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Florian Wood Campaign Thread

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Stump Speech #1 (-3 AP)

Round: Preliminary

Location: Steubenville, Ohio


Senator Wood visited with business owners and locals in Steubenville, Ohio, taking a tour of the city. After having lunch at a local diner, Wood addressed supporters in front of the City Hall.


Ladies and gentlemen, my goodness, thank you all so much for the warm welcome to beautiful Steubenville! It's been a real treat to your eclectic city today and to meet with business owners and locals to discuss their concerns about the future and how my campaign can help make Steubenville and cities like it all across America a better place to live and raise your family. Now, before I begin, I just want to take a little survey here, who here has heard liberals talking about so-called "white privilege," show of hands?


Waits for show of hands


Quite a few. And who here actually feels like they have some sort of privilege living here in Steubenville, Ohio? Who thinks they got a leg up in life because of the color of their skin?


Waits for show of hands


Yeah, not too many, doesn't surprise me. It really shows how out of touch a certain faction of the political sphere is with ordinary folks in our nation's heartland. These people, you know, they come up with this stuff – some Harvard sociologist who's never set foot outside Cambridge, Massachusetts writes a paper about how privileged white folk are and the liberal elites who run the Democratic Party latch onto it like glue, because it fits their narrative about how the only people who are struggling in America. They stack the system against ordinary folks like you or I with all kinds of regulations and red tape, they build a trade system that benefits multinationals and financial firms over small businesses here Steubenville, and they promote an immigration policy that makes them feel good and noble and call anyone a racist who has a problem with open borders lawlessness.


The cost of this assault on economic freedom in places like Steubenville, and indeed all over the so-called Rust Belt that people like to talk about, has been catastrophic. Since the 1950s, Steubenville has lost four fifths of its manufacturing jobs. Four fifths! The countryside is littered with abandoned steel mills, grain elevators, and factories that once provided good, family-supporting jobs for thousands upon thousands of people. Of course, I don't need to tell you that, you all live with this legacy every day; we need to tell Washington that something is profoundly wrong, because they sure ain't listening. Even after the election of Donald Trump, backed by a surge in the Rust Belt, the establishment is in denial – they say racists put Donald Trump in office, it was "whitelash," he's a Russian agent. They come up with every rationale possible except that maybe – just maybe – good people with legitimate issues came out to vote for someone who listened to 'em and pledged to bring hope to their communities!


That ends now.


What I want to talk to y'all about today is about a fundamental restructuring of American economic policy in a way that harnesses our free market system to bring growth and opportunity back into our nation's heartland. Americans are creatures of freedom; we do best when the government gets the heck out of our way and lets us go about our business the way we see best. We are not a regulatory society like Europe, or a redistributionist society like France or Scandinavia. We're a people who believe in hard work, faith, family, and country as the best way to live our lives. The way to restore hope to heartland is not by socialism, regulation, or the mass redistribution of wealth! We make our own money here in America.


As President, one of my top policy proposals is to declare a Rust Belt Special Economic Zone throughout the post-industrial heartland that will reduce regulations and red tape, allowing entrepreneurship and business to flourish. When we make places like Steubenville, Pittsburgh, and Detroit the best place in America to start a business, you can be sure that investment will pour in, new jobs will be created, and hope will come to the people. How do I know? Because it's worked before. In America, economic freedom zones are showing great promise in delivering new opportunity and investment. It harnesses the fundamental American principle of economic freedom that made this country the richest in the world, with the most prosperous economy the world has ever seen.


But we're not stopping there; on my first day office, I intend to order a full regulatory overhaul to target all the rules and red tape that hold our country back and transform our economy from a regulated one to a free one, without sacrificing health and safety.


Next, I'm pledging the biggest infrastructure investment of this century to create shovel-ready jobs in our heartland right away while putting the infrastructure in place that we need to connect businesses and spur investment. We're talking roads, highways, airports, canals, railways, sea ports – the works. When I'm President, America's infrastructure will once again be the pride of our nation and the envy of others. In however-many thousand years when archaeologists are looking at our civilization, they'll say, "To hell with Rome, all roads lead to Pittsburgh!" That is the scale of what we're talking about here – we're going to make history, and we're gonna do it in a way that benefits everyday people. That, ladies and gentlemen, will be the legacy of our American civilization – hard work, opportunity, and something to show for it all.


I hope I can count on your support to send a President to Washington who'll put the needs and priorities of Middle America at the top of the agenda; who has a plan for economic revival and prosperity; and who rejects political gamesmanship in the interest of this country. Thank you all, God bless you, you've been a great audience, and God bless the United States of America!


Running Total AP: 25

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Stump Speech #2 (-3 AP)

Round: Preliminary

Location: Goffstown, New Hampshire


Senator Wood visited Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire to speak with students at an event with the Saint Anselm College Republicans. After his speech, Senator Wood made rounds with students, shaking hands, answering questions, and posing for selfies.


Good afternoon, everybody, thank you all so much for coming out today. I'd like to give a special thanks to the Saint Anselm College Republicans for helping us put on this event and for getting the word out about it. I hear that you guys get a few other political candidates stopping by your campus, I have no idea why that might be *chuckles*, possibly something to do with this election coming up in a few months? Regardless, it's great to be on campus here at Saint Anselm, to see the beautiful grounds, and meet with so many bright students. It's really heartening to see students and young people taking an interest in our elections and politics; I know it's cliché to say it, but you all are this country's future, the leaders of the next generation.


It's also really good to know that there are conservative young people taking an interest in politics. When you think of student activism, you're usually talking about conservatives, but leftists – and not just your grandad's Jack Kennedy Democrats, but about real hard leftists, the Che Guevara shirt-wearing types, I'm sure you the sort of people I'm talking about. These people are usually a vocal minority, but they're very loud and generally hostile towards free speech and especially conservative viewpoints. I don't have to tell you about campus craziness – you've all seen the headlines about conservative thinkers being physically attacked at universities throughout our country, their only crime being having the audacity to present an opinion other than hard-left socialism.


Now, I went to college around the time that you all were being born, which to you I'm sure seems like ancient history, but to me wasn't all that long ago. I went to my local college, U of SC, majored in economics. When I was in college, there was still this idea that universities ought to be a marketplace of ideas where you go to be challenged and hear different points of view. While a student, I loved to go see all kinds of speakers that came to the university and most importantly the opportunity to ask questions, because the truth is that crazy ideas don't hold up to scrutiny, they stink, they can't go further than the talking points. So whether someone comes in who's a total racist or a moonbat, asking them questions and demanding that they explain their views is the best way to squash bad ideas.


Today, though, times have changed. In a lot of places, students feel the need to be "protected" from speech they don't like; they demand that speakers – almost always conservatives – be disinvited, they scream and try to shut down events, they protest, they attack people and riot. You've seen the footage from UC Berkeley, you know exactly what I'm talking about. But beyond that, they maintain a hostile environment on campuses where conservatives – or really just sane students – feel like they can't say what they think for fear of being ostracized, declared a racist, bigot, whatever, or even physically attacked. This has got to change, because what it does is it deprives students of their free speech rights; it denies people a core part of their education, which is being challenged by views other than their own; and it runs the risk of having a generation of future leaders indoctrinated in socialist left-wing thought that's never stood up to scrutiny and who are accustomed to a culture of shutting anybody else. This is a danger to our democracy.


I haven't given up hope, though, because students are fighting back – and not just conservatives either. On campuses across the country you're seeing conservatives and real liberals, who care about free speech and open debate, join together to tear down the Cone of Silence that leftists are trying to impose on college campuses. You're seeing groups like the College Republicans and Turning Point USA uniting students behind free expression. We're even seeing an administrative response with many schools signing onto the University of Chicago's declaration, committing themselves to protecting free speech on their campuses. And just last month, President Trump signed an executive order tying federal funds to respect for our Constitutional free speech rights. There is so much momentum behind this movement, of which you are at the front lines, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let's give a big round of applause for you.


Leads round of applause


But despite all the progress that's being made, there's still so much work to be done. President Trump's executive order was a leap in the right direction, but it's important to remember that executive orders can be rescinded as easily as they are issued. If a pro-snowflake president is elected next November, all that progress could come to a halt. I am running for President because I want to protect free speech on college campuses and codify those protections in law. As President, I will advance legislation to formally tie federal grants to universities to respect for free speech. If universities want to receive money from the American people, they must act in accordance with the values of our Constitution and the First Amendment.


It's also high time, ladies and gentlemen, that we look at the way universities handle admissions in this country. This is not to say that I want the federal government meddling with private institutions; far from it – private institutions should be free to do what they want. But if they're going to receive public money, they must act in the public interest. That's why, as I run for President, I'm proposing a review of college admissions policies in order to make receipt of taxpayer money conditional upon ensuring that those policies resonate with the Constitution – including doing away with any kind of discrimination based on race, religion, origin, or legacy status. Public money must go to support public causes; if universities want to be enclaves for the elite or for specific groups, they can do so – but American taxpayers won't foot the bill.


Universities play a crucial role in this country; they are our intellectual powerhouses, our incubators for innovation, the classrooms of our future leaders, and ladders of social mobility. But if American taxpayers will continue to fund their research and other efforts, they're going to expect some accountability to make sure they're operating in accordance with our values and our Constitution. That's why I'm counting on your help to mobilize and put into office a President who's going to bring in accountability, protect free speech, and introduce meritocracy in admissions. Thank you all once again, God bless you, God bless the United States, and keep up the great work!


