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Press Office of Saroyan for President

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A Blueprint for Century's Close





Democracy is a Human Right


  • The continued prominence of oppressive far-left political regimes and increasingly extremist cult of personality dictatorships throughout the Third World, spanning multiple continents, cannot be allowed to continue unabated. Anywhere across the globe where there's’ worthy resistance and freedom fighters calling for the assistance of the Greatest Nation on this Blue Earth, we should heed these calls with the memories of the sacrifices of past generations of Americans in our heart. From our friends in South and Central America still trying to escape a creeping red menace, to our friends in the middle east and North Africa who want nothing more than to maintain their own sovereignty against foreign invaders from the outside and religious zealots from within, to our friends in Southeast Asia and Africa being subjected to tyrannical rulers with nothing short of oppression and genocide on their mind, the time has come for the United States to lead by example and never lend less than a willing ear to those who seek liberty in full view of the abyss.
  • The age of protectionism is over. If we are to foster freer people from across the globe, as we have seen with the monumental changes since we reopened relations with China a decade and a half ago, there is no method more useful or successful than open trade with any nation willing to meet us halfway. New markets for American goods from automobiles to agricultural products to microchip technologies would not only be a major boon for our own economy sagging under the weight of too much internal speculation and too many foreign markets who would clamor for a Made in the USA sticker but have had no choice but to settle for inferior knockoffs made by borderline slave labor because of politically motivated trade barriers, but also foster the ideals of capitalism and inherent personal rights through the cultural exchanges so inherent to bartering since the days of the Silk Road.  Ranchers, farmers, and manufacturers are just as deserving of find burgeoning markets that yearn for products they are incapable of attaining with any degree of quality as anybody else, and I will always fight for low tariffs and a government willing to meet with any nation looking to make a square deal for our respective populations. Revolutions don’t start with an idea, they start with a corner store and a bank account.
  • The beacon of democratic-republican ideals in the increasingly volatile Middle East is the State of Israel, our friends and brothers and sisters under the moral guiding light that is the Judeo-Christian way of life. While, much like President Reagan, I believe that a balance between the Islamic and Israeli interests must be found to truly achieve stability, we cannot let those who would seek to bring down the Jewish State succeed in their radicalism and vile antisemitic rage. We must defend Israel at all costs, even if it means boots in the air and planes in the heavens above.
  • We must strengthen our alliances; economic, diplomatic, and militarily with our friends in the common cause of free people and elective governance in Europe to continue putting the pressure on the flailing Soviets and their many puppet regimes. It is only through working together on the side of the creator with our friends across Western Europe such the United Kingdom and the romance nations that me can finally defeat the evils of communism once and for all. 
  • We must not and can not continue to turn a blind eye to cultist leaderships who draw their power purely by the nature of anti-Western fanaticism. The threat posed by the likes of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and the Ayatollah of Iran are without precedent in the modern era, and put the security of an entire planet in jeopardy if we continue to stand idly by and allow provocation with no real degree of retaliation and we should hold each and every one of our allies to the same standard.


