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Wood 2020 Fundraising Committee

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Fundraiser #1 (-2 AP, total: 28)

Target: National Right to Life Committee and related pro-life and religious organizations

Location: The Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C.

Topic: Building a Pro-Life Society




The gala begins with a cocktail reception (including non-alcoholic options for those abstaining for religious or personal reasons), followed by a four course meal in the ballroom. During the reception and dinner, Senator Wood makes rounds with guests, shaking hands, making conversation, and posing for photos. After dinner wraps up, Senator Wood takes the stage to address the guests.


Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so much for coming out this evening. It really warms my heart to see so many people here at the Mandarin tonight supporting what is, without a doubt, the most important issue of our time right now: protecting the right to life. Now, before I go any further, why don't we just take a quick moment to give thanks for the lovely meal we've just had and for the wonderful company we're joined by this evening.


Wood bows his head in prayer:


Dear Lord –

Thank you for the meal that we have just received,

And for our friends by whom we are joined this evening,

And for the bounty of Your many blessings, upon us and upon this country that we love and cherish.

We pray that, this day and every day, we may serve Your righteous cause,

By offering our voice to those who have none

And by protecting the innocent, as You protect us.



Now, as I was saying earlier, we're all gathered here this evening not because we have nothing better to do on a Saturday night, but because we all believe in this room that life – all life – is a sacred blessing from God. As I've traveled our country and met countless people from all walks of life, all different political affiliations, I've realized something that often gets missed in the media firestorm that typically consumes our politics: when it comes to protecting life, people are really not all that divided.


That's not to say that there aren't significantly different opinions on abortion; I personally believe that life begins at conception and to terminate that life before it is born is unconscionable, that is what my faith teaches me and what my moral instincts tell me is right. Other people believe differently. Really, it takes somebody very, very radical to say that they actually like the idea of abortion. They may believe it is sometimes necessary, that it may in some cases be the least bad thing.


So what does this mean, for us as defenders of life? Well it makes our job a whole lot different than we thought. It means that the task before us is to convince people to reject something that already disgusts them. But it also means that, even though some people may find abortions abhorrent, they still find it necessary to have them. The implication of this is profound: our task is not only to pass pro-life legislation, but to create a pro-life society. And that's what I'm here to talk about today – building a pro-life society.


One of the favorite go-to talking points of the anti-life Left is that you can't outlaw abortions, only safe abortions; that if abortions are made illegal, those who want them will continue to get them illegally. In many ways, they're right; the fight for life does not end at changing the laws of the land, but winning the hearts of the people and doing away with the need for abortion entirely. That's why, as I run for President, I'm mounting a two-pronged campaign on pro-life issues that focuses on changing the laws and convincing the people to respect the sanctity of life, no matter the laws.


As President, I pledge to pursue reforms to our abortion laws to reign in mid- and late-term abortions wherever possible. I am a proud sponsor of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to set strict limits on the abortion of pain-capable fetuses, and was glad to support the Comprehensive Unborn Life Protection Act. It stalled on the Senate floor this time, but with the right leadership and the right push, I believe we can make it into law. Furthermore, we need to show no mercy to attempts to legalize so-called "post-natal abortions," normally called infanticide, that is currently being touted by the far left. In order for that to happen, however, we need pro-life advocates in the highest offices throughout our land.


Nonetheless, changing the laws is not enough; we need a fundamental renewal of our society behind a respect for life and eliminate the reasons why people seek abortions in the first place – unplanned pregnancies. For one, that means modernizing our adoption system and making sure the right incentives are there for people to adopt. I happen to believe there's no such thing as an unwanted child; for every baby born to a mother who cannot provide for them, there are loving parents-in-waiting who desperately want a child, but cannot have one of their own. Next, we need to put the right policies in place to prevent unplanned pregnancies, and that starts with education. We need teach young people – who are the ones predominantly having these unplanned pregnancies – lessons in sexual health and personal responsibility. The specific curriculum, I believe, must be left up to parents and educators; it's not for me to say whether someone else's children should receive faith-based or science-based education or both on this issue. However it's taught, it must be taught, so that people are never in a position where they feel the need to abort their child.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is the pro-life moment. The momentum behind our movement is unprecedented and the time has come to capitalize and win the biggest victory for all the unborn children that ever will be. But if we're going to do that, if we're going to win for the unborn, then we need the right leadership in Washington, D.C. – people who care about not just changing laws, but building a society that values life! With your generous contribution we can fight the good fight in our capital and put a President in the Oval who will never compromise when it comes to the sanctity of life and the immeasurable value of the unborn. God bless you all, God bless these United States, and have a fantastic rest of your evening!