Running Total AP: 22

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Stump Speech #3 (-3 AP)

Round: Preliminary

Location: Ames, Iowa


Senator Wood visited Ames, Iowa to meet voters, discuss agriculture issues, and sample local delicacies. After touring the city, he addressed supporters at a rally.


Good afternoon, everybody, thank you all for coming out on this fine day in Ames, Iowa as we start a movement to capture this American moment and the save the American Dream for all to enjoy. It's a real pleasure to be here in Iowa, the heart of the nation's breadbasket. If there's one common theme that I've picked up on as I've met locals and discussed issues that matters to them, it's that there's one common theme uniting people here in Ames, and that's the central role of agriculture in the economy, the community, and people livelihoods.


Farming is so very important not just to our nation's economy, but also to our national character. Thomas Jefferson envisioned that our country would be a community of yeoman farmers; our rights and freedoms, especially the right to property, stem from our planter tradition and have been reinforced by rural communities who know what it means to work and depend on the land. It always feels refreshing coming to a place like Ames after living and working in D.C., meeting with hardworking, honest people with good values and who just say to scheming, lies, and influence-peddling that is all too common in Washington. Rural America is America at her best and purest – but our agricultural communities need our help.


I don't need to tell you all that farming is a tough life; without things like crop insurance, one bad harvest could mean dire straights for a family farm. Profit margins in this industry are about as slim as they come. That's why farmers need to know that the government is on their side, and if I'm elected, you can be sure you'll have a pro-farm President in the Oval Office. That's something that only I'm in a position to deliver; you look what's going on in the primaries on the Democratic side, neither presidential frontrunner makes even one mention of the word "farm" or "agriculture" in their official platforms, and they're supposed to be from California, the biggest ag state in the country! 


I'm running for President because it is high time that American farmers had a President who has their back. When I'm elected, I pledge to scrap the Death Tax for farmland to ensure that family farms are never confiscated when a loved one dies. The Death Tax is meant to target the inheritances of rich people in the Hamptons, not family farmers with paper-thin profit margins who rely on their land assets for their livelihood. 


Next, I promise to put American agriculture at the forefront our trade strategy, using America's tremendous economic leverage to get trade deals to open foreign markets for American agricultural exports. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, I want to take advantage of America's incredible agricultural blessings to turn our country into the breadbasket of the world. We produce enough food in this country to practically feed the world over – so why not? Let's use our leverage and negotiating power to open foreign markets to American food!


Finally, it's time that we took a serious look at the crushing regulatory burden faced by American farmers. I don't need to tell you, folks – you deal it with it everyday. How many forms do you have to fill out, how many environmental certifications, how many land regulations do you face when you're just trying to do your job? Farming is practically as highly-regulated as nuclear energy; I find that completely ridiculous, which is why as President, I'm ordering a full regulatory overhaul to slash and burn the rules and red tape that hold back American farmers just trying to do their job. And what's more, I plan to do so in a way that does not endanger health and safety or lead to excessive pollution that would harm our farmlands and our natural beauty. It can be done – but we need a President who takes farming seriously, and we're just not seeing that in any other campaign.


The time is now. Let's build on this momentum, get out the vote, knock on doors, volunteer, whatever it takes to get the message out. Let's propel this movement all the way to Washington, D.C., into the White House and let's have a pro-farm President behind the desk! Thank you all, God bless you, and God bless this land that we love!


Running Total AP: 17

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Stump Speech #4 (-3 AP)

Round: Preliminary

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Senator Wood attended Sunday services at a Westminster Presbyterian Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with his wife and daughters, followed by a prayer breakfast in the church hall. During the breakfast, Wood thanked the pastor, Roger Grandia, for the service and proceeded to make conversation with attendees, followed by an address to the assembled guests about faith in political leadership.


Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so much for welcoming me here at Westminster Presbyterian and for the lovely breakfast we just had, and once again thank you to Pastor Roger for the moving service he led this morning. I wanted to take this opportunity to say a few words about the role of faith in political leadership these days and talk about what we as men and women of faith need to be getting ready to advocate for in the coming years.


There's a lot of talk these days, particularly on the left, about how America is a selfish society, that capitalism makes us self-absorbed and only interested in what's good for number one. Therefore, they argue, we need big government to redistribute wealth in order to help people. But when I come to communities like yours, I see that it couldn't be further from the truth; whether it's community meals, providing support for the homeless or for those struggling with substance abuse, faith-based organizations like Westminster Presbyterian don't need the government to tell them to help their fellow man. I think it's time we brought some of that charitable and good-hearted spirit back to Washington and do the Lord's work at the highest levels of government.


For me, the number one moral issue of our time is about protecting the right to life. At a time when you're hearing some fairly "normal" Democrats like the governor of Virginia calling for the government to legalize so-called "post-natal abortions," which in my experience has always been referred to as infanticide, the need for good people to stand up for the lives of the innocent and the unborn is more pressing than ever. That is why, as I run for the highest office in the land, I am putting right-to-life issues at the forefront of my campaign. I sponsored the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and was a strong supporter of comprehensive pro-life legislation in the Senate. As President, I promise to reign in mid- and late-term abortion, with the goal of ending the institution in its entirety.


But I want to go beyond simply restricting the practice and eliminate the demand for abortions in the first place. That demand is rooted fundamentally in unplanned pregnancies, which are the result of irresponsibility and under-education. That's why it is so important that we look at how we teach our young people. As President, I plan to introduce educational programs, ideally faith-based, to teach young people about proper sexual health and responsibility so that people are not having unplanned pregnancies in the first place. I hope some day to preside over a country in which the number of abortions – legal and illegal – is a clean zero.


Beyond right-to-life issues, I want us to seriously reconsider the way we do religious freedom in this country, especially in the judiciary. This country was founded on freedom of religion; it was a right so important to our founders that they included it as amendment number one in the Bill of Rights. Recently, though, there have been a number of controversies, particularly when it comes to the nomination of federal judges; some on the left have gone so far as to suggest that professing Christian faith is enough to disqualify someone from serving as a federal judge, as it would prevent them from being impartial on the bench. It sounds ridiculous, but it's absolutely what's going in Washington, part of the relentless war on faith that is being waged by the abortion lobby and their allies in the Democratic Party. It's got to end.


As President, I promise to nominate judges who will respect our Constitution as our Founders intended, including the First Amendment, and reject judicial activism. It's high time religious freedom is respected this country, and as President, I will make sure the courts enforce our Constitution as it's written, and I will never impose religious tests for judicial nominations.


Finally, it's high time we take seriously our mandate to promote religious freedom abroad. All throughout the world, people are persecuted for the faith they profess, particularly Christians in the Middle East. As President, I will use America's tremendous diplomatic power to make sure the freedom of religious belief is respected the world over.


Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you'll join me in building on our momentum and putting a man of faith in the Oval Office. As President, I will never forget my roots as a Christian and stand up for the right of everyone to profess the faith they believe. Thank you, God bless you all, and God bless America.


Running Total AP: 10

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Stump Speech #5 (-3 AP)

Round: Preliminary

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire


Senator Wood visited Manchester, New Hampshire to meet with voters and address supporters on his "Grand Bargain" for jobs, the economy, and social mobility.


Hello Manchester! It's great to be here, fighting the frost in beautiful New Hampshire and meeting with so many good, hardworking Americans. All I can say is that if we can get this kind of turnout on a freezing day in the middle of a New Hampshire winter, the sky is the limit for election day! I like think that coming to a state where the motto is "Live free, or die" is a sign that the people here have their heads screwed on right *chuckles* and judging by the New Hampshirites I've met, I think the state lives up to the motto!


Ladies and gentlemen, I'm running for President for one simple reason: I want to save the American Dream. I want it so that my children and you children can live and raise their families in a country that we can still recognize as our own, as being that great land of opportunity that brought us our, our parents, or even distant ancestors to this blessed plot. I want America to continue to be a country where anybody – regardless of where they come from, what they look like, or what God they pray to – can work hard, play by the rules, and go as far as their talents can take them. I'm running a campaign based on four simple principles: hard work, family, faith, and country.


The path before us requires nothing short of a bold new vision for jobs, the economy, and social mobility, and that's what I want to talk about today. I call it the Grand Bargain, because it's going to be big and bold. It consists not of a massive government takeover of the economy, but rather the exactly opposite – a great liberation of the economy and a return to free market principles.


My first economic priority, ladies and gentlemen, is to make the job-generating Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent, and as your President, I will pursue and sign legislation to do just that. Since the Republican tax reform in the last Congress, Americans are keeping more of what they earn, businesses are investing like we've never seen, companies have more openings than they can fill. "Help wanted" signs are showing up for the first time since the Recession, and most importantly, Americans are seeing a real bump in their take-home pay.


Next, we need to take a good, hard look at the way we regulate our economy in this country. Crushing bureaucracy and red tape is the biggest threat to the recovery and has the potential to snuff out everything we've gained if companies find it too hard to do business in America. As President, I am pledging a full regulatory review and rollback, targeting job-killing regulation. We know that it works – it's been one of the top achievements of the Trump Administration, only you wouldn't hear about it because the media doesn't like to cover it. Nonetheless, this isn't about credit – it's about doing what's right for our country and our workers.


The first place to start is in common-sense occupational licensing reform, which Republicans have been working to pass in the Senate. The New HOPE Act would allow people to work as hairdressers, clerks, what have you without the need for licensing and fees, a process that can take up to a year and prevent people from starting small businesses. Occupational licensing reform has the potential to create thousands of jobs and add a huge amount to our economy, but Democrats are obstructing the bill. Why? Because – to quote one Democrat Senator, Owen Decker from Alabama – the poor bureaucrats will lose their jobs if there's no need to give out licenses! At least they're finally admitting that they care more about government than small business.


