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Press Office of Benjamin Clay (MT-Senate Candidate)

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Clay Announces Senate Bid


"Today, I am here to take a step forward, to bring my fight for Montana's working families to the United State's Senate. I have served in the House of Representatives for the last 8 years, and I know that I have done as much as I can to help my state as one of 435. I ask you now for the opportunity to become 1 of 100, so that I can continue to fight for the things that we as Montanan's believe in. I will fight to lower taxes on the middle class, and to make farm subsidies more equal. I will fight to improve the education of Montana's children, and to get every man, woman and child in this state the health care coverage that they need. I will fight for Montana values, of hard work and resilience. I will work hard in this campaign, to make sure that I meet with as many of you as I can, and I promise right now, that if I am given the opportunity, I will work just as hard while serving as your next United States Senator. Thank you so much, and lets win in November!

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Clay for Montana: Senate Platform Release

Missoula- Senate Candidate, and current Representative Benjamin Clay has released his platform that he will be running on in this election. It shows a true dedication to the issues that Montanans care about most, focusing on issues related to healthcare, the economy, and farm issues. Following this release, Rep. Clay will get back on the campaign trail, and continue to share his positive message for Montana's future. 




·        I will increase the amount of people who receive federal coverage under Medicaid. By increasing it to 150% of the poverty line, thousands of Montanans can receive medical insurance

·        I will support allowing the negotiation of prescription drug prices under Medicare and Medicaid, which will very likely lower costs for those on private insurance plans

·        I will oppose single-payer solutions, and always fight to maintain public and private insurance

·        I will invest more public money in studying dementia and Alzheimer’s, to try and find a cure

·        There are millions of American children who don’t have healthcare coverage. As Montana’s Senator, I will fight to protect these children and their parents from high medical bills and bankruptcy

Social Security

·        I support increasing the FICA tax cap, so that those with 200,000 dollar incomes don’t get to pay 100,000 dollar incomes worth of taxes

·        I will never accept a reduction in benefits to Social Security, but I will also work hard to make sure that the Social Security Trust Fund is fully funded for years

Rural/Agriculture Issues

·        I support making farm subsidies more equal, and focusing on helping small family farms, not large agricultural companies

·        I’d like to expand the crop insurance provided to Montana Farmers. As your Senator, I will bring home more protections for our farmers

·        There has been a disturbing increase in farmer suicides in Montana recently. As your Senator, I will make sure that those going through difficult financial situations have the access to counseling they need

·        Farm values have increased at a much slower rate than those in other states. If elected, I will work to increase the value of Montanan farms. I will do this by increasing federal investment in the farms and ranches in our state, which will in turn drive up the prices upon sale

National Security and Trade

·        I believe that America must continue investing in it’s military, to counter the Soviet threat

·        America must protect strength abroad, but we must also use our smart power, through diplomacy

·        Trade agreements are very important in providing access to foreign markets for Montana’s farmers. As a member of the Senate, I will make sure that every trade agreement I ok works for Montana’s citizens and economy

·        I believe that foreign aid is one of the greatest preventative measures this country can take against potential terrorist threats. As a Senator, I will make sure our dollars are spent effectively overseas

·        I will work to avoid government waste in the Defense sector, and protect the taxpayers from greedy contracts and corruption

Veteran Affairs

·        I will work hard to bring another VA hospital to Montana, so that more veterans have easy access to care

·        I will work to increase the availability of counseling and other psychological help to all veterans who need it

·        I will make sure that no veteran who has served this country every will go without a meal, or a home. I support programs that would act as a GI bill for the veteran who chooses to go into the workforce instead of higher education




·        I support expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit

·        I want to raise the minimum wage to 5.00 an hour, and have it indexed to inflation from now on

·        I support lowering the corporate tax rate, to keep the American economy competitive

·        I want to make permanent the tax credits that promote innovation, like the research and development credit

·        We should not be subsidizing the corporations who move their jobs to other countries

·        I want to lower taxes on the middle class, so that American workers can bring home more of their money, and invest and spend it in the U.S. economy



·        I will work to decrease class sizes, and make sure that children receive a quality education

·        I will support efforts to raise teacher pay, and protect their right to collective bargaining

·        I support voucher programs that would allow lower income students the opportunity to go to private schools

·        I support efforts to increase use of technology in the classroom, and would support the Computer literacy Act in the Senate

Social Issues

·        I am pro-life, with exceptions in case of rape or incest

·        I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman

·        I support the right of children to pray in school

·        I am opposed to flag burning, and would support an anti-flag burning amendment

·        I support woman’s rights to equal pay for equal work

·        I believe that their should be access to 8 weeks of paid maternal leave, and 4 weeks of paid paternal leave




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