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Christopher A. Reed for Florida

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Announcement Speech of Christopher Reed


“Good afternoon all.

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the United States Senate in Florida, to succeed Senator Lawton Chiles. The Republican Party of Florida has been growing in recent years, thanks to the leadership of President Ronald Reagan and I am pleased to say that the conservative movement has done very well in the Sunshine State.

I am campaigning to continue conservative leadership for the State of Florida. The Sunshine State needs responsible fiscal and moral leadership that will guide it into the 1990s.

I will vote for pro-life constructionist judges that will interpret the rule of law as it was intended, not as what activist judges believe it to be. I will vote for tax cuts that protect our hard earned money and protect Florida’s economy. And I will campaign for tough on crime measures in the Senate to protect our communities from the rising homicide rate and crime rates.

We must also have welfare reform and we must stand up for slowly cutting spending so that our budget can be balanced again. Deficits are bad for the economy and we must not leave an increasing interest rate debt that must be paid for by our children and grandchildren.

In the Cold War, we must stand against the Soviet Union and their evil ways. I will stand with the next President to stop the Communist menace and to force Premier Gorbachev to reform or face consequences. The United States must actively fight on an ideological scale the Communist menace.

Thank you and God bless!”

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