Beyond taxes and licensing, I want our country to build again – to think big and invest in infrastructure. This country used to be a nation of builders; in the last century, we've built true modern marvels that serve as icons of American power and prosperity. Let's start building again. As President, I am promising the biggest infrastructure investment of this century, to create jobs in our heartland and connect our businesses, industry, and people to get our economy roaring. I'm talking roads, bridges, highways, canals, ports and airports, dams – the works. The citizens of the most powerful and prosperous country on earth should not have to drive over potholes to get work; that's why, I'm pledging to build infrastructure that puts the Roman Empire to shame.


Finally, ladies and gentlemen, we need to pass a national right-to-work act to protect every American worker's right to voluntarily organize and collectively bargain. Unions have done great things for workers' rights in this country; but every union worker in this country knows that unions are a good servant, but a master and can become abusive towards their members if left unchecked. Furthermore, unions are fundamentally political institutions, and it is a free speech violation to force workers to pay for lobbying efforts on behalf of a political organization whose views they do not support; the Supreme Court has even upheld this view in Janus v. AFSCME. When I'm President, we will close the closed shop once and for all, stand up for worker's rights, and make sure that union membership is 100% voluntary, no matter what industry you want to work in.


There is so much momentum behind our movement; we are by far the frontrunner in this Republican contest, and with the Democrats waging internal war, I have full confidence in our ability to capture the nomination and take our message straight to the White House. I hope to count on your support, thank you all so much, and God bless you. Onwards to the primaries!


Running Total AP: 5

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Posted (edited)

Infrastructure Investments:

Iowa –

  • Campaign Office x3 ($300,000)
  • Staffing Improvements x3 ($300,000)
  • Targeted Outreach: Evangelical Voters ($100,000)

New Hampshire

  • Campaign Office x3 ($150,000)
  • Staffing Improvements x3 ($150,000)
  • Targeted Outreach: Small Business Owners ($50,000)

Total spending: $1,050,000


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Public Rally #1 (-12 AP)

Running Total AP: 28

Round: 1

Location: Nashua, NH; Des Moines, IA; Columbia, SC




Surrogate: Senator Michael Madison (R-MO)


Our American Republic is the best nation on earth, an experiment the likes of which the world had never seen in 1776. The United States is by far the best nation on Earth, and like every developed and righteous nation, we hold regular elections in which our citizens can decide the direction of the country. Each election, we are faced with a choice. We the People are given the tiller to our nation and asked which way to turn it. 


We draw upon the time when we must turn that tiller once more. We have many problems in our nation. Religious freedom is under attack. Innocent human lives are slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands each year in their mothers’ wombs. We live in a time where people are killed because they are exercising their right to freedom of speech. We’ve seen that in Berkeley, Charlottesville, and now in Portland. We live in a time of crisis at our southern border. We live in a time of fiscal irresponsibility in Washington, with big blow-out spending and handouts. We live in a time where socialism once more threatens to destroy our prosperous way of life. 


Obviously, this all needs to be addressed. We’ve made tremendous progress under President Trump. Our economy is stronger than ever, Americans are working at historic levels, and wages are growing once again after a painful and slow recovery. But we aren’t done yet. Who can we trust with the wheel of the country? Who can we trust to safeguard our rights and the rights of the unborn? Who can we trust to fix our border situation? 


I believe Florian Wood to be the best man for the job. I’ve seen his work firsthand in the Senate. He’s a smart, capable defender of American values, and he’s a brilliant leader. With that, I officially endorse Senator Florian Wood in his race for President of the United States of America.




Senator Wood takes the stage, shakes hands with Madison thanking him for the endorsement before taking podium to address the crowds.


Hello [LOCATION]! Thank you, Michael for that rousing endorsement and a spot-on assessment of why our country needs principled, conservative leadership more than ever. It's an honor to share the stage with such a distinguished senator and reliable conservative voice. 


Ladies and gentlemen, you may have seen in the news that McDonald's is planning to automate all of their cashier and drive-thru positions by the end of this year. This is a reality that our country, our economy, and our society will have to adapt to if we're going to continue to prosper in the years and decades ahead. Automation is on the march, technology is doing more and more of the jobs that used to be done by human beings. Many of the lower-skilled jobs that used to serve as the first rung on the ladder of social mobility for Americans aren't going to be around in five to ten years.


What this challenge requires from us is nothing short of a new American Social Compact that remains true to our values of free enterprise, personal responsibility, and limited government and that does not rest upon the forced redistribution of wealth, while empowering all of our citizens to pursue their own American Dream. In order to be competitive in the age of automation, American workers must have skills that the machines do not, and that has to come from a rethinking of public education.


Now, anyone who's ever tried on "one-size-fits-all" jeans knows that, well, it doesn't. *chuckles* Yet when it comes to public schools, there's a massive lobby – absolutely massive and swimming in money – that wants to try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Traditional public schooling fits a certain kind of learner, but it does not play to everyone's strengths. Some children thrive with closer supervision and guidance and could benefit from a smaller, more human-scale learning environment. Others are more independent and would do well in a bigger pond. Some children have very specific gifts – for the arts, for example, that need to be honed with specialized training. Our society and our economy needs all sorts of people, which means we need all sorts of schools.


The good news is, America has some of the best and most diverse educational institutions on the planet; the bad news is, not everyone can afford to send their musically-gifted daughter to a specialty conservatoire or get their son who just needs a little extra help to master algebra that personal attention. As a result, Americans who don't come from wealthy coastal suburbs are falling through the cracks, trapped in a public school system that doesn't meet their needs. Make no mistake, this is not about funding; we've been pouring money into public schools for decades, and our students aren't learning any better than they were in the 1970s.


But what if there was a way so that the taxes you pay that go toward public schools went not to some abstract notion of public education, but directly to students? What if we could make it so that, if your child would do better at a vocational school, or a magnet school, or a parochial school, their education dollars could follow them to the school that's right for them? I think the payoff to our economy and our society from harnessing the talents of every American boy and girl would be tremendous. Even more than that, it would be one heck of a leap for social mobility, because if every child can get the education that's right for them, regardless of their parents' ability to pay, we as a country can live up to our promise as a land of opportunity where it doesn't matter where you come from, but where you're going! A nation where someone born dirt poor in Gaffney, South Carolina or Flint, Michigan or the heart of Harlem or right here in [LOCATION] can dream of becoming a leader in their field – and in fact, they can do more than dream, they can earn it.


That is why the movement for school choice is one of the fastest-growing and most powerful in this country, ladies and gents, because we know it works, and because the sheer potential behind it is enough to bring a tear to the eye. School choice and empowering young people to harness their talents is the only way we're going to be able to compete with automation. But the battle is only starting, folks, because there are very powerful interests in this country who have a lot to lose if we level the playing field and empower our country's working class.


First of all, there's the Democratic Party, a political machine built on non-fat soy latte-fuelled emotional appeals to class warfare whose entire message goes out with the dishwater if we give our working- and middle-class citizens a fair shot. Next, there's the teachers' unions who are more concerned with keeping teachers in classrooms even if they're not teaching. You may think I'm making this up, there are documented cases of ridiculous neglect and abuse by tenured teachers who cannot be fired, and talk to any young educator trying to get into the field, they'll tell you just how hard it is to advance when advancement is based on seniority, not performance.


These groups are powerful and wealthy, and they're going to put up one heck of a fight, but I am ready for that fight! That is why people from all over our country – solid conservatives like Michael Madison, parents, working-class Americans and average Joe's – are joining together to elect a President who will put America First, who will put the interests of Middle America at the forefront of the national agenda, and who will fight tooth and nail to level the playing field with bold school choice reforms! I grew up with the American Dream, I built my life around it, now I want to make sure that every American has a chance to live that Dream like I did in a country where everyone may go as far as their talents can take them. I hope you'll join our movement, thank you all so much, and God bless these United States!

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Posted (edited)

Infrastructure Investments:


  • Campaign Office x6 ($600,000)
  • Staffing Improvements x6 ($600,000)
  • GOTV x 3 ($300,000)

New Hampshire

  • Campaign Office x6 ($300,000)
  • Staffing Improvements x6 ($300,000)
  • GOTV x5 ($250,000)

South Carolina

  • Campaign Office x3 ($300,000)
  • Staffing Improvements x3 ($300,000)


  • Campaign Office x3 ($300,000)
  • Staffing Improvements x3 ($300,000)


Total spending: $3,000,000

Edited by Ashcroft

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Stump Speech #6 (-6 AP)

Running Total AP: 22

Round: 1

Locations: Cedar Rapids, IA; Charleston, SC; Concord, NH


Good afternoon, everybody! How are y'all doing today? It's great to be here in [LOCATION] on the campaign trail, meeting so many folks, and talking about their concerns for our country and for our future.


Anyone who's turned on the TV recently or opened a newspaper has probably heard a thing or two about Russia, about how they supposedly "hacked" our election and "colluded" with the Trump campaign to win the White House. This myth peddled by the left who still can't accept the outcome of November 2016 has done more harm to our democracy and our politics than any amount of Russian interference ever could have. They've played right into Vlad Putin's hands by making us doubt ourselves and our elections. 


The reality is, ladies and gentlemen, Russia is a dying power breathing its last gasp of relevance, at least for the time being. This is Russia's swan song as a world power, before they are returned to being little more than an oil-rich dictatorship along the lines of Venezuela – that is to say, rotten, but not a threat to American interests. Democrats used to believe this too; remember in 2012 when President Obama practically laughed Mitt Romney off the debate stage when he called Russia our greatest geopolitical adversary? They've only started getting interested in "standing up to Putin" since the 2016 election.


