonight. It's great to be in Dallas, surrounded by so many patriots who love our country and have come to show their support for the principles that we all believe in, knowing that they're right ones by which to govern this country. I know that primary season is about to begin – I've been paying fairly close attention to that as you may have heard – but we cannot forget that, no matter who our party nominates, winning the White House is only part of the battle. If we finish in November with a Republican president, but fail to take back the House and keep the Senate, that poor bugger is going to be in for a world of hurt.


The Democrats are out for blood; President Trump has got them angrier than they've ever been, and it's because our country is prospering, Americans are in work at record numbers, wages are rising faster than ever before since the Recession, and job satisfaction is at historic highs under someone they never thought could possibly be president. And it's happening all while rolling back the size and scope of the state, cutting taxes, and doing everything that goes against their increasingly-socialist views! Every time the news of new job numbers comes, higher earnings, better job satisfaction, they get even angrier; they're upset because our country is doing great.


That's why this election is so crucial. If we lose the Senate or fail to reclaim the House, I can assure you that everything Republicans have accomplished will be in jeopardy. New taxes and regulation will start pouring in and undermine our prosperity, put Americans back out of work, and make it harder to start a business. America can't afford that, and neither can we. That's why it's so important that we preserve what we've accomplished and build on it to liberate our economy and get it absolutely roaring.


First, we need to make sure that the effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act stay permanent, while building on it to eliminate the Death Tax. Next, we need to pass the New HOPE Act and reform occupational licensing in this country. Democrats are opposed to this common-sense measure for one simple reason: it will put bureaucrats out of work, because small businesses will no longer need to pay and process licensing fees! Hey, at least they're honest! Republicans, I can assure you, are behind the bill; we'll always side with strivers who want contribute to our economy over overpaid government bureaucrats.


The next area for reform is labor. While Democrats continue to try to prop up closed shop laws, even while the Supreme Court rules that they are, in general, unconstitutional, Republicans are committed to the right of every worker to voluntarily affiliate with unions and against demands from union bosses to force non-member workers to pay union dues. Right-to-work is one of the fastest-growing movements at the state level in our country; now, let's take it national and stand up for workers' freedoms once and for all.


Finally, it is high time for us to invest in infrastructure. That is why Republicans are committed to delivering the largest infrastructure investment of this century to rebuild our roads, highways, bridges, canals, railways, ports, and airports. Not only will this create shovel-ready jobs in our heartland, it will also connect goods and services from where they're made to where they're needed, making our economy more efficient and allowing firms to expand and cut down on transportation costs. The citizens of the most powerful and most prosperous country on earth should not have to settle for pothole'd roads.


We need your support. Your contribution will go towards electing Republicans so that we can take back the House, retain the Senate, and support the agenda of the next Republican president. I hope we can count on your support, God bless you all, and God bless the United States of America!




HELP Chairman Michael Madison, Republican of Missouri


”Hello, Dallas! It’s great to be here, truly one of my favorite cities in the US. I have family around here and I’ve seen the tremendous growth this city has had. So it’s great to be here to talk about the reason for this growth: good economic policy. 


Senate Republicans are dedicated to this, and you can see it through the great work we’ve been doing. We’ve done a lot so far for this country, but really, we are just getting started. Under President Trump, tremendous progress has been made. We’ve started massive deregulation, and we got the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act through Congress and signed into law. This has created enormous economic growth, with unemployment down and wages up. Like I said, though, we are not done. 


Take, for instance, some of my legislation. Specifically, and most topically, the New HOPE Act. This is a great bill that encourages states to evaluate their licensing requirements and get rid of the unnecessary and burdensome ones. You don’t need thousands of dollars and hours of training to braid hair. And if you’ve learned this stuff in one state, why can’t you do it in another? The licensing regulatory regime our governments impose on our ordinary citizens is ridiculous. It hinders the growth of small business, losing us jobs, wealth, and innovation. We don’t want that, and it has to end. That’s why I introduced this legislation, because while this is mostly a state issue, the federal government has a part too. I want our economy to be competitive and resourceful. Indeed, we ALL want that. That’s what this bill provides. 


However, it is being blocked but Democrats with cries of,’You’re letting dangerous people into the market,’ and,’But what about the regulators who will lose THEIR jobs?’ Ladies and gentlemen, pardon me, but may I say I think it’s a safe assumption Jane Doe cutting hair without an expensive cosmetology class isn’t an existential threat to our nation? 