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Fundraiser #2 (-2 AP, total: 20)

Target: American Farm Bureau Federation, wealthy farm owners and industrial Ag executives

Location: The Hay-Adams Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Topic: 21st Century Agriculture Policy




The gala begins with a champagne reception, following by a five-course dinner in the ballroom of the Hay-Adams Hotel. The dinner consists of 100% domestically-sourced foods and wine, with the source of each main food item noted on the menu for the guests to identify. During the reception and at dinner, Senator Woods makes rounds with guests, greeting them, making conversation, and posing for photographs. After the dinner wraps up, Senator Woods takes to the podium to address the guests.


Howdy, ladies and gentlemen, and good evening to you all. It's a pleasure to be joined tonight by so many prominent members of our agricultural sector whose work each and every day makes sure Americans have delicious, nutritious, and domestically-sourced food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even that occasional midnight snack. Agriculture and related industries are an invaluable part of our nation's economy, making up 11 percent of all American jobs and contributing more than $130 billion to our economy every year. Farming is essential to our nation's heritage and character. Let's give a big round of applause for our farmers, ladies and gents.


Wood leads quick applause.


We cannot deny though – and you all know better than me – that farming is a tough industry and a tough life. For a family farm, one crop failure has the potential to wipe out a generations-old business, making policies like crop insurance the cornerstone of any agriculture policy. Farmers deserve to know that the government has got their back, and that's why, as I run for President, I'm pledging a farms-first agriculture policy and a trade policy that promotes American food products abroad. 

The 21st Century promises to be one of the most integrated in human history; trade will come to dominate the world economy in ways that we have yet to even experience. This presents challenges – and tremendous opportunities – for American agriculture. The United States produces enough food every year to practically feed the entire world; so why don't we? As we speak, the world trade order is being restructured and the United States has the chance to pursue a real America-first trade policy. What does that mean for agriculture? It means that the United States should use its leverage – we're the largest economy in the world and one of the biggest traders – to secure access to foreign markets for American agriculture. It's high time that we use our economic power in the interests of farmers, and as President, I will pursue a trade policy to designate the United States as the world's breadbasket.


We also need to take a good, hard look at our ag policy back home. For starters, we need to scrap the death tax on farmland to protect family farms from being confiscated by the government. Far too often, family farmlands can meet the threshold for threshold for the death tax, leaving family farms with huge tax bills upon the death of a loved one. This bill can often be enough to spell the end of the business. As President, I pledge to do away with the death tax on family farms.


Next, when I'm elected, I pledge to order a total regulatory overhaul to do away with rules and red tape that strangle farms and prevent them from expanding. Too often, American farmers are burdened with crushing regulatory burdens that turn one of the liberating industries into a bureaucratic nightmare. As President, I'll overhaul our farm regulations in a way that does not impact health and safety in order to make the entire sector freer and more efficient. One piece of legislation I plan to look at in particular is the Clean Water Act, which is well-intentioned, but badly written. Too often, the regulations under the Clean Water Act prevent or obstruct efforts to irrigate fields or handle runoff in an economical way, making certain water-intensive farming operations too expensive. As President, I will reform the Clean Water Act to ensure that we can enjoy clean lakes and rivers without preventing farmers from doing their job to feed our nation.


I hope to count on your support as we kick off this movement to put a pro-farm President in the White House. Your contributions are essential to our efforts, and I hope you can pitch in whatever you can. Thank you all, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America!