This is all false pretense; when Democrats say we need to pledge to defend Georgia against Russian aggression, they feel very morally righteous in the moment, until the time comes when they must actually make the decision to send American servicemen and women to die in Abkhazia. Ever heard of Abkhazia? Who here can locate it on a map? You're all smart people, but I won't fault you for not knowing about a region that has no zero relevance to America's interests. If there's any good that come from this collusion fiasco, it's the opportunity for us to re-evaluate our country's foreign policy, move on from the Cold War, put the Russian obsession to bed, and pivot to an America First foreign policy designed to defend our interests, our security, and our democracy.


Since the international war on terror, Americans are tired of seeing their loved ones coming home in flag-draped coffins from places they've never heard of, fighting a war they don't even know why it's being fought. Our foreign policy has undergone a profound transformation since the days of the Cold War, from one of principled, but realistic power projection to a reckless crusade in the name of some abstract concept of freedom, trying to impose our system by force on societies with no culture of democracy or self-government. We have an obsession with bombing things without any master strategy. We see unrest – we bomb. We see dictators – we bomb. We see insurgents – we bomb.


But what exactly is this accomplishing? Under President Obama, we bombed Libya to the ground to get rid of Gaddafi; he's gone, but Libyan civil society has collapsed, creating a refugee crisis that's overwhelming Europe. Same story in Syria – bombing, but no plan for what comes after. And what was it all for? Are Americans safer thanks to the collapse of civil society in the Middle East that's generated terrorist groups like ISIS? Are are allies like Israel better off when the entire region around them is engulfed in civil war? Are we going to be able to take on the nuclear threat posed by Iran when everyone in the region hates us? Is this what our taxpayer dollars are going to? What our troops are dying for?


I don't say this as some sort of latte-sipping peacenik hippie; I'm the last person who wants us to turn inward and isolate ourself from the world, and you won't see me at a rally for nuclear non-proliferation. I say this because I see endless wars as a dire threat to our American security, our economy, our budget, and our people. My home state of South Carolina produces some of the finest fighting men and women in this country, and a lot of the folks I grew up with went onto the service. Our troops did a fantastic job, but the job they were told to do was a bad decision on the part of the decision-makers at the top.


Here's a revolutionary idea: let's stop blowing up things where it doesn't benefit Americans or our allies. Let's stop trying to be Globo-cop and reorient our foreign policy to take on threats that our country and our citizens face. Our first duty to freedom, ladies and gentlemen, is to defend our own. That is why I am calling for this country to consolidate our position in the Middle East, keep our defensive commitments within reason, and turn our attention across the Pacific to face the real threat to this country's interests: China.


While we've been distracted bombing stuff in the Middle East and tearing apart our politics over "Russian collusion," China has been building a military-industrial superpower. They've been threatening our trade, manipulating their currency, hacking our military, businesses, and financial sector, and are even illegally building artificial islands in the South China Sea with the goal of controlling and taxing one of the most important shipping lanes in the world.


In order to take on this threat, we need to build a 21st century military backed by a modern foreign policy strategy. We need to think realistically and invest in our navy – which is at one of its lowest levels of investment since Pearl Harbor – and build a state-of-the-art cybersecurity and cyber-offensive force capable of taking on the digital threat posed by Chinese hackers. We need to turn our attention to the Pacific, conduct ruthless freedom-of-navigation exercises in the South China Sea, and shore up our regional allies like Vietnam and the Philippines. We need to build bridges with the world's largest democracy, India, who also happens to be one of China's strongest adversaries.


In order for that to happen, we need to quit being crusaders and start being strategists. There's a very strong establishment in Washington – from both parties – who are committed to the same "bomb first, ask questions later" foreign policy that we've seen since Iraq and through the Obama years. I'm running for President to fight that establishment and replace with good sense and smart strategy. I hope you'll join me in this fight, ladies and gentlemen, because the next century of American leadership depends on it, our national security and prosperity depends on it, and our men and women in the armed forces depend on it. Thank you all, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America!

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Stump Speech #7 (-6 AP)

Running Total AP: 16

Round: 1

Locations: Davenport, IA; Spartaburg, SC; Derry, NH


Hello [LOCATION], thank you all for coming out today. It's great to see so many patriots out supporting our pro-freedom, anti-socialist campaign to take back our country and put the issues of Middle America at the forefront our the national agenda. The issue I want to discuss with you today is healthcare – why is it so darned expensive and what can the government do to ensure that every American has access to quality medical care without surrendering to the socialist pipe-dream. 


The liberal prescription for healthcare is simple: socialize medicine with Medicare for all and abolish private health coverage – you'll get coverage worth waiting in line for! But let me paint a picture of just what that system would look like in reality. First of all, there's the massive price-tag attached to such a policy that would require taxation of Americans like we've never seen in this country before. It wouldn't be enough just to tax the rich, and it's no good to say someone else pay for it – that someone else is you. We're talking about the greatest mass confiscation of wealth in this country's history.


Let's say, though, that we do find a way to pay for this, what does it look like actually trying to access this healthcare? Here's what it looks like: you want to a see a doctor? Get in line, we'll call you in six months. You need a procedure? Get in line, after you've seen your doctor in six months we'll put you on a waiting list. You need a prescription? We're all out of the pills you need, we're expecting a new shipment in a few months. This is the kind of headache that our European friends have to deal with when they're trying to access their "free" healthcare, except that America has fifty- to a hundred-times as many people, which means even more delays and shortages. I wouldn't wish socialized medicine on our enemies, much less our citizens! People will die waiting in for surgeries or even for the ambulance to show up.


Don't believe me? Take a look across the pond, where just last year we saw an elderly patient wait 62 hours – almost three days – for an ambulance to show up after falling and breaking her hip! Can you believe that, folks? Can you imagine the sheer horror it must feel to call 911 while your elderly mother is lying on the pavement with a broken hip, going into shock, and they tell you, "Sorry, we're having a really busy today, please hold"? And the British NHS is supposedly one of the best public health systems in the world - that just tells you what kind of a standard it's being measured against. This is the reality of government-confiscated healthcare, and we're not having it. As President, I will never let the state take control of our health system!


Now, though we're better off than our friends in Europe, this country has plenty of issues with healthcare, and I don't need to tell you that. Hospital bills are absurd, we pay ten times more than the rest of the world for prescription drugs, and health insurance is eating up people's incomes with rising premiums. These issue predate Obamacare, but they were made a lot worse when the government stepped in and imposed all manner of regulations. This does not represent a failure of the market, but rather a failure of government intervention. As President, I will introduce a bold new program to get the government out of the healthcare industry.


First, we need to strike down regulations that make it difficult or illegal for health insurance companies to compete across state lines. These regulations make it easy for companies to monopolize the market; that's why nearly half of U.S. counties have only one option for health coverage and why it's so expensive. Knocking down these rules has the potential to really cut the price of health insurance through the power of competition and make it more affordable for everyday Americans.


The next step is to work on promoting an employer-based health care system. I believe society and our economy works best when it's based on a mutual relationship between employer and employee. Nearly half of Americans already get their health coverage from their employer, and it's easy to understand why; healthy employees work better and harder and have less incentive to jump ship to another company. As President, I will implement a plan to introduce enhanced incentives for employers to provide their workers with health coverage and retirement benefits.


Finally, we need to look at the way we do entitlements, particularly Medicare and Medicaid, to ensure that they will still have enough money left to help the generation just retiring about now. The most obvious step is to transition the wealthiest Americans off of the public purse. There's no reason a retired investment banker living in the Hamptons needs Medicare; heck, he probably won't even bother to collect it. But nonetheless, there's money set aside in the system for him that could be going to people who don't have much of a pension, who have limited savings, and need that helping hand to stay healthy in retirement.


Next, we need to allow Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate with drug companies; anybody who buys a car knows you don't sticker price for that new Chevy, and the dealer knows that too, which is why he sets the sticker price outrageously high, knowing it'll be negotiated down. It's the same with prescription drugs, except in this case the buyer isn't allowed to negotiate by law. That's nothing but a handout to pharma companies; as President, I'll end this ridiculous policy and save our public system lots of money.


Ladies and gentlemen, healthcare is hurting American pocketbooks, but socialism isn't the answer, three-day ambulance waits are not the answer, and hyper-taxation of Middle America is not the answer. As President, I will fight to market-ize our healthcare system and let the power of free enterprise deliver higher-quality, lower-cost healthcare for all Americans. I hope to count on your support. Thank you all, and God bless!

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Advertisement #1: "Second Amendment Guardian"

Type: TV, double

Locations: IA ($800,000), NH ($400,000)

Total Cost: $1,200,000


*opens in a forest, country acoustic guitar music in background, with Senator Wood in hunting outfit, holding a hunting rifle, with a beagle at his side walking towards the camera*


WOOD: I'm Florian Wood – United States Senator, gun enthusiast, and hunter. I'm proud to live in the freest country on earth where my rights to hunt and protect my family are enshrined in our Constitution. But too many in politics today want to take our guns away and, as former Supreme Court Justice David Souter even proposed, repeal the Second Amendment. Not on my watch.


WOOD: As your President, I'll pass a national concealed carry law, streamline gun ownership, veto unconstitutional restrictions on gun rights like "No fly, no buy," and take dead aim at illegal gun laws.