Freedom Starts With Our Checkbooks


  • For individuals, we must continue to lower the tax burden on our middle class and not simply hope for a trickle to save the ideal of the American Dream, we should extend the Earned-Income Tax Credit, we should give robust grant tax rebates for those who who contribute directly our economy by working full time, paying their bills on time, and buying health insurance coverage for their families, we should should consolidate our tax code so you don’t need two degrees just to be able to get the best deal from your governments and their promise of by the people and for the people.  
  • For our small businesses that make up the backbone of our economy, we must reduce the red tape and regulatory burdens which have no rightful purpose in the 1980s and 1990s when so many were crafted in an age of depression. We should provide a graduated decrease starting at zero in within the corporate tax structure for any business that employs 500 or less people in the first 4 years of their existence to give them a chance to truly succeed, and for all businesses of any size I believe that we should reduce the current rate to a flat 20% which would keep us firmly within or below the international standard. I also believe that we should allow a conditional 60% reduction of the corporate tax rate for any business which employees 100 or less full-time employees and provides them a health benefits plan which cover eyecare, dental, preventative care.
  • Many of the Wall Street regulations still in place in this country are of an era defined more by Speakeasies rather than economic expansion. The arbitrary limits as to where, how, and with whom a bank can do businesses are training wheels keeping our bicycle of an economy to ever reaching full speed, and I strongly support the reform and repeal of many of the Depression-era restrictions which keep our place the global marketplace stagnant. However, this being said I don’t think there is a single logical individual in this country who believes that we should do anything but INCREASE the legal ramifications for insider trading, blatant domestic currency manipulations, and misinformation campaigns which defraud investors. There’s nothing wrong or immoral about making money, but the same cannot be said about cheating others out of theirs, and I believe there is a balance on sensible controls to keep us thriving no matter a few bad eggs here and there. 
  • I support the rights of parents to choose the right educational path for their children, because they will always know better than some Congressional Committee or teachers union lobbyist. We should decentralize our public education system to put more control back into the hands of the state and local school boards to address their needs as they feel fit, but in addition I believe that we should start a program centered around school tuition vouchers to private institutions for disadvantaged and talented students in underperforming districts across the nation to study the effects of presenting such opportunities and how such a program can be expanded to every working American family. A primary education is an essential guarantee of American Life, but that doesn’t mean we have to settle for mediocrity to try and justify continued federal overreach.
  • We need to drastically alter our federal welfare programs so that they are no longer a check handed out for inaction or collecting children like baseball cards, but the stepping stone towards fiscal independence that some in our society need. I believe that we should shift priorities in the direction of new pathway back into employment with our welfare system with certain requirements towards skills training and gradual monthly hours requirements by a legitimate employer to qualify for any federal benefits, and that we should allow the states much greater control over their own requirements which fit better with the circumstances in their own backyards. I fault no man or woman who sometimes needs a little help getting up out of the dirt, I fault them only if they don’t even try to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps first.
  • While many people were rightfully skeptical of how Social Security would effect this nation, at this point in our lives it is a promise we have made to generations of Americans (while docking every paycheck they make to support it, no less) and we simply cannot turn our back on that. However, I am strongly in support of weaning the reliance on an overburdened system whose revenue has too often been borrowed from to keep our federal behemoth going by allowing shifting towards a system that allows for regulated private investment and management of at least a minority percentage of what is currently taken out of Social Security and Medicare taxes to let people finally have a say in their own destinies once they reach their golden years. 


Personal Liberty is Non-Negotiable


  • As a man who grew up in the Oklahoma prairie to ranching parents and was proud to serve my nation overseas in the Second World War, and now spends every night I can in the heart of Big Sky Country with my cattle and Mother Nature at my side, I am the owner of multiple firearms and I will not under any circumstances ever lend my support to any effort to curb the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens. In the history of the human race, limiting the ability of a man to defend himself and provide for himself and his family has never been the first step to anything one might consider progress. 
  • I have been a Christian for all 72 years I have spent on this Earth, and believe firmly in the moral teachings of the Good Book, however I believe that I would be a hypocrite in both my politics and simply how I have lived my life as an imperfect being if I advocated the federal government using its resources to police moral decisions by otherwise law-abiding systems. While I have always found abortion to be a repugnant practice that is too often used as post-facto birth control rather for those not holding one’s self to making better life choices, there are much more important factors in determining the worth of federal judge or elected official than where they stand on the position of Roe v. Wade, and through the promotion of adoption, better emergency support for young, unwed, and/or impoverished mothers, and the empowerment of young women to know that there are greater heights to reach in their formative years than sexual gratification, we stand a much greater chance of reducing the amount of abortions in this nation that hoping some day for a court ruling or Constitutional Amendment. Likewise, I don’t see how it’s any damn business of our government of what consenting adults do in their own homes or how they choose to management to their fiscal and legal affairs with other people, nor do I think the color of one’s skin nor the creed by which they live should ever be a factor in federal employment and would support standards to enforce color-blind hiring within agencies which are the purview of the US Government, and you bet your life I would never support somebody’s inherent right to assembly in any group whether it be a trade union or a local lodge or place of worship be infringed upon by our government. The true measure of morality isn’t just what you do in your own life, but also the tolerance you show for those that challenge your own values. 
  • So-called “sin” taxes on products such as tobacco and alcohol are, in effect if you consider cultural trends, simply taxes on growing up in less than desirable circumstances. If people want to make bad decisions about what they put into their bodies, that is on them and our nation should not be in the business of profiting off of addiction pure and simple. I will always be a loud voice against a nanny state. We can accomplish so much more by focusing our efforts towards the enforcement of valid laws aimed at cracking down on the ever growing and supremely violent cocaine trade coming out of South America or an AIDS epidemic fuelled in large part to misinformation and ignorance by the mainstream media than trying to make a quarter off of a every buck Phillip Morris or Coors brings in.
  • We need to a push for a federal court system which permits greater discretion to judges and juries when it comes to sentencing, but unlike some of my friends on the left I don’t believe that this can be accomplished without also greatly increasing maximum penalties for felony charges whether that means drug trafficking, the use of extreme violence, political corruption or any number of direct affronts to the grand American Way of Life. 


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