*Pauses for applause and laughter*


And, may I further say that we are not depriving regulators of their jobs? I mean seriously, they act like we are abolishing Government, and that the streets will be anarchist microcosms of violence in a macrocosm of chaos. That’s just ridiculous. I mean, please. We don’t need to regulate anything and everything, because things don’t need to be regulated excessively by government to be safe. Don’t like your haircut? Here’s a tip to my Democratic colleagues: go to a new barber. 


Furthermore, I have introduced a bill that requires our dear beloved federal regulatory agencies to be more transparent, and I think we can all agree that is a good thing. Basically, what this bill does is it modifies procedure for when regulators announce their myriad new regulations. Along with their legalese versions, they must post a short, Plain English version. This will not only help reduce compliance costs, freeing up investment money, but it will also improve accountability. Citizens will be able to look at new regulations and plainly see what is being imposed on them. They can see for themselves and judge for themselves whether or not a rule is justified. I think that’s great for business and for our Republic. 


Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got so much coming in terms of economic policy. We’ve got the USMCA, we’ve got more deregulation, we’ve got reform, and we’ve got accountability. The Democrats have none of this. They want none of this. We are the party of economic prosperity, but we can’t get this done alone. We need your help. Senate Republicans are asking for your help, your voices, your funds to further our goal of economic liberty for the people of our amazing country. Just like soldiers can’t win a war without the people back home, we can’t liberate our economy without your help. As a Senator, as a conservative, as an American, I ask for your help personally. God bless you, God bless Dallas (a truly beautiful city), and God. Bless. America! 




Senator Cassius McKnight, Republican  of Georgia


Hello Dallas! It is truly an honor to be here with all of you tonight. Over the past 4 years, our nation has made significant gains to help bolster the strength of our economy and restore the important virtue of economic liberty for all Americans.


Senate Republicans and Republicans everywhere have been dedicated towards ensuring that our nation is once against restored as the economic powerhouse that we have always been. Unlike those in the Democratic party, who believe that government should run and foster the growth of our economy,Senate Republican have instead understood and championed policies that empower our hard working Americans, to create jobs, innovate and continue to be the steam engine that our nation desperately needs.


While the Democrats have proposed higher taxes, universal basic income and ridiculous handout that undercuts the work ethic of Americans, Republicans have passed tax reform which lowered taxes across the board, ensuring that every single American keeps their hard earned dollars in their pockets and not sitting in the coffers of bureaucrats.


While the liberal coastal elites elect to sell our labor and jobs overseas, we have instead fought long and hard to undo the disastrous NAFTA trade deal and instead replace it with a deal that fights against Chinese currency manipulation, the unfair dumping of products in our markets which makes it harder for our small businesses and farmers  to compete along with the overbearing and intrusive environmental policies which diminishes our ability to grow.


My friends, economic liberty starts with choice. It entails higher taxes, no red tape, smaller government and the draining the swamp of coastal liberal elites like Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez who believe we should bend over while they steal food out of our families mouths and destroy every single thing that makes American great,such as Freedom.


My friends it is imperative that we keep the senate and that we continue to fight for our ability to decide our own destinies without the intrusion of government. I am confident that together we will reclaim our country and usher in the change that we so desperately need.


Thank you and God Bless America!




Senator Abigail Baxter, Republican of Texas


Hello fellow Conservatives and my fellow Texans!  I am so honored to speak with all of you today.  I know I am preaching to the crowd here, but I believe we all agree that a Conservative America leads to a brighter America for all Americans.  We live in such a negative world led by the fake news and liberal propagandists.  We must be able to guide our nation to a future that is positive and the Conservatives are the party to do that.  Conservatives are here not to solve the problems of the people, but instead to help the people solve their own problems on their own.  To empower individuals to make ethical and moral choices throughout their lifetimes and to establish a framework where every American can have the freedom to thrive in their version of their American Dream.


As Republicans. We are not pro-gressives who wish to tax your wages higher or regulate your life nor strip away your freedoms; instead, we are pro-business, pro-worker, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-wall, and most importantly, PRO-YOU!  Republicans believe that your money is best spent by you and not the government.  The only exception is that the Republicans know that we must invest in National Security to protect this nation as well as build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants who can be violent, are criminals, traffic drugs, and rape and hurt innocent Americans.  The Democrats are willing to sacrifice your safety while the Republican party will NEVER compromise its duty to protect its citizens.