*Wood takes aim at a stack of legal paper labeled "GUN CONTROL" pinned to a tree and fires, hitting the bill right in the center*


WOOD: I'm Florian Wood, I'm a gun owner, and I approve this message.


Advertisement #2: "Securing Our Borders"

Type: TV, double

Locations: IA ($800,000), NH ($400,000)

Total Cost: $1,200,000


*begins with sinister music and a montage of illegal immigrants climbing over border fences*


NARRATOR: Drugs. Weapons. Criminals. They're all flooding over our leaky southern border...


*black-and-white image of confiscated opioids*


NARRATOR: ... Putting dangerous drugs like fentanyl on our streets...


*footage of blue police lights at a crime scene in an inner-city ghetto*


NARRATOR: ... And supplying inner-city gangs and criminals with illegal weapons. Only one candidate has what it takes to bring order to our border.


*footage of Florian Wood speaking with border agents while walking in front of a border fence in Arizona*


*text appears over the footage as follows as Wood speaks*


Two-term Attorney General √

Build the Wall √

Deport Visa Overstays √

Defund Sanctuary Cities √

End Catch-and-Release √

Points-Based Immigration System √


WOOD: I'm Florian Wood, a two-term Attorney General dedicated to building the wall, deporting visa overstays, cracking down on sanctuary cities, ending catch-and-release, and introducing a points-based immigration system. America is a nation of laws, and those laws need to be enforced. As President, I'll secure our border once and for all to keep Americans safe. 


NARRATOR and accompanying text: Florian Wood – the Law and Order Candidate


WOOD: I'm Florian Wood, and I approve this message.


Advertisement #3: "The George Soros Candidate"

Type: TV

Locations: IA ($400,000), NH ($200,000)

Total Cost: $600,000


NARRATOR: Cassius McKnight says he's a conservative, but what does the record show? He's promised to pay for only a fraction of the wall.


*debate clip*


ANDERSON SCOOPER: Senator McKnight, you've promised a mere $3 billion for the wall. That is less than 20% of its expected costs. If the wall is so important, or necessary as you say, how do you plan to have effective border security with a partial wall?


NARRATOR: He claims to have a secret plan to bring democracy to Syria, but will he tell us what it is?


*debate clip*


SCOOPER:  How will you get Putin to agree to a democratic regime in Syria, and remove Assad?


MCKNIGHT: I’m not in the business of revealing my hand before the cards are dealt




*screenshot of Tweet*


NARRATOR: It's no wonder he's proud to accept the endorsement of... George Soros?


*black and white picture of sinister-looking George Soros*


NARRATOR: Cassius McKnight – the George Soros candidate.


WOOD: I'm Florian Wood, and I approve this message.

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Infrastructure spends:

South Carolina: $900,000 broken down as

  • Campaign Office x4 ($400,000)
  • Staff Improvements x3 ($300,000)
  • GOTV x2 ($200,00)

Nevada: $600,000 broken down as

  • Campaign Office x3 ($300,000
  • Staff Improvements x1 ($100,000)
  • GOTV x2 ($200,000)

Advertisement #3: "The Conservative Choice"

Type: TV

Location: NV, SC ($800,000)


((Italics indicate voice emphasis, asterisked claims are substantiated below for benefit of AB))


NARRATOR: Cassius McKnight is an open-borders liberal who's only promised $3billion over 10 years for a fraction of the wall.* [Footage of migrant caravan approaching the US]


NARRATOR: Florian Wood pledges to build the whole wall, implement mandatory E-Verify, and end catch-and-release to stop the flow of criminals and drugs over our border. [Footage of Wood at border wall in AZ, speaking with border agents]


NARRATOR: Cassius McKnight wants to legalize marijuana, a known gateway drug, and supports amnesty for drug dealers. [Footage of stoned teenager smoking weed] Florian Wood will enforce our laws, get dangerous drugs like fentanyl off our streets, and crack down on drug dealers with tougher sentences. [Image of clean suburban neighborhood]


NARRATOR: Cassius McKnight admits he'll raise taxes on payroll, mortgages, and healthcare to pay for massive government spending.** [Image of shuttered small grocery store]


NARRATOR: Florian Wood has pledged to make job-generating tax cuts permanent and refuses to hike taxes on the middle class. [Image of prosperous-looking small store]


NARRATOR: While Cassius McKnight is endorsed by open borders Clinton mega-donor George Soros,*** [black and white photo of George Soros looking sinister appears], and former Democratic presidential candidate Elis Torkin, conservatives like Senate Leader Luke Recks [clip of Recks endorsement rally], Senate Whip Michael Madison [clip of Madison on the campaign trail w/ Wood], House Leader John Baresi [clip of Baresi endorsement rally], the Christian Coalition [clip of Wood rally], and America First [clip of different Wood rally] are all joining forces to put Florian Wood in the White House.


NARRATOR: Florian Wood – the Conservative Choice for President. *Rapidly* Paid for by Florian Wood for President.


*See McKnight platform on immigration

**McKnight's platform includes elimination of deductions for mortgage interest and deductions for employer-sponsored insurance and levy of a payroll surcharge

***McKnight accepted the PAC endorsement of the Open Society Foundation, founded and funded by George Soros


Advertisement #4: "School Choice Candidate"

Type: Radio

Location: SC ($200,000)


*inspirational piano music*


WOMAN: *thick Carolina accent* My son Toby was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was nine. He's a smart boy, just needs some extra help to learn to read and write, but I can't afford to send him to a school that could give him the attention he needs. He's falling behind his friends, stuck in an overcrowded classroom and unable to make the most of his talents. But when I see my senator, Florian Wood, campaigning for President on a school choice agenda, I have hope for Toby's future.


WOOD: I'm running for President, because I believe in the promise of all our country's young people. That's why I'm an advocate for school choice and voucher programs. We should fund students directly and make sure their federal funds follow them to whatever school is right for them, not force our kids into a one-size-fits-all government program.


WOMAN: Under Florian Wood's school choice plan, the taxes I pay to fund Toby's education can follow him to a school where he can get personal attention and help, and I can sleep at night knowing my son is getting the chance possible for his future. What more could a mom ask for?


WOOD: Every child is unique, and every one is uniquely important. They deserve to attend a school that's right for them, whether or not their folks can pay.


NARRATOR: Florian Wood – the Parents' Choice for School Choice. *rapidly* Paid for by Florian Wood for President.


Advertisement #5: "No Tax Hikes"

Type: Radio

Location: SC ($200,000), NV ($200,00)


*rustic guitar music plays*


MAN: *deep country-ish voice* I'm a small business owner, I run a local construction company here in [Sparks (for NV) or Spartanburg (for SC)]. The Recession in '08 hit us hard, and we had hard time hiring new employees for years. When the Trump Tax Cuts took effect, I was finally able to hire fifteen new full-time employees and expand our operations. It was a breath of new life.


MAN: But when I hear candidates like Cassius McKnight calling for tax hikes on payroll and employer-sponsored health insurance, I'm worried I'll have to lay people off again – with our slim profit margins, we just can't afford the extra expense. 


WOOD: I'm Florian Wood. As President, I'll veto any attempt to hike taxes on the Middle Class and fight to preserve key deductions on mortgage interest, health care, and payroll. Since the passing of the Trump Tax Reform, America's economy is roaring again, but Soros-endorsed tax-and-spend policies peddled by Cassius McKnight threaten all the progress we've made.


NARRATOR: Florian Wood – the Tax Cut Candidate. *rapidly* Paid for by Florian Wood for President.


Advertisement #6: "An End to Endless Wars"

Type: TV

Location: SC ($400,000)


((OOC: This ad is not as long as it looks – much of it is screen instructions))


*sad patriot music (military funeral-type)*


*footage of flag-draped coffins being unloaded from a military plane*


*Screen Text:*

6,863 U.S. Servicemen Killed

52,542 Wounded

$5.6 Trillion Paid by Taxpayers


NARRATOR: The true cost of America's longest war is felt everyday – by veteran families [panoramic footage of Arlington national cemetery], by the people of the region [aerial footage of devastated Middle Eastern city], by our allies [footage of Hamas rocket fire in Tel Aviv], and by American taxpayers [footage of crumbling American infrastructure - rusty bridge, potholed road, abandoned railroad tracks]


NARRATOR: And Cassius McKnight wants more without a plan?


*clip of ANC debate*


ANDERSON SCOOPER: How will you get Putin to agree to a democratic regime in Syria, and remove Assad?


McKNIGHT: I’m not in the business of revealing my hand.


NARRATOR: Only one candidate will put an end to the drama while standing up for our allies.


*music transitions to inspirational piano*


[Footage of Wood praying at the Western Wall, wearing a kippah]


[Footage from Wood campaign rally]


WOOD: Americans are tired of seeing their loved ones come home in flag-draped coffins from places they've never heard of! When I'm President, we'll put America First on the world stage. Let's quit nation-building abroad and start building this nation!


NARRATOR: An end to endless wars. Florian Wood for President.


Advertisement #7: "Health Care Economy"

Type: Radio

Location: SC ($200,000), NV ($200,000)


NARRATOR: Half of Americans get their health insurance from their employer, but Cassius McKnight wants to tax these plans to pay for his big government welfare programs, making it unaffordable for many employers to provide them. Many Americans risk paying more or losing their insurance as a result.


NARRATOR: Florian Wood has pledged to create an employer-based healthcare system to incentivize employers to expand health coverage benefits through new tax credits.


WOOD: Hi, I'm Florian Wood. I believe government should be expanding access to private health care, not socializing it. As President, I'll fight government confiscation of our health insurance system and expand incentives for employers to provide health care to all employees – from the CEO to the night janitor. I'll expand tax credits, break down state-line barriers to competition, and make sure every working American has a high-quality private health plan.


