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Press Office of Maddox for U.S. Senate (D-MS)

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Platform of Judson Maddox for the U.S. Senate

“Fighting To Be Your Voice”


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As Senator, I will vote and introduce legislation to accomplish:

*Tax cuts for middle-class Americans.

*Fight to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit.

*Reduce taxes on businesses to ensure that we create a culture that fosters growth and makes doing business in America sustainable for organizations, keeping jobs in our nation.

*Fight to ensure any trade deals passes the test of protecting workers and keeping jobs in our nation.

*Reduce the Corporate Income Tax Rate.

*Increase measures to ensure that small businesses are thriving and more Americans are able to become their own boss.

*Fight to ensure that regulations are not imposed that would harm growth or prosperity.

*Invest in technology and infrastructure.

*Ensure that we pay as we go and work to reverse course on our deficit.

*Work to stand up for the American worker, by supporting unions.



As your Senator, I will:

*Protect Social Security and Medicare from efforts to cut benefits and funding.

*Keep prescription costs low for Americans.

*Extend medical coverage to veterans through the VA Department.

*Invest in rural hospitals to get them necessary standards and technology.



As your Senator, I will:

*Fight to ensure that all children receive a quality education.

*Maintain and expand Pell Grants.

*Increase teacher’s pay and provide tax credits for teachers to get quality resources.

*Fight for prayer in schools.



As your Senator, I will: 

*Fight attempts by the FDA to restrict the use of antibiotics in livestock.

*Repeal the Death Tax.

*Invest in research into agricultural technology.

*Create tax credits to help farming communities maintain their way of life.

*Provide tuition assistance for prospective students interested in agricultural-related degrees.


Our Morals:

As your Senator, I will:

*Fight to protect your second amendment rights. I am a strong supporter of the second amendment and will ensure it is protected from assaults on our rights to bear arms.

*I will work to help pass legislation like the Defense of Marriage Act.

*Propose federal legislation banning the usage of federal funding for all forms of abortion and ban usage of federal funding for abortions conducted overseas.

*Support a Flag Desecration Amendment.

*Work to restore communities and fight for a family-first mentality - ensuring our youth are given strong role models to grow up with.


Our Safety:

As your Senator, I will:

*Fight to increase the police we have on our streets, to ensure that we stay tough on crime.

*I will make sure that we fight against the drug epidemic by imposing penalties on those who engage in these activities. 

*Establish harsher sentencing laws for drug dealers.

*I am a supporter of the death penalty.


Reform in Government:

As Senator, I will vote and introduce legislation to:

*Restore the trust of the people in their government and elected officials by investigating corruption.

*Fight for campaign finance reform.


*Ensure that answers are given in committees, hearings are productive and transparency is focused on.

*Pass a balanced budget amendment.


Civil Rights:

As your Senator, I will:

*Protect and expand existing civil rights protections for minority communities.

*Hold government accountable for its role in protecting all Americans, regardless of race or background.

*Extend civil rights protections to disabled Americans and promote accessibility.

*Ensure that women are paid equally for equal work, as the law requires.

*Combat workplace harassment by implementing stronger standards. 



As your Senator, I will:

*Empower the newly-created Department of Veterans Affairs.

*Create tax credits for veterans interested in establishing new businesses.

*Extend healthcare opportunities for veterans.


International Relations:

As your Senator, I will:

*Continue to advocate for the curbing of the spread of Communism.

*Support Eastern Europe and their efforts to split from the Soviet Union.

*Strengthen NATO and its military capabilities.

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PR #1 - Maddox Addresses Democratic National Convention


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Pittsburgh - Mississippi Congressman Judson Maddox (D-MS-01) addressed the Democratic National Convention in Pittsburgh. Congressman Maddox expressed his endorsement of fellow congressman John White before using the rest of his time to advocate for veteran issues. Reviews of the speech indicated that it was both effective in highlighting why John White is the stronger candidate for leadership on veteran issues and for its change in pace in highlighting the need to address crucial issues facing veterans regardless of party. His full address can be read below:



Good evening Pittsburgh! It’s an honor to be here tonight speaking before a convention of fellow patriots with a love for this magnificent country! I am pleased to be here tonight in support of this country’s next commander-in-chief, John White!


While folks from the great state of Mississippi may know who I am, for those that don’t, my name is Judson Maddox and I am a congressman running for the U.S. Senate. While my time in Congress has been dedicated to fighting for the people of Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District, the title that I find to be infinitely more important to who I am as a man is a proud veteran! I may win my election to the U.S. Senate this November or I may come up short but my time serving this country in our armed forces made me the man I am today and nothing can take that away from me! I know that when I reach the pearly gates, superficial titles mean nothing to our creator compared to what we did on this Earth with the time we had!


The cause of veteran advocacy is one that I believe is paramount in importance. The bipartisan passage of the Veterans Affairs Department Act was something that all Americans should be proud of but now is not the time to rinse our hands off and place the issue at the back-burner of American discourse! Current estimates indicate that 230,000 to 750,000 veterans are currently homeless in this country. Reports show that almost one-third of homeless veterans suffer from substance abuse problems and another third suffer from mental and physical disabilities. Income inequality continues to place low-income veterans at the back of the line for quality care. Benefits continue to not reach the veterans in the most desperate need!


Ladies and gentlemen, the state of our veteran population is a travesty. These individuals were beckoned by the call to service and have returned home to a nation that has failed in its desire to honor these individuals for the sacrifices they’ve made for this country. I will not sugarcoat the fact that we have a moral obligation to guarantee that those that have given their all are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve! The preservation of human dignity is on the line!


John White is the candidate I trust to put our veterans first. Congressman White will oppose efforts to cut the VA budget in this crucial period! Congressman White will work with the congress to create new employment and education opportunities for veterans while also working to help veteran-run business start-ups receive the assistance they need to get off the ground! Congressman White will work to identify how efforts to address veteran homelessness in cities like New York City have been effective and how such practices can be implemented into the VA!


Veterans deserve a commander-in-chief who fights for them in foreign lands, but also fights for them on the streets of Chicago and Los Angeles! John White is the candidate ready to fight for veterans across this country get the treatment they deserve. The call to serve in our armed forces ought to be rewarded with gratitude, not poverty! Let’s elect John White this November!


Thanks y’all and may God bless you all!


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