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Press Office of Jack Edwards (R-MT)

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A foreword

Hello there, thank you for taking the time to read my platform. As you know, I am running to be your next United States Senator and to ensure that the interests of hard-working Montanans, like yourself, are properly represented over on Capitol Hill. For too long have the people of Montana been forgotten about over on the Capitol as policy after policy is passed but does not help families or individuals here. As your next Senator, I pledge to represent the interests of all Montanans over on the Capitol and hold the United States Congress and the President of the United States to account if they can not guarantee to help Montana and its citizens.


I will be running for the United States Senate on some key policy areas which I will lay out to you below. These policies are designed and will be pursued to ensure that Montana is put at the forefront of national politics and policy.



Tax Reform

As a born and bred citizen of Montana, we know only too well that the burden of high taxes and regressive policies from Washington D.C. and the IRS have a negative effect on our state. With a tax code currently larger than the Bible and endless bureaucracy that comes with it, it makes sense to go to the United States Senate with a policy position of cutting taxes and allowing Montanans to keep more of their hard earned paychecks. The people of Montana have not seen a state-wide tax cut in over 100 years. We need to foster an environment where taxes can be cut. As your Senator, I will:

  • Suport legislation which will cut the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to make it easier for hard-working Montanans to invest their pay-checks without penalty.
  • Support legislation which cuts income taxes for the people of Montana and to foster a pro-growth environment.
  • Support legislation that responsibly phases out the estate and death taxes.
  • Support legislation which lowers corporate tax for Montana businesses.
  • Support legislation which makes it easier for Montanans and Americans in general to file their taxes and slim down the bureaucracy.
  • Support legislation which makes it easier for small businesses to operate and turn a profit

Restoring Accountability to D.C.

The current situation in D.C. stinks. Right across this country and not only in Montana, people are suffering because of the lack of accountability in Washington. We need to fix this problem quickly and re-direct Washingtons interest to states across this country that need it, most of all Montana. The people of Montana have been hit hard by the Washington dysfunction. As your Senator, I will:

  • Support legislation which looks at tougher restrictions on lobbyists.
  • Support legislation which mandates assessment of government waste and requires action to end the waste.
  • Support legislation which requires the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to review each Federal Department after a certain amount of years.
  • Support legislation to repeal too big to fail and end tax-payer funded bailouts.

Cutting Regulations

No other state knows the impact of over-reaching federal regulations than the show-me state. The consequences of over-bearing and unnecessary federal regulation hurt the economy of Montana and cost people their jobs and livlihoods. This is not acceptable. As your Senator, I will:

  • Support legislation which authorizes a review of each Federal Regulation which is currently harming our economy.
  • Support a 2 out-1 in rule for any new Federal Regulations.
  • Support legislation which mandates a Congressional vote on regulations that do a certain amount of harm to our economy.
  • Support legislation which mandates the Government Accountability Office to conduct statutory reviews of Federal Rules which are proven to hurt jobs.


There is no doubt that our state is one of the most prominent in the nation when it comes to farming. Sadly however an absence of proper agricultural policy which has, over the years, been the backbone of many farms right here in Montana. We can no longer allow this to happen. As your Senator, I will:

  • Support legislation which will ensure that the American food supply is safe and abundant.
  • Support legislation which will invest more into rural communities, including farms.
  • Support legislation to increase subsidies for farmers who have been plagued by low prices thanks to an ever-changing market.
  • Support legislation which protects the crop insurance.
  • Support legislation which creates a safety-net for farmers by funding trade promotion and market development strategies.
  • Support legislation which promotes agricultural education to ensure farmers for the future.


As the debate on healthcare across the nation is heating up, there is no more important time than now to elect a Republican to Congress to restore sanity to the American Healthcare system. As your Senator, I will:

  • Reject any notion of a federal takeover of healthcare.
  • Reject proposals which call for a single-payer or public option system.
  • Support legislation which reduces the costs of prescription drugs for seniors.
  • Support legislation which allows insurance companies to compete across state lines to drive down costs.
  • Support legislation which reforms the medical liability procedures in the United States and cap lawsuits at $200,000.


Reform needs to come to education to ensure that the children of the United States and right here in Montana are capable to grow up and lead. We must now support policies which promotes the aspect of local-based learning. It is time that the tentacles of the Washington Bureaucrats are cut when it comes to education policy across the United States. The current standard is that no child should be allowed to be create or intuitive. This is wrong and we must put a stop to it. As your Senator, I will:

  • Support policies which place the control of education in the hands of parents and local school districts.
  • Support legislation which promotes learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math then hand the power to local school boards.
  • Support policies which rein in the power of Washington bureaucrats.
  • Make college more affordable by allowing a credit for some higher-education expenses.

Defense & Foreign Policy

As a former Commander in the United States Navy, I know only too well the importance of a well oiled, funded and efficient military. Throughout my service to the United States, I never stopped believing in the importance of a strong national defense. I also hold a special place in my heart for veterans, as I am one myself. With free trade comes fair trade, we must ensure that we protect Montanan jobs as we gallivant and approve free trade initiatives. As your Senator, I will:

  • Oppose any targeted cuts in defense which could jeopardize the security of the United States.
  • Support legislation which enhances the scope of veterans care.
  • Support legislation which increases the funding for veterans hospitals.
  • Support legislation which increases the chances for veterans to go from war to work; support their reintegration.
  • Support military actions where appropriate to fight terror and keep hostiles at bay.
  • Critically analyze any and all free trade agreement before coming to a final conclusion on my voting intention.


The provisions and scope of the Environmental Protection Agency have harmed businesses across Montana. As your Senator, I will:

  • Rein in the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Support legislation which authorizes the Keystone XL Pipeline.
  • Support legislation which increases production of natural resources in Montana where available.



Thank you for your time in reading my plans as your next United States Senator. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

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