NARRATOR: Florian Wood – the Health Care Candidate. *rapidly* Paid for by Florian Wood for President.


Advertisement #8: "The Conservative Moment"

Type: TV

Location: SC ($400,00)


NARRATOR: Crumbling infrastructure [footage of crumbling American infrastructure - rusty bridge, potholed road, abandoned railroad tracks], militant leftists on the march [footage of riots in Portland], war on religious faith [photo of abandoned church], migrants at the borders [footage of migrant caravan], the Constitution under siege [photo of gun control bill labeled "Gun Control Act"]. This is America in 2020. Only a true conservative can take back our country.


[Footage of Luke Recks endorsement rally]


RECKS: From immigration, healthcare, the economy and beyond, Senator Wood is the standout leader America needs... the right candidate at the right time to keep us on the right track!


[Footage of Michael Madison endorsement rally]


MADISON: I believe Florian Wood to be the best man for the job... He’s a smart, capable defender of American values, and he’s a brilliant leader.


[Footage of Baresi endorsement rally]


BARESI: Florian Wood is a conservative who will fight for more border protection, defend our freedom of speech, defend the second amendment, and fight for American Values!


WOOD: I'm running a campaign based on four simple values: hard work, family, faith, and country. I'm a conservative endorsed by America First and the Christian Coalition. As President, I will fight for our Constitution, secure our borders, and rebuild this country's economy and infrastructure. I hope you'll join me.


NARRATOR: *rapidly* Paid for by Florian Wood for President.


Round budget

Edited by Ashcroft

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Stump Speech #8 (-12 AP)

Running Total AP: 14

Round: 3

Locations: San Diego, CA; Birmingham, AL; Boston, MA; Minneapolis, MN


Well hello, [LOCATION]! It's fantastic to be out here tonight speaking to all of you and to see so many people coming to support our campaign. We have been seeing bigger and bigger crowds since this campaign started, our movement is gaining momentum, we're seeing tremendous enthusiasm, and we are on a one-way highway to the Republican nomination! The polls look good, but make no mistake, there's a lot of work to be done, this primary is far from over, and we need all hands on deck for the only poll that really counts: election day!


Now, if you've looked at the news, you'll have heard that there is a massive migrant caravan headed north from Latin America with the goal of crossing into our country illegally, the largest one yet. We're hearing reports that there are up to 20,000 people planning on trying to make the crossing – 20,000, can you believe that folks? It is just the latest sign of what we've known for years – the abject failure of the Washington clique to solve one of the biggest issues of our time and protect American sovereignty from what is nothing short of an unarmed invasion. 


The issue of immigration is one that gets to the heart of what it means to be an American. We are a nation immigrants; it's a part of our national character that we can no more easily change that than we can fill in the Grand Canyon or tear down the Rockies. It has been a source of strife at times, but also strength. The story of this country since its founding has been nothing less than the struggle of many different people who come from different places, speak different languages, and pray to different Gods to come together and live not just side-by-side, but in harmony with one another. It's a goal we've not yet mastered as a nation, but one that we strive for each and every day. But we are also a nation of laws, and that is something we must never forget when forging our immigration policy. We are a country where all are equal before the law, where the rules are applied the same to everybody; that's the reason people are clamoring to come here in the first place, because we're a country where people are treated fairly.


Now, there was a time long ago – well, actually, just a few years ago – when border security was a bipartisan issue, when people on the left including Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer supported common-sense measures like the border wall. Heck, President Obama deported more illegal migrants than any president in history. So when the left tells us it's "racist" or "cruel" or, my favorite one, "too expensive" to enforce our border laws, you've got to ask, was Barack Obama a cruel, racist profligate? I have plenty of beef with the former President, but I don't think he's those things. What's more likely is they've realized the politics have changed and think they can win more votes by promoting this open borders pipe dream without care for the consequences for ordinary Americans.


The time has come for us to take our border seriously, and as President, bringing the rule of law to our southern will be priority number one. The first thing we need to do, folks, is finally build the wall. Now, one of the top criticisms of the wall is that it's too expensive and doesn't actually help anything. This is a total myth. The United States government has no shortage of spare change; we spend several million each year researching the performance of fish on treadmills, another few million on grants for romance novels, and God knows how much on Congressmen's healthcare. The list goes on – and we're meant to believe there's no money to spend on fulfilling our most basic duties of law enforcement, public safety, and national sovereignty? Give me a break.


Next, we need to look at how we can track down and deport those here with overstayed visas, and here technology can help us. I'm calling it the digital wall: we use technology to figure out who came here on a visa and needs to go home and then we send them home. Simple as that. We can also invest in state-of-the-art technology at the border, using satellite tracking and other measures to help out our beleaguered border agents and give them the helping hand they need to do their job.


We also need to take away the incentive for illegals to come to this country in the first place, and that means cracking down on businesses who are illegally hiring undocumented aliens through mandatory E-verify. It's very easy folks, whenever you're applying for a job, you can be sure your employer is running a background check on you to check things like your criminal record. If we add an easy way to check job applicants' immigration status, we can make sure that illegal immigrants aren't able to work in this country without imposing a hardship on businesses. We also need to end ridiculous policies like catch-and-release, shut down sanctuary cities, and ensure that nobody is interfering with ICE and other law enforcement agents while they're doing their job. That's right, Gavin Newsom, I'm looking at you!


Illegal immigration isn't the only part of our system that's broken, though. Our legal immigration system is in drastic need of an overhaul. Make no mistake, this is not an anti-immigrant movement, ladies and gentlemen. I bet almost all of you in the crowd today have an immigrant ancestor somewhere down the line; we are a nation of immigrants and this campaign strives to live up to that heritage. But the difference is, all of your ancestors, my ancestors, they all came to this country legally. They had to wait in line at Ellis Island or wherever it was, they had to go through the background checks, the medical checks, the paperwork – the whole enchilada. These people just hop over the fence and expect to be treated like Americans, expect to get social security and driver's licenses – Gavin Newsom, looking at you still. That's not what our country is about, and it is a betrayal of our immigrant legacy, a betrayal of legal immigrants in this country today. I do not have the conscience to look an immigrant in the eye and tell them, "You came here legally, you waited in line, you played by the rules, you followed our laws. But now we're just going to let someone who hopped a fence illegally skip to the front of the line." It goes against every moral bone in my body and against every notion of justice that our country stands for. We've had enough.


When I'm President, I will implement a total overhaul of our legal immigration system and transition to a points-based one that encourages those coming here to work and recruits from the top talent pool of the world to get the skills our economy needs and weeds out criminals, terrorists, and welfare queens. Immigration is fantastic, folks, it's great for the economy, it's essential for innovation, I don't need to tell you that. Many great Americans from our history books were immigrants – Carnegie, Einstein, the Terminator. It's got to be legal, though, and it's got to be an America-First immigration policy that isn't about charity or good vibes, but about what this country needs. With the right people in office, we can create a system that brings the next generation of Einsteins and Carnegies to our country and propels our country into the 21st century.


Ladies and gentlemen, the American people are ready to put a pro-border, America-First immigration candidate in the White House. Our movement is growing, it's strong, it's enthusiastic, and I hope I can count on you to join us. Thank you all, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America!

Edited by Ashcroft

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California Talking Points -1 AP

  • Sanctuary city laws here in California endanger law enforcement + citizens and allow criminals to go free unhindered. As President, I will make sure that all authorities comply with and enforce federal immigration law and prohibit Gavin Newsom liberals from getting in the way of border security, while reforming our immigration to a points system so we can take in the best, brightest, and hardest-working from all over the world.

North Carolina Talking Points -1 AP

  • The federal courts should be upholding and enforcing the Constitution, not peddling activism. As President, I will appoint judges to the federal bench and Supreme Court who will interpret our Constitution the way our Founders intended and uphold religious freedom, free speech, and the Second Amendment.

Tennessee Talking Points -1 AP

  • A ZIP code should never determine a child's future, which is why I am proud to sponsor the STUDENT and TEACHER Acts for school choice, providing federal funding mobility, tax deductions for teaching expenses, and pay awards for outstanding teachers who inspire their students to succeed. As President, I will make sure every child is taught by a top-notch teacher at a school that is right for their needs and dreams.

Texas Talking Points -1 AP

  • Gun rights are under threat and must be protected and streamlined. As President, I will sign into law a national concealed carry reciprocity bill to ensure gun licences are recognized across state lines, just like driver's licences.
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Surrogate Speech #1 (-2 AP)

Running Total AP: 8

Round: 3

Location: Lynchburg, VA




Senate Majority Leader Luke Recks (R-AZ)


Well, hello Virginia! It is an honor to be here with all of you to talk on behalf of a good friend of mine and the next President of the United States: Senator Florian Wood of South Carolina! Senator Wood is a great American patriot, a strong supporter of President Trump's agenda, and wholeheartedly committed to keeping American great! Because that is what this election is all about: whether we are going to continue to experience rapid booms in economic growth or regress back into a stagnant economy riddled by over-regulation and over-taxation.


Today, I'd like to talk about an issue that is extremely important to not only the American economy of today, but also the American economy of tomorrow. Of course, I am talking about education. Friends, we need to get smart about education in the 21st century. Our current system, heavy in bureaucracy, light on curriculum, is ineffective and bloated. This is not the failure of any one teacher - our educators are committed professionals. But it is a failure of the institutional framework within which we conduct education policy.


