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House Rules

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Rules of the House of Representatives


  1. There shall be an elected Speaker and House Minority Leader. The House Majority Leader shall be an optional position that the Majority may elect. The parties shall elect players to these positions and they may sign in a House character.

  2. The Speaker and House Majority Leader may internally decide who has docketing power; the Speaker has the prerogative to set the docket but may defer to the House Majority Leader. The Minority is not entitled to any docketing in the House. There is no limit on how many items can be on the docket.

  3. The Speaker may conduct a 72 hour debate on any docketed bill and a 24 hour vote on any motion.

  4. Any House member can move to amend or table. No motion requires a second.

  5. The House Majority Leader (or Speaker) and House Minority Leader will set whip levels, ranging from 1-3 (1 being a free vote, 3 being the highest ranking vote requiring all party members to vote in accordance). The Administrator will simulate the Whip votes based on an appropriate tool, e.g, a weighted randomized formula or other appropriate tool. After a motion is made, the leaders have 24 hours to issue whip levels. However, motions cannot made after 48 hours in a debate has elapsed.

  6. All bills passed in the House goes to the Senate; if amended, it shall return to the House for a final up and down vote. Likewise, all bills amended in the House must go back to the Senate for a final vote. Any bill clearing both chambers will go to the President for his or her signature.

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