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Rutherford Kong Presidential Fundraising Committee

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AP start: 30


Bank Account: $0


Mailer Cost 2 AP


On the Front of the postcard: A Picture of out of work American steelworkers and coal miners with a sign saying need work beneath the picture are the words for too long this has been a sad reality that steelworkers and coal miners are displaced from work with no help or aide, but that can change under President Rutherford Kong. 


On the Back of the postcard: With Your help, President Kong will ensure that steelworkers and coal miners never have an issue taking care of themselves or their families by,

-  Expanding the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) to help out of work steel and coal miners to get an education and career change help

-  Give scholarships to steelworkers and coal miners who want to go into STEM majors  

-  Give out of work coal miners and steelworkers families a stipend of $250


With your donation of $1 $5 $10 $15 $50 $100 Other amount _____  we can help to get our out of steelworkers and coal miners back on their feet 


Mailer Cost 2 AP

On the Front of the postcard: A picture of students sitting in broken chairs and a teacher teaching from a tattered textbook beneath the picture are the words Our schools are crumbling and our teachers don't have enough supplies to adequately teach our students in this election we need a man who will fix the problems like Rutherford Kong.


On the Back of the postcard: Rutherford Kong has done more than just talk about our schools he has co-sponsored and sponsored legislation as well as being a former college professor himself. As President Rutherford Kong will do the following to improve our schools

- Increase money to Public Schools 

- Give Teachers stipends to purchase new textbooks, pencils, whiteboards, and other needed supplies

- Reduce Class Sizes


With your donation of $1 $5 $10 $15 $50 $100 Other amount _____ we can help to make our schools better than ever before to ensure each and every student gets a quality education.


Mailer Cost 2 AP


Dear Sir/Madame,


I'm sure you've never heard this before but this election is important, the difference between all the other times you've heard this and know is that this election is important. Under 4 years of President Trump, we have seen some of the greatest economic growth in modern history, but also we have become deeply polarized as a country and society and this can be seen clearly in Washington with politicians continually choosing to support party and PACs over the American people and this trend sadly doesn't look like it is going to end anytime soon unless we elect someone who can try to fix things. What we need is a man who has sponsored legislation alongside Democrats to tackle tough issues like to curb gun crime without infringing on your right to own a firearm, which protects the environment without hurting businesses, and bills which support our school system and that man is me Rutherford Kong which is why I am running for President. As a Senator, I have made strides to make deals with Democrats and Republicans to get pieces of legislation through because I believe the public need outweighs partisan hackery and special interest money and I plan to take that approach to the White House. Unfortunately not all in the race feel the same way, multiple Democrats have outright changed their minds on votes because their party told them too, or attacked Republicans for trying to be bipartisan while they themselves refuse to budge for fear of their special interest groups becoming upset. If Democrats win the White House in 2020 our country will only continue to be torn apart and soon any hope of getting things done in Washington for the people will vanish, but there is hope we can stop them, but I can't do it alone and need your help to either volunteer or to donate what by circling an amount at the bottom of this letter to help my campaign to become President for Americans and cooperation, not PACs and division. Thank you and God Bless.


circle a donation amount of $1 $5 $10 $15 $50 $100 Other amount _____


A Letter from Rutherford Kong Senator for Rhode Island and Republican Presidential Candidate 


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1: $300,000

2: $250,000

3: $250,000


A note: maybe think more about subjects that people in a GOP primary would really be won over by, a little bit of editing for flow would go a long way towards a mailer done as a letter.

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