As a candidate for President of the Republican party and Senator of Texas, our Conservative movement will result in lower taxes for individuals and businesses, the building of a border wall, implementation of pro-life policies, deregulation of various industries, no increase in the minimum wage, your 2nd amendment rights being preserved, and never having to apologize for our faith!  We will also work towards helping our nation’s veterans and ensuring that those brave men and women who serve our nation are taking care of. 


The path to a prosperous nation is paved with Conservative hard-work.  The working class, the factory workers the farmers, the small-town ministers, the entrepreneurs, and so many others.  The American dream works for us when the government gets out of the way.  The Conservatives get that and will fight for an America where the only limits to your opportunity is how hard you are willing to work.  No more entitlements.  Instead… empowerment!  Democrats wish to make you dependent while the Republicans will work to keep you independent.  You can handle your business much better than the government can.  We will fight to keep the bureaucracy out of your lives!  God bless you and God bless these United States!




Senate Majority Leader Luke Recks, Republican of Arizona


Hello Dallas, Texas! It is terrific to be out here in such a dynamic city, in such a dynamic state. It is a great honor to stand before you today as the Majority Leader of the United States Senate. I don't have to tell you how important it is that the Republican Party controls the Senate. We've been able to confirm dozens of great judges who see their job as enforcing the laws on the books, not writing new laws. We've been able to deliver on meaningful tax reform that amounted to major tax cuts for millions of Americans and businesses to generate a new level of growth unseen for decades. And now we are busy at work creating a pro-jobs, pro-growth legislative agenda to compliment the great de-regulatory efforts put forward by President Donald Trump. Tonight, I wan to open up a discussion about two broad visions for the future, visions that have been shown in stark contrast with the rise of the far-left wing of the Democratic Party.


One vision, the free market, capitalist vision of economic liberty, embraces the American Dream. It recognizes that any person, regardless of their background, can get ahead if he or she plays by the rules, works hard, and perseveres. This is the vision of the Republican Party I am proud to call my political home. We recognize the importance of hard work, of saving for tomorrow, of investing in the future. That is why I've introduced legislation to repeal onerous and costly wage requirements like Davis-Bacon, that's why I'm championing national Right-to-Work. Our common vision includes respect for private property. That is why I support eliminating the death tax, once and for all! Trust me, we've made great progress on this front, on the front of tax reform, but we need to go further. Republicans are pushing to make your tax cuts permanent, while Democrats are whining: "You didn't build this."


That is the fundamental difference between our two sides. So let's take a look at the welfare-loving, socialist-leaning, Democratic Party and what they stand for. Democrats tried to force a debate on a bill that would harm our agricultural sector by shoving unionization down their throats. Just wait until they come after your industry next! They are promoting a socialistic "Economic Bill of Rights,"  or as I like to call it, the "Bill of Handouts." They literally want to enshrine Soviet-style socialism in our beloved Constitution. And if they can't get it that way, they'll just pack the Supreme Court to make it happen by judicial fiat! Democrats introduced legislation authorizing over a billion dollars in "reparations," also known as free money, limited to a single city. But it gets worse, folks. They wanted to give away $1,000 to every adult in the United States - all for doing nothing! But don't worry, they found a way to fund it: a 20% value-added tax, like they have over in Europe, that would raise the cost of living by over 20% and place huge legal burdens on businesses and consumers alike. Make no mistake, the Democratic Party of Ocasio-Cortez and Rivera, of Dotson and Williams, of Arroyo and Blackstone, is wrong for the American people. 


See, in a Republican-controlled Senate you can be assured that these terrible bills will never see the light of day! I guarantee it! But you better believe that, if and when they take over the Senate - or, Lord forbid it, the White House - they are going to be shoving these bills down the throats of the American people. What was it Nancy Pelosi once said? "You've got to pass it to find out what's in it!" Now, is that leadership? Is that responsible? Is that good for our nation's economic promise of prosperity, for the American Dream as we've come to understand it? No way!


Thank you all for your amazing support, for your long-lasting dedication to the causes of economic liberty and the American Dream. We need more patriots like you - so tell your friends! Thank you very much for helping us work to keep America moving towards greater growth! God bless you all, and may God bless the United States of America!