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Fundraiser #3 (-2 AP, total: 15)

SIG Appeal: National Rifle Association

3+ Bullet Points of SIG:

  • I support a national-level concealed carry reciprocity law to ensure that concealed carry permits are recognized across state lines, the same as driver's licences. Restrictions on concealed carry reciprocity are based on an irrational fear of guns, rather than data. Statistically, drivers' licensure carries with it a much higher risk (automobile accidents kill many, many more people per year than gun-related incidents), and laws regarding concealed carry licensure should be at least as liberal, if not more so.
  • I suppose efforts to allow citizens to obtain concealed carry permits without having to demonstrate "good cause." Citizens do not need a "good reason" to exercise their constitutional rights; on the contrary, the government must have a very, very good reason for abridging them. The burden of proof to suggest criminal intent in acquiring a concealed carry permit lies upon the state, not the citizen.
  • I oppose "No fly, no buy" legislation intended to prevent individuals on the no-fly list from buying firearms. Such a move would abridge citizens' constitutional rights without due process, as there is no due process for placing individuals on the no-fly list.
  • I oppose efforts to establish a national gun ownership registry, which would provide no assistance to law enforcement. The only people who would be registering their guns under such a registry would be good, law-abiding gun owners, and there is no reason to believe individuals who acquire firearms for criminal use would register those guns. Instead, the only use of such a registry would be to target law-abiding gun owners and abridge their constitutional rights.
  • I will pass legislation to protect firearms manufacturers from lawsuits for incidents of gun violence. Gun manufacturers are not responsible for what is done with the tools they make. Only the shooters themselves are responsible for shootings, and to suggest otherwise would not only exculpate violent criminals, but set a dangerous legal precedent for other industries whereby companies could be held responsible for acts that are completely out of their control.
  • I will support increased federal investment in mental health to combat shootings perpetrated by sick individuals and protect the good name of gun owners.

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Fundraiser #4 (-2 AP, total: 13)

SIG Appeal: Nuclear energy companies (South Carolina Electric and Gas Company; Duke Energy; Southern Company; Westinghouse)

3+ Bullet Points of SIG: 

  • I support and plan to advance legislation to reform the permitting process for new nuclear power plants, including reducing the permitting schedule from four years to two (for new reactors built on or adjacent to existing plants) and prepare a regulatory framework to allow new commercialized nuclear technologies to enter the marketplace. These common-sense regulatory reforms will help to liberalize the nuclear energy market, allowing for the sector to expand, without undermining public safety or public confidence in the safety for this valuable technology.
  • I support new legislation to amend the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 and allow the private sector to manage and reprocess spent nuclear fuel. Currently, the federal government holds a monopoly on spent fuel management, placing it all in a repository in Yucca Mountain. Private sector reprocessing promises to cut down on waste and make sure every ounce of energy is extracted from fissile fuel before it is locked away underground.
  • I support opening up non-park federal lands to uranium exploitation in order to procure new fissile material for nuclear energy plants and cut down on fuel costs for power plants.
  • I support the Baker-Schultz plan for carbon dividends, which will impose a charge on carbon emissions, thus increasing the competitiveness of nuclear energy (which is zero-emissions and would be unaffected by the introduction of the charge). The dividend returned to taxpayers will increase their ability to pay for energy, raising demand for energy through income effects to the benefit of nuclear and other renewable sources.
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Posted (edited)



Fundraiser #5 (-2 AP, total: 8 )

Target: Wealth school choice advocates (Betsy DeVos-types); American Federation for Children; EdChoice; Center for Education Reform; Alliance for School Choice

Location: The Jefferson Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Topic: Expanding School Choice


The gala begins with a cocktail reception, followed by a five-course meal in the ballroom. During the reception and dinner, Senator Wood makes rounds with guests, shaking hands, making conversation, and posing for photos. After dinner wraps up, Senator Wood takes the stage to address the guests.


Good evening, everyone, and thank you all so much for coming out tonight. It really warms my heart to see so many prominent people making their way here this evening to truly put their money where their mouth is and stand up for school choice, for the future of American education, and for all our country's children and who believe - as I do - that every American child deserves a quality education. You all are the real change-makers that our country needs, and it's an honor to join you this evening.


