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Fundraising and Transfer Rules

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Fundraising and Transfer Rules

  1. You have 3 fundraisers per in game year per character. That means your primary one and your Senate election character, if you're a candidate. Executive branch players only have one (unless they’re running for Senator).

  2. You can run 3 fundraisers a year per character. They are strictly limited to SIG Appeals and you cannot do galas, mailers, book events, etc as a player. SIG appeals can be posted here and cannot be seen by other players (except the topic title, so if you don’t want people knowing what SIG you’re appealing to, be generic in the title). They should include

    SIG Appealed to:
    3+ Bullet Points of SIG:

  3. The Republican and Democratic National Committees may run 3 party fundraisers per IG year. They can be mailers or galas. Mailers and galas should have information on who they’re targeting, and in the case of galas, where they are, the menu, et al. Consider it a creativity exercise. Only the RNC and DNC chairs can post fundraisers.

    The major parties are limited to two galas; but are unlimited in mailers and SIG appeals, as long as it reaches a cap of 3 per IG year. You can do 3 SIG appeals, or two galas and one SIG appeal. Whatever works for you.

  4. The fundraisers are due at the end of each IG year. They’re listed in the main calendar. They’re due at 11:59 PM EST.

  5. The transfer rules are as stipulated

    1. You cannot transfer your funds to the major parties or to individuals if you are a declared Presidential candidate. The fundraising needed to compete in 50 states is significantly larger than the fundraising needed to compete in 1 and difficult enough to create a multiplier/divisor to appropriately downsize. Please note, you can transfer funds up to the moment you register for the Presidency, although your fundraisers will be scored as a regular player.

    2. You can transfer your funds to another player at a 50% penalty. The exception is if you’re transferring to your Senate candidate multi - you can do at 0% penalty.

    3. You can transfer your funds to the party at a 0% penalty.

    4. Your party can transfer funds to another player at 50% penalty. One way to avoid this is to run activities like GOTV and advertisements as the party. (Election rules will lay this out more simply). That’s not a loophole - it’s intended to encourage the party to take a stronger role in Senate elections and to make strategic choices about where to send money.

  6. Please maintain your fundraising totals in the Warchests and PACs section of the game.

  7. Background fundraising will be a factor only during active election season.


Advice and Guides


  1. Galas (for the parties) will raise the most, as they’re a group effort. SIG appeals come next, and mailers come last with background fundraising somehwhere between mailers and SIG appeals (based on how well your campaign is performing in polling, etc). I’m ranking them in order of effort. For mailers to match SIG, you would probably need to write a realistic looking letter that matches what the RNC and DNC sends out to their people that’s at least 3 pages of hyperbole. I’m probably capping Galas at $5 million and everything is on a sliding scale from there for the parties. Individual SIGs would probably be capped at $1.25 million for off season and $2.5 million for elections.

  2. Try to write good SIG appeals. Your donors don’t like people who write platitudes. They are not forking out cash to hear platitudes. They want to hear promises. Be clear, concise, and to the point. Make sure to differentiate yourself. Tell them why they should support YOU, and why YOU can get it done. 300-400 words per appeal is more than enough. If you can boil it down to 150, even better. I don’t want to hear a long spiel of sucking up. I want to hear a pitch and why you want their money and what you’ll do in return. I will tune out after the 600th word, so bear that in mind.

  3. I don’t want to hear boilerplate language. I want you to research and understand your Special Interest Group, what they want, and they will assess it from a feasible/commitment standpoint. The power of Google will enable you to research and understand many eighties special interest groups, so no excuse. For example, as RNC Chair, I delivered a speech on the NRA that was based on a 1983 Reagan speech to the NRA. (Side bar, that could have been easily a SIG).

    One thing special interest groups value - and this is underrated - is a politician who understands the issue they’re caring about and demonstrates more than boilerplate promises. Think: “I oppose Proposition 15 in California, which would have banned handguns,” as opposed to “I oppose bans on guns!” People understand when you’re BSing for money and when you’re knowledgeable enough to make specific pledges.

  4. Special Interest Groups don’t need to be just political issues. They are often and in fact, in the real world, are largely corporate based. Yes, Hilton Hotels, whoever is the major donor in your state or major corporation nationwide? These guys do count as a special interest group (and every last one of them has a PAC in Washington). In the real world, politicians have extensive relationships with the business community in their states, far more than the relationship with the NRA and NARAL.

    Plenty of times, this is because these businesses hire a ton of people in the politician’s district and home state. You don’t need to worry about if your corporation is in your district. It can be a home state or national corporation.

  5. Yes, you can link me to your base source material, for me to understand your research better. That’s always helpful. Also, I love good history reading, so there’s that.

  6. Galas should be splashy events. They can be full of platitudes but the Parties should be careful to reinforce what they’re doing for the donor group, what they’ve done and that it makes sense. If you appeal to the Chamber of Commerce right after raising their taxes, don’t expect a warm reception. (Did I mention timing matters?) The more people that come to your galas, the better. Donors like seeing senators, congressmen, whoever appear.

  7. Mailers in the eighties were either postcards or long letters. I’ve gotten letters from Reince Priebus in the RNC and they’re usually pitches that appeal to the most extreme parts of your mind.

  8. Fundraisers are going to be significantly underpowered than Election Season fundraisers (except party fundraisers). This is for a couple of reasons. Party fundraisers will reward Chairs who are active and who prepare for the election year. But individual fundraisers being underpowered also recognizes the fact a lot of people don’t fundraise unless they’re candidates and raise money closer to election year. It is likely that your fundraisers as a Senate candidate will be significantly more powered.

  9. This is an advisory, not a rule. If you post your fundraisers with 24 hours left in a election period, don’t rely on your fundraiser being graded. Maybe it will be. Maybe not. So, try for 48 hours.

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