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Cassius Mcknight (R-GA)

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Name: Cassius McKnight

State: Georgia

Party: Republican Party

Birthday: 08/16/1971


Education History:

Emory University: Political Science/Economic 1989-1993 

Columbia University-J.D. 1993-1996


Occupational History:

Civil Lawyer 1996-2000

U.S House of Representatives 2000-2010

U.S Senate 2010-present



Jarret McKnight-Father

Lillian McKnight-Mother

Carmen McKnight-Wife

Orion McKnight-Son

Laura McKnight-Daughter




Cassius Mcknight grew up in Savannah, Georgia, where he helped his parents run their local grocery store. From a young age, Cassius had a high acumen for business decisions along with political issues. . McKnight fell in love with interacting with Georgia's many citizens and listening to the issues that they deal with in their everyday lives,  he changed his major from Business Administration of Political Science with a minor in economics. After graduating from Emory , he then attended Columbia law school where we received his Juris degree. After law school, Cassius moved back to  Georgia where he married his high school sweetheart Ericka McKnight. Upon coming back to Georgia, he also worked at a local law firm as a civil lawyer tile he launched his first campaign for U.S Rep in 2000.


The 2000 election was a tough one for Cassius as he was relatively unknown, but an unexpected endorsement from Senator Paul D. Coverdell made all the difference. In 2010 Cassius Mcknight made the decision to run for Senate, where he ran heavily on jobs, infrastructure, social security/medicare reform and disaster reform.  Cassius describes himself as a new age Republican, where  believes that "government must help where it should, but it should never trample over the will and the liberty of the people

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6 minutes ago, Christopher Williams said:

I swear if this is another Black Republican! >:(



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