As a parent of two daughters, promoting education is tremendously important to me personally, and having seen my daughters go through the education system and volunteering in the classroom, I know just how important teachers are to preparing the future generation. I've also seen firsthand some of the deep issues in our education system that are holding our kids back from achieving their full potential. We in this room know that every student is unique - in their interests, in their learning styles, in their needs - but our public education system is built on an almost religious devotion to a one-size-fits-all model. But one size does not fit all. Now, for those who can afford it, there are options - parochial school, private school, specialized schools designed to cultivate unique talents, schools for children with special needs, and the like.


For those parents who cannot shell out thousands of dollars each year, however, their kids usually only have one option: their local public school. And if that one school is unable to serve their child's needs, that child is being deprived of their future. That's where the government can help. Right now, all levels of government spend millions on funding public schools, and while those left-of-center continually call for, "more funding, more funding," the reality is the federal government has been increasing education funding, by almost 300% since the 70s, with no noticeable effect on academic achievement. If anything, things have actually gotten worse. What this tells me is, either that money is being wasted, or we need a change in the system. The answer is probably both – because a ZIP code should never determine a child's future.


My vision for education is to fundamentally change the way the federal government funds education. Right now, we fund schools. In reality, we should be funding students. After all, they're the ones we're supposed to be helping with this money. We can do this in two key ways. First, a program of federally-funded educational vouchers that can be redeemed to pay for a student's education, regardless of where they matriculate. With this, if parents cannot afford to pay tuition at a school besides their local public school, they will still be able to send their child to the school that's right for them, their unique talents, and their needs. No longer will their educational options be limited by where they live. The second policy at our disposal is to mobilize our federal educational funding, so that if a student attends a school other than their local public school, their federal funding will follow them to their school of choice. This will have the dual effect of expanding school choice, giving parents more flexibility for their children, as well as forcing schools to compete to attract and retain students by offering the best education and teaching. 


Giving parents choice over their students education can only go so far without the fundamental building blocks of any education system: good teachers. As a parent, I know how hard so many teachers work to make sure their students learn, how many unpaid hours they spend preparing lesson plans, grading papers, buying supplies, and providing support to students. I also know that being a public school teacher can be a thankless task; low pay, long hours, heaps of bureaucracy, and a restrictive union that makes it hard to advance, no matter how hard you work. Under our current tenure system, teachers are ranked and rewarded based not on their performance, but on their seniority. The reality is, the best teachers are not necessarily the ones who've been there the longest. As a result, new teachers, full of energy and drive to support their students, are held back by unionism and bureaucracy while bad teachers are propped up by the tenure system.


As President, I pledge to fight for a system that rewards good teachers, while removing the bad ones, to make sure that every single American student - no matter where they're from, how much their parents make, and what sort of school they attend - has a world-class teacher teaching them in the classroom. Tying teacher pay to the performance of their students - accounting for other factors - will ensure that teachers have not just an altruistic, but also a financial motivation to make sure their students learn. Secondly, we need to reform the tenure system that props up bad teachers at the expense of goods ones. This does not necessarily mean abolishing it entirely, but like pay, tenure and job security should be related to performance, not seniority. Just like any other job, let the ones who are good at it earn more and the ones who aren't be thanked for their service and dismissed. 


There are some who say our public education is broken beyond repair. I know that we cannot afford to adopt that kind of defeatist attitude. Our children demand it, our country's future demands it. That's why the work that you all are doing is so important, and that's why I'm turning to you for help. Our kids need someone in Washington who has their best interests in mind. They need someone who knows that education is about students and nothing else. They need someone who believes in school choice and teaching reform and who has a vision to make it a reality. I believe I can be that person, and with your help, we can take this fight to the very top. Your contribution is so, so important to the cause for school choice, and with it we can transform our education system for the better. I hope to count on your support, thank you all so very much for joining me tonight. God bless you all!

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FR #1: 800,000


FR #2: 700,000


FR #3: 700,000


FR #4: 675,000


FR #5: 750,000

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