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Fundraisers of Harvey Newton (DFL-MN)

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Fundraiser #1 - 2019

Type: Email

Topic: Medical Marijuana

Location: Minnesota

Targets: Progressive Voters, Libertarian-leaning Voters, Youth Voters, Marijuana Activists


From: Senator Harvey Newton



Dear [NAME],


History is being made in the Congress with groundbreaking marijuana legislation being considered by the full chamber. The Medical Marijuana Research Barrier Removal Act is the first major piece of pro-marijuana legislation to reach the floor of the U.S. Senate in American history. The historic support for the legislation, including the likes of the Senate Majority Leader, is also a first in the U.S. Congress. This follows a historic unanimous vote in favor of the bill in the Senate HELP Committee, a feat that would have been scoffed at only a few years ago.


The bipartisan marijuana proposal will finally remove barriers placed by the federal government on research into the effects and benefits of medical marijuana. Under current law, marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 Drug which makes federal research into medical marijuana virtually impossible. Researchers are forced to wait years just to get marijuana samples to conduct extremely limited experimentation. Under the new law, researchers will have far greater access to marijuana samples while maintaining ethical standards for researchers.


I am personally proud to have championed this significant effort in the Congress. I believe wholeheartedly in the movement to legalize marijuana and remove the harmful stigmas that have hurt millions of Americans over the years. This legislation is a strong first step by the Congress in expanding research capabilities into the medical uses of marijuana. With your support and contributions, I will be able to continue to present tangible results for the legalization movement. The Congress is set to pass my marijuana research bill and there's no telling what we can accomplish next.



Senator Harvey Newton


Name: ____________

Donation Amount: [] $5 | [] $15 | [] $25 | [] $50 | [] $75 | [] $100 | Other Amount  $____


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