Following the last speech of the evening, a reception with top donors was held and photographs were taken.

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RNC Fundraiser - 2019 #2

Type: Mailer

Topic: Advancing a Pro-Life Agenda

Target: Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, evangelical conservatives, pro-life groups




Dear [name],


We are in an existential battle for the soul of our nation. Since 1973's horrendous Roe v. Wade ruling, millions of innocent lives have been snuffed out by groups like Planned Parenthood and the radical, atheistic Left. As Republicans, we cherish the right-to-life, the most fundamental of all human rights granted to us from our Creator. We have fought tirelessly, and will continue to fight endlessly, until this evil practice is eradicated for all time. We know you are with us, and we have heard your voices loud and clear. That is why Republicans championed the most far-reaching pro-life piece of legislation to see debate on the Senate floor to date: the Comprehensive Unborn Life Protection Act of 2019.


This bill was far-reaching, and while Senate Democrats conspired to prevent it from getting a final vote, we know that our work is not done. Some important provisions of the Comprehensive Unborn Life Protection Act which saw debate for the first time in years were:

  • Pain-Capable Child Protection, preventing abortions beyond 20-weeks when an unborn child can begin to feel pain;
  • No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion, enacting a permanent and more comprehensive Hyde Amendment;
  • Defunding Abortion Providers, including Planned Parenthood and legislatively enacting the Mexico City Policy; and
  • Abortion Notification, including reporting requirements for insurance and interstate abortions.

Republicans have also been at the forefront of confirming strict constructionist judges, including two great Supreme Court Justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. It is vital that we secure the right-to-life for all future generations. As Roe approaches its 50th year, we have to renew ourselves to overturning this disastrous ruling. And we are doing just that. While CULPA may not be able to get through in its current form, we are working on a number of pieces independently. These include:

Bringing these bills to the forefront of the national attention, reminding Americans of the horrendous practices that go by the name of "choice" but really entail death, and fighting to end abortions once and for all takes a real team-effort. That is why we need your support, your contributions, to help us retain the Senate, the White House, and retake the House. This is a calling greater than any one of us.


A generous person will prosper;
whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Proverbs 11:25


Thank You and God Bless You,


Luke Recks (R-AZ)

Senate Majority Leader


Donation information (including how to donate online) is included, with an envelope for return information and checks.

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RNC Fundraiser - 2019 #3

Type: Mailer

Topic: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Target: National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, firearms enthusiasts




Dear [name],


The Constitution "is sacredly obligatory upon all." These words, spoken by George Washington, echo as true today as they did those centuries ago when he spoke them. Sadly, far-Left gun-grabbers are more interested in promoting their dystopian vision than heeding the words of our first President. After all, they like to pretend the 2nd Amendment doesn't exist, that it doesn't bold declare: "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." As a fellow American and gun-owner, I believe that these words are vitally important to our nation's well-being. These words recognize that the power ultimately rests with the people, not with the bureaucrats and busybodies out in Washington, DC.


As a Republican and as a gun-owner, I firmly believe we must:

  • Oppose leftist schemes to confiscate firearms, such as "no-fly, no-buy" and Red Flag laws;
  • Oppose national firearms registries that have served historically as a gateway to confiscation;
  • Challenge state-based legislation that contradicts DC v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago;
  • Protect AR-15s and other semi-automatic firearms from a federal prohibition;
  • Develop and enact a national concealed-carry law;
  • Prevent ATF from targeting lawful firearms owners;
  • Promote constitutional carry, the Castle Doctrine, and stand-your-ground laws; and
  • Support gun shows and prevent legislation that would put a burden on your right to bear arms.

We are hard at work in the United States Senate, especially in the ASFAJ Committee, to prevent liberal Democrats from taking away your God-granted, Constitutionally-protected rights. Just as important as passing good legislation is the power to kill bad legislation, and I can guarantee you that I will never make the Senate consider legislation that would deprive your Second Amendment rights. I hope we can count on your support as we move into an era of greater respect for the right to keep and bear arms!


Molon labe,


Luke Recks (R-AZ)

Senate Majority Leader


Donation information (including how to donate online) is included, with an envelope for return information and checks.

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1. $7,500,000


2. $1,500,000


3. $1,250,000



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