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Press Office of Mickey Kaline (Florida Senate Candidate

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Miami Florida-

Today in front of the Freedom Tower in Miami Congressman Mickey Kaline announced his candidacy for Senator of Florida the transcript of his announcemnt is below.


Today I begin my journey to serve this state from the steps of the Freedom Tower. This tower served as a beacon for refugees from Cuba fleeing Fidel Castro. This building helped process, document and provide medical service to all who came in search of freedom in search of the American Dream. I stand here before you today because the dream they sought is now under duress. That our guardians in government have failed their duties to the people of this great state and nation.  From seniors to students, from farmers to factory workers, from the beaches to the Everglades, Florida has it all. As diverse as the people of this great state are the issues which face us are even more divers.


And for eight long years we have lived under an administration which has turned a blind eye to the problems which face our state. Agriculture is the second largest industry in this state as Farmers are at the heart of our State. In the past few years, one third of all farms were at risk of being foreclosed and Republicans vetoed a bill that would have saved millions of farmers from foreclosure, and then had the audacity to joke that we should “keep the grain and export the farmers.” Farmers have been left behind by this administration. Instead of protecting the working American. This Republicans have cut taxes for the rich and ballooned our nations deficit and debt. To pay for a giveaway to the rich Republicans stole hundreds of billions of dollars from the Social Security trust fund to pay for these tax cuts. Today I announce my candidacy for Senate to put an end to these reckless policies. 


I am running because the people of Florida deserve a Senator who will stand up for them. Who will fight to protect Social Security, who will cut taxes for the Middle Class, balance the budget, and fight to ensure that our Farmers are put front and center. Working Americans are the heart of this nation and the heart of the American Dream. It is time to ensure that everyone who works for this Dream can make it a reality. This dream has always been a challenge, but when our Government turns a blind eye to the immigrants, the family farms, and the working class we lose what makes America Great. I am running to protect the American Dream.

Thank You all and God Bless America



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Platform Kaline for Senate


Protecting Florida’s Natural Treasures-  
•    Florida is home to some of our country’s greatest treasures. If elected I will fight to restore the Everglades and protect our states national treasures. We must fight for environmental protection to ensure the health of our beaches and our national parks which make Florida such a special state. I will fight for greater environmental protection and funding for Florida’s national parks to protect our biodiversity and tourism. 
Saving Social Security 
•    When the Social Security act was passed, we promised our seniors that growing old would not mean growing poor. Florida is home to millions of seniors who depend on social security. We must protect social security from Republican attempts to cut benefits and funding as they loot the trust fund to pay for tax giveaways to the rich. Social security should not be used to pay for corporate tax breaks.  

Immigration – 
•    Florida has a proud history of immigration and we pride our self on this tradition. We must protect the rights of refugees and the millions of Latinos escaping persecution and must ensure that those fleeing communism in Cuba can find refuge in the United States. We must continue to strengthen our border to prevent drugs from coming into our nation, but we should reform our immigration system to facilitate asylum for those fleeing the drug war. 
Middle Class Tax Cut – 
•    The Middle Class is the backbone of our economy and the American Dream. Republicans have forced the Middle Class to bear the burden of their tax giveaway to corporations. It is time to ensure that the upper class pays their fair share and that we give tax relief to the middle class not the millionaires. 
Cut the Deficit – 
•    Our nation’s debt and deficit have grown out of control as the Republicans have recklessly cut taxes and will pass on a debt for our children to pay off. I will work to reform the tax code to bring in more revenue by closing loopholes and will cut wasteful programs to balance our budget. 


Fighting for Human Rights – 
•    We must stand up to the atrocious violations of human right across the globe. As the leaders of the free world we must stand up the violent dictators such as Fidel Castro and promote change via sanctions and end our reckless support of autocrats such as the Contras that we have seen under this administration 
Education – 
•    Education is the foundation of the American dream and as Senator I will give our children the best education in the world. We must make college affordable for all by expanding Pell grants revising our student loans programs. We must provide more incentives to become teachers and provide more funding to urban schools to close the gap between suburban and urban schools. We must finally ensure that our schools are equal for all Americans. 


Protecting Family Farms – 
•    Family farms are at the heart of the agriculture industry and our nation. Our government has turned a blind eye to their plight of farmers. When 1/3 of American farmers faced foreclosure President Reagan vetoed a bill that would help thousands of farmers save their farms. In the Senate, I will fight to increase subsidies to family farms and ensure that we expand trade with new markets so that our farmers are able to reach global markets. In the Senate I will be an extra hand for farmers who need it. 

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Guest Storm

@Michael please post your campaign material  in the appropriate space. If I have to go looking for your material again, I will penalize you.

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