See, I believe nobody understands the needs of their children better than parents do. They want the best for their child, they want them to get a high-quality education. When it comes to giving parents the freedom to choose where to send their students, nobody is a stronger advocate than Florian Wood! The left loves to make this a partisan issue and accuse of being anti-public school. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, educational competition is the rising tide that lifts the boats of all students: public and charter, private and home-schooled.


That is why I am proud to have introduced the STUDENT and TEACHER Acts with Senator Wood - they would overhaul federal school funding to allow money to follow the student while encouraging high-performance within the classroom! When he is elected to serve all of America as our President, Florian Wood will continue to push for an education agenda that benefits all types of students. In a competitive global environment, we cannot afford to be international laggards in education. Only Senator Wood has the plan to propel our children to be the leaders of the future. 

Thank you, Virginia, for being here today, and I urge you to support Senator Wood in the upcoming primary! God bless you, and God bless the United States!

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Public Rally #2 (-4 AP)

Running Total AP: 4

Round: 3

Location: Orange County, CA




Senate Majority Leader Luke Recks (R-AZ)


Hello, California! It is great to be out here in a neighboring state, on the campaign trail for a man who I firmly believe has what it takes to serve as our next President of the United States: Senator Florian Wood! Friends, this election is an extremely important referendum on the past four years of Republican governance. We've passed historic tax cuts, we've gotten tough on border security, and we've made significant progress in the fight for our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights. But the Democrats, led by Martin Arroyo and Joe Dotson, Trent Haynes and John Schultz want to tear apart this pro-American legacy.


That is why we need to elect the candidate who will continue on the successes of President Trump. Specifically, we need a Republican President who will be serious about the border crisis we are experiencing as a nation, about the crisis California and Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are facing. Here in California, your state is losing $23 billion in education, welfare, law enforcement, and medical care costs just to illegal immigrants. Just imagine how much better those funds could be spent - better roads and better schools!


With the migrant caravans - funded by outside sources aimed at undermining American rule of law - attempt to enter this country illegally, President Trump has taken important action to urge Latin American nations to stop sending their poor up to our nation's border. Only Florian Wood has the commitment, and the ability, to build a full border wall and complete the job that Washington politicians have been unable to accomplish for far too long. Only Florian Wood will invest in a comprehensive digital wall (including e-Verify) in addition to the physical barrier. And Florian Wood will lead a nation-wide crackdown on the illegal-harboring sanctuary cities that make our citizens less safe.


When the far-left and the media yell at you, attack your character for supporting Senator Wood's tough stance on immigration, just remember the importance of locking your doors at night. You don't do it because you hate the people on the outside, you do it because you love the people on the inside and so that you can decide who you want to let in. Senator Wood loves America, and wants us to prosper and achieve new heights, unseen in human history. California, I'd love to see the state of Ronald Reagan turn out and support my friend, Senator Florian Wood, come primary day! Thank you and God bless America!




Senate Majority Whip Michael Madison (R-MO)


Hey, everyone! It is great to be out here today in the great state of California! Y’all get a bad rap a lot because of the Democrats in power, but I have to say one thing: there is no state like California! And while California is infamous for its liberal culture, look at all of you! We are here to celebrate America and keep her on the right track! That’s what I’m here to talk about today.


Without a doubt, America is the finest country in the world. We are the freest, greatest, strongest nation on Earth. We have a rich tradition of republican democracy with the notions of limited government and natural rights placed at center stage. However, these traditions are under attack, threatened by leftist Democratic candidates pushing for open borders and socialist ideas. Socialism used to be treated with the ire it deserves in America. Now, it is a badge of honor on the left! America is not a socialist gulag state, and we can’t allow the Democrats and their big-government agenda to bring us down that path.

And now, they’ve moved to championing radical open borders as well, another recent change on the left. They don’t care about the costs of illegal immigration, both monetary and human. Illegal immigrants have murdered American citizens, like the young girl in Iowa, Mollie Tibbets or the woman right here in California, Kate Steinle. Those ladies shouldn’t have died, but Democrats unwillingness to enforce our own laws let dangerous people in. They have repeatedly stood in the way of immigration reform because they don’t care about the crises at the border, the surge of migrants and children being brought there. The Democrats see free votes and political support, which I am sure you Californians know all too well. 


We can’t afford a Democratic Presidency of open borders and socialist policies, like the Green New Deal. Who is our best chance? Florian Wood is. He will secure our border and stand against the radical, socialist agenda of the new Left. I know Florian personally, and I can vouch for his sterling character and commitment to the rule of law and conservative principles. As Senate Majority Whip, as a conservative, as an American, he has my wholehearted support, and I hope to see your support for him in the primary and general elections.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming out today! God bless you, God bless California, and God bless America!




Senator Florian Wood (R-SC)


Good afternoon California! Wow, what a crowd! I can feel the excitement, I can smell the enthusiasm, I can almost grasp the change that's in the air here in the OC! A lot of folks told me that there's no point in visiting California, they're all a bunch of latte leftists, but I myself had a little hunch that not everyone in the State of Reagan had become Gavin Newsom liberals just quite yet! Turns out I was right.


Ladies and gentlemen, it's an honor to share the stage here with two big-time conservatives, men of principle who put the values that we share into practice everyday in the United States Senate and push for change in the right direction. Senator Recks in particular was instrumental in getting the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement negotiated by President Trump as a reformed successor to NAFTA on its way to ratification in the Senate. On issue after issue, conservatives are delivering – promises made, promises kept. But there is so much work to be done.


There's a lot of talk these days that the American Dream is dead, that our country's best days are behind it, and that this land of opportunity is no longer so. I say otherwise. Nothing about our country has fundamentally changed, we haven't lost the "secret sauce" that built the strongest, most prosperous country the world has ever seen. But we are at a crossroads as a nation, caught in the shifting winds of globalization, technology, and shifting world power, and we're struggling to find our place in this new world. That's what this election is about. Now, we as conservatives believe, fundamentally, in conservation – not in holding us back from going forward, but by going in the right direction. We know that policies come and go, but our principles last forever – that is why our movement is so enduring and has managed to answer the call of every generation of Americans since Abe Lincoln told us slavery's days were numbered. And that's precisely what I want to talk about today – principles.


The road ahead presents many new challenges, and we know that new problems require new solutions. What worked 20 years ago won't necessarily work today. But we also know that we must base those new solutions in the truths that we hold to be self-evident – that there's no other way to create wealth than by hard work and satisfying your customers; that you can't live beyond your means for long without falling into trouble; that everyone should be free to profess their faith and live the way they see right; that life is worth protecting and freedom worth cherishing; that the law must be applied to all without exception; that America is exceptional, every American is exceptional, and everyone in our land should go as far as their talents may take them. It is these principles of hard work, family, faith, and country that I am running my campaign on.


Despite a roaring economy, rising wages, and record employment, many Americans are uncertain about the future; they don't know if their job is going to be automated or outsourced, and if so, how they'll provide for their family. They know that if they lose their job, they might not be able to access healthcare. They have trouble getting to work because our infrastructure is in shambles. They want their children to be able to get a world-class education and fulfill their dreams, but can only afford to send them to their local public school. They get called bigots by Hollywood actors for living by the religious principles they espouse. Each of these problems requires conservative solutions, and that's why I'm running for President.


The changes to our economy from technology and automation are the biggest we've seen since the Industrial Revolution, only much faster. If we can harness these forces to the benefit of everyday people, not just multinationals and financiers, there is so much potential for our citizens to live in a level of wealth unprecedented in human history. Ten years ago, my home had Dial-Up internet; today, I can browse the web on my phone. But this leap also imposes dire challenges for our society to adapt. Automation is on the march, and unless Americans have the skills needed for the economy of tomorrow, many are going to be left out of this new prosperity. That is why I was proud to join Senate Majority Leader Recks to sponsor the TEACHER and STUDENT Acts – the first world in education reform and school choice – to ensure every single American can get a top-quality education and no child's future is determined by their ZIP code. 


Further, the time has come for us to rethink our Social Compact in this country to ensure we provide a durable safety net for Americans who are out of work or retiring. As things are, our entitlement programs are set to run totally dry in just a few years; millions of Americans will see their social security benefits simply stop coming unless we act now to save the system. Washington politicians have kicked the can down the road for decades, and now we are in crisis mode. Now, Senator McKnight clearly met with some political consultants a few days ago who told him he might be able to save his sinking campaign by changing his stance on raising the retirement age. He says he won't raise it, that's it's immoral, but how can anybody trust him? This is a guy who says whatever it takes to get votes – remember when he defended George Soros and called me anti-semitic, only to renounce him when he realized it would cost him votes?


My plan for entitlements, on the other hand, will ensure our programs remain solvent through consolidation and reform, combining duplicative elements, allowing for drug price negotiation, and raising the retirement age with a lag to make sure no seniors see their retirement planning derailed by failure in Washington.


Our economy, meanwhile, needs nothing short of a new Grand Bargain for the 21st century. We need to combine investment in infrastructure with deregulation, right-to-work, and making the Trump Tax Cuts permanent to ensure that our economic engine is firing on all cylinders. We need to repair our bridges, roads, dams, canals, airports, and highways that are literally taking the lives of Americans as they begin to collapse.


Ladies and gentlemen, this country has what it takes to rediscover the principles that made it great and put them into practice for 21st century solutions. Our campaign is ready to toss out the old, bring in the new, and take our country back! I hope you'll join us. God bless you, thank you so much, and God bless the United States of America!

