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Press Office of Baudin for Connecticut

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My fellow Nutmeggers,


How great a time it is to be alive. That always seems to be the case here in Connecticut, but even we have been affected in recent years by the harmful policies of President Reagan and our current incumbent in the United States Senate. The economy is in a downturn, Communism is still prevalent, and I am sick and tired of seeing nothing change from the President and his defenders.


This race is important not just because of any one event, but due to a culmination of circumstances and catastrophes that sooner or later, will be the feather that breaks the camel’s back.


I’m a business owner, and at one point or another you’ve probably came in and had a drink with me in New Haven. For those of you who haven’t, come on down. Talking to people is what I do, and it’s what I’m good at. I’ve been hearing your concerns for awhile now, and I think I have made great progress in Hartford. Unfortunately, our concerns do not stop in Hartford, they go all the way down to Washington. Many of you have trusted me to help you back in Hartford. Let me help you now, down in Washington.


I look forward to seeing you all soon, as we advocate for a new Covenant for Connecticut.


-Antonin Baudin


Our Economy Should Skyrocket, Not Trickle Down


For the past seven years, ‘Trickle Down’ economics has taken more and more money out of the hands of the people and into the hands of the top one percent. More and more people have less and less money and our economy is starting to buck the strain that comes from a lack of wealth in the middle class. Our money should be based in the middle and lower class where it can skyrocket up to benefit all Americans.


Minimum Wage: A fair minimum wage that is directly increased according to the rate of inflation, starting at a raise to 4 dollars an hour.


Attracting Investment: Increase Foreign Direct Investment into Connecticut utilizing our strategic prominence as a gateway between New York City, and the rest of New England.


Supporting Unions: The economy is all about balance and so is the workplace. Unions need to be supported to the fullest extent in order to protect themselves and their rights in the workplace.


Creating Jobs Through Public Works: An infrastructure program that sets aside funds and grants for statewide projects will utilize Connecticut workers by giving them work that helps them, and Connecticut at-large.


Our Communities Should Come Together, Not Separate


As a business owner, talking to customers is one of the best parts of the job. Over the past decade, I have witnessed how people have become more and more isolated from local businesses and locales in favor of larger and impersonal corporates. We need to balance out the market to give small business a chance to thrive in our local communities and increase revenue on the local level.


Small Business Tax Cut: Offer a two-year tax cut to new small businesses and startups to allow them a chance to compete on a competitive level.  


Local Capital Projects: Ensure grants and funding for local projects that help foster community such as downtown cleanup and infrastructure improvements in local communities.


Rural Roads: Revitalize federal highways and roads in order to better connect rural communities with major urban centers such as Hartford and New Haven.


Support Local Industries: Support local industries and ensure their success on the competitive market by passing stimulus legislation that will protect goods and bolster the industry on the national scale.


Our Healthcare Should Be Accessible To All, Not Just A Few


The cost of healthcare is rising, and many in Connecticut are reluctant to get medical check-ups or even seek medical attention when needed do to a trend of rising costs that began under the Trickle Down Administration. Prices should be affordable for everyone notjust a few, regardless of their background in life.

Lower Healthcare Costs: Lower the cost of Healthcare through government subsidies that allow costs to meet the standard need ofmiddle class Americans.


Lower Prescriptions Prices: Work with pharmaceutical companies to lower prescription prices and encourage import of Canadian prescriptions to drive down cost and increase competition in the market.


Expand Care: Ensure that Americans are covered and initiate a transition from a reactive-based healthcare system to a preventative based healthcare system by encouraging preventative coverage expansion for Connecticut.


Patient’s Bill of Rights: Fight for a bill of rights for patients to better inform them of otherwise complicated procedures and assist them in complicated paperwork and medical forms by ensuring all patients receiving medical care from a medical institution are explained their rights and have available an informational resource on procedures and practices.


Our Education Should Be Enhanced, Not Forgotten


There was once a time when our education system was revered, and our government put the right amount of funding into it. Republicans and the White House have been making it harder and harder for the Department of Education to have oversight on state education just because it was created in the Carter Administration. Education used to not be a political issue, and we need to start remembering it deserves to be improved and advanced, never stagnant in the wake of political machinations.


Oversight: Create broad national standards that allow states to meet a certain level of excellence while still offering a curriculum unique to the State of Connecticut and its rich culture.


Language Enhancement: Encourage Foreign Language Training in High Schools to better prepare and send elite students on to the international stage with our business partners in democratic countries.


English Proficiency Training: Create and foster English proficiency among legal immigrants by establishing federal English learning resources.


Our Democracy Should Contain Communism, Not Allow It To Fester


Since 1945, our Country has taken a hard stance against Communism and the evils it brings in to society. President Reagan has had series after series of Foreign Policy mishaps, making the same mistakes that he critiqued President Carter for. Instead of criticism with no solutions, we need to strengthen our democracy and actively ensure Communism does not spread to areas of focal United States Interest. I vow now to be the watchdog Washington needs and ensure that our next President does put ideals over American interest.

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