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Public Rally #2 (-4 AP)

Running Total AP: 0

Round: 3

Location: Montgomery, AL




Senate Majority Leader Luke Reck (R-AZ)


Hello, Alabama! It is terrific to be down here in support of a great American patriot, a man who I am proud to call a friend and colleague, and who I look forward to calling Mr. President: Senator Florian Wood! This election is so important, just as important as the decision we made four years ago to back President Donald Trump in his bid for the White House. And boy, has he made a huge impact in Washington, in making America great again!


This is the legacy that Senator Wood hopes to build upon, and hopes to chart a new course forward for the benefit of the American people. Friends, make no mistake: the Democratic Party of Martin Arroyo will take us backwards as a nation. From tax hikes on the middle class to open border politics, Democrats will undo the great progress we've seen in the past four years.


That is why I'm so active in promoting a Republican candidate who I believe will lead us down a road of prosperity. So, it is fitting to talk about what kind of road Florian Wood will leads us down - and by that I mean our nation's crumbling infrastructure. We all have seen the news about Joliet, Illinois and the devastating bridge collapse on a federal interstate. We've all watched in horror as the dam broke outside of Hamilton, Montana. Friends, this could've be you or me, and our infrastructure is only getting worse.


The human cost and the economic cost of infrastructure failures must be put to an end. Instead of being reactive, we ought to be proactive and take the bull by the horns. Senator Wood has a comprehensive plan, he is committed to backing shovel-ready infrastructure projects that will lay the foundation for a sustained economic boom and major returns on investment.


When you  think of infrastructure, I challenge you to think beyond the roads that crisscross Alabama countrysides, to also consider the airways, the ports, the railroads, the waterways, the energy conductors, the various ways that the United States is connected to the rest of the world. Florian Wood is cognizant of the need to invest in all of these areas, and will pick up right where President Trump is leaving off.


I hope you can lend your support to my good friend, Senator Florian Wood for President! Thank you and may God bless America!




Senate Majority Whip Michael Madison (R-MO)


Hey, Alabama! It is great to be out here with you in such a wonderful state. Really, there is nothing quite like southern hospitality. Fantastic to be out here. If you don’t know who I am, I am Senator Michael Madison, a Republican from Missouri. While I may be a politician, I consider myself to be much like you guys. I believe in the American Dream, I believe in American exceptionalism, I believe that everyone has a chance in this nation, I believe the border should be secured, and I believe in liberty.

These are quintessential American values. They should be universal. Unfortunately, they are not. The Democratic Party has become increasingly radical. They’ve embraced open borders, socialist, decadent positions. The party of John F. Kennedy, the man who fought the socialist Soviets, has become the party of Bernie Sanders (and now it looks like Arroyo too). This is the party that will bring invasive government into our lives. Own a Christian business? Closed. Want to own land and build a house? Too bad, we want to build an habitat there, no matter its nonsensicality. This is a huge about-face for them. They aren’t liberal anymore; they are leftist.

The Democratic Party has become the party of persecuting Christians and hounding Americans in the name of “social justice”. They have become the party of letting everyone in the country as long as they vote blue. They have become the party of putting men in girls’ bathrooms and usurping states’ rights. The Democrats are energized. They hate President Trump. They are ready to put another one of their own in the White House, a new President to nominate judges that hate our Constitution, a new President that will expand government power, and a new President that satisfies all of their intersectional checkboxes.

Obviously, we need to defend against that, and we need to defend ourselves strongly. We need the most stalwart, capable defender in the field. I believe that to be Florian Wood. Senator Wood is a steadfast conservative, reliable in his defense of our Constitution and way of life. As Senate Majority Whip, as a conservative, as an American, he has my wholehearted support, and I hope to see your support for him in the primary and general elections.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming out today! God bless you, God bless Alabama, and God bless America!




Good afternoon everybody! Boy is it good to be down South with y'all today! And how about this crowd, huh? There's so much energy in Montgomery, so many solid conservatives out to support our principles, it's such an honor to have this kind of trust.


Speaking of solid conservatives, it's an honor to share the stage here with two big-timers, men of principle who put the values that we share into practice everyday in the United States Senate and push for change in the right direction. Senator Recks in particular was instrumental in getting the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement negotiated by President Trump as a reformed successor to NAFTA on its way to ratification in the Senate. On issue after issue, conservatives are delivering – promises made, promises kept. But there is so much work to be done.


America is, and always has been, a country of values and principles. We believe in the rule of law, but we also believe that our laws must reflect the underlying principle of freedom. Freedom is a fragile thing, and in America in 2020, it's facing an all-out assault from the political left. The most obvious example is the Second Amendment. The Founders put gun rights in our Constitution because they know that a citizenry that is able to protect itself is one step further from tyranny than one that is defenseless. Latte liberals in Los Angeles like to mock this idea – how, they ask, do gun-toting rednecks plan to take on the U.S. government? And I always laugh, because it just shows how little they understand our freedoms. The reason we cling to our guns, the reason I'm a gun owner and NRA member, is not so we can go all Waco on the ATF, but because we do not want to be dependent on the state for our own protection. We want to be able to defend our property and our loved ones without having to dial 911. Dependency is the basis of tyranny, and that is why we freedom-lovers believe in self-sufficiency.


As President, I am dedicated to protecting our Second Amendment and streamlining gun ownership. I have pledged a national concealed carry law to make sure gun permits are recognized across state lines and I've pledged to veto any unconstitutional gun control bills. I'm opposed to measures like "No fly, no buy" that would strip citizens of their rights without due process and oppose the creation of a national gun owner registry. Criminals don't register their guns, folks, and this kind of registry would only be used to persecute law-abiding gun owners.


Another key freedom that is under assault these days is religious freedom. There was a time, not long ago, when religious freedom was a bipartisan issue, when there were men and women of faith on both sides of the spectrum. Today, though, adhering to one's faith puts them in danger of being labeled a bigot by uppity San Franciscans whose only experience in a church was when they took selfies by the Vatican on their semester abroad. To so many in Middle America, however, religious faith is a way of life that guides us everyday. Our nation was founded on the idea of preserving religious freedom, and as President, I will live up to that legacy. I will appoint Constitutionalist judges to the bench who will uphold our First Amendment rights. I'll ensure that our laws never compel individuals to act against their faith. And I will make sure that we uphold and cherish the right to life.


As not just a Christian, but a human being, I am appalled that something as twisted as "post-natal abortion" – also known as infanticide – is being mainstreamed by a major political party in this country. You don't have to be pro-life to see just how sick this idea is – killing babies who've already been born. That is why I am dedicated to protecting the rights of the unborn through measures like the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. These two bills shouldn't be too controversial in a country where we've got our morals down, where we respect life and reject the killing of innocents. As President, I'll make it law.


Finally, ladies and gentlemen, we need to enforce the rule of law in this country and that starts with the border. Far from just building the wall, we need to defund sanctuary cities that flaunt federal law, end catch and release, mandate E-Verify, and give our border agents the cutting edge tools they need to do their job. We need to back the blue with harsher mandatory minimums for attacks on police and first responders. And we need to unequivocally reject the gateway legalization of the gateway drug, crack down on drug traffickers, get help for victims of addiction, and keep drugs off our streets.


We can do all this and more, but we need your help. Join our movement, stand up for our values, and let's save the American Dream. Thank you all, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America!

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Round Budget Here


Infrastructure spends:


  • Offices x1 ($100,000) - Birmingham
  • Staff x1 ($100,000)
  • GOTV x1 ($100,000) - Evangelicals


  • Offices x1 ($500,000) - San Diego
  • Staff x1 ($500,000)
  • GOTV x1 ($500,000) - Orange County/San Diego area


  • Offices x1 ($200,000) - Boston
  • Staff x1 ($200,000)
  • GOTV x1 ($200,000) - Western Massachusetts


  • Offices x1 ($200,000) - Nashville
  • Staff x1 ($200,000)
  • GOTV x1 ($200,000) - Rural voters


  • Offices x1 ($200,000) - Minneapolis
  • Staff x1 ($200,000)
  • GOTV x1 ($200,000) - blue collar Republicans


  • Offices x1 ($300,000) - Lynchburg
  • Staff x1 ($300,000)
  • GOTV x1 ($300,000) - Rural voters


  • Offices x1 ($50,000) - Montpelier
  • Staff x1 ($50,000)
  • GOTV x1 ($50,000) - Gun Owners, NRA Members
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Advertisement #9: "The Flip-Flop Candidate

Type: Radio

Location: MA ($400,000), AL ($200,000), VT ($100,000)


NARRATOR: Cassius McKnight says he's a man of principle. His record says otherwise.


NARRATOR: While Florian Wood has pledged comprehensive entitlement reform from the beginning, Cassius McKnight flip-flopped on raising the retirement age, calling policies he originally supported "immoral."


NARRATOR: Florian Wood has pledged to make the Trump Tax Cuts permanent to keep our economy roaring. Cassius McKnight claims he wants low taxes, but supports eliminating key deductions on health insurance, mortgages, and payroll.


NARRATOR: Florian Wood is endorsed by conservatives like Luke Recks, Mike Madison, America First, and the Christian Coalition. Cassius McKnight was endorsed by George Soros and defended the Clinton mega-donor, going so far as to call his fellow Republicans anti-semites. Then he flip-flopped, renouncing Soros but failing to apologize for his unwarranted attacks.


NARRATOR: Florian Wood is a man of principle and a respected conservative. Cassius McKnight says one thing, but does another. How can we trust he'll implement his pledges as President when they change with the weather?


NARRATOR: Cassius McKnight – the flip-flop candidate. *rapidly* Paid for by Florian Wood for President.

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