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Press Office of Marshall for President

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Marshall announces Presidential Run


Raleigh, NC - Good evening Raleigh! Thank you all for turning out tonight, it's so great to see so many of you here! I look out onto the crowd now and I see so many believers in a better America, one that works for the men, women and families right across this nation and it reminds me that if we put our hearts to something, we can affect change and we can make our country a better place.


In 1984 we knew that it was time to begin looking to a new President, someone that can fill the great shoes that Ronald Reagan will leave when he exits office on the 20th of January 1989. But to be sure, we knew that we couldn't leave it in the hands of someone from the Democratic Party. We have seen such great progress made in the United States over these last 8 years so why risk that all now? We need to look at next year with optimism and the guarantee of promise for America and for our families.


With this in mind, and with my eyes set on the goal of making America better for each and every person in the country, I hereby announce that I will be runing for President of the United States!


And just as I announce this intention, I do it with a solemn promise to those that choose to support me, and if elected, the American people - that I will do my utmost and everything in my power and ability to represent the best interests of the nation and its people to deliver good, commonsense policies for the benefit of the nation. And we must look forward to this election with great spirit and hope that the eventual winner can govern in the best interests of America.


With recent news unfolding about the economy, I make this announcement reaffirming my support for tax cuts for the American people. This event goes to show that no one knows how best to manage your money except you, not banks and certainly not the government. It wasn't the American people and their incomes that caused this upset. I have a simple goal to help American families make ends meet and I'll do that by cutting their taxes and allowing them to get assets, allow them to try and achieve the American dream. Nothing will ever make me sway from my goal of cutting taxes for the American people, it's the right thing to do and our actions in this decade prove that cutting taxes adds American jobs, keeps inflation low and raises wages for Americans. 


I want to put American industry under the microscope, they deserve it. For too long has American industry fell behind our allies and our adversaries, we need to get good American jobs in American factories and restore our manufacturing prowess as we had during the second world war and for a time after. As China liberalizes and as the Soviet Union hardens, we must do our part right here at home to tackle their doings. We need to give American companies an incentive to keep shop right here in the United States, we need to give them credits for their employees and their goods so we can raise production, raise wages and continue to raise a good American work ethic. We need to pass policies which continue to give American industry an edge over everyone else in the world. We need a stable hand at the helm to make this happen, that's me!


The next year will be - in part - about more than just our economy. We need to fight for and reinforce our American values, things which have held our country together since its inception. America is the greatest country on earth and rightly so, God placed us here to be leaders of the world. So much so is that the values we embraced then must be the ones we fight for now, our Judeo-Christian values. Our motto, in God we Trust, is something for all Americans to live by. As we come into this world, we are given the tools necessary to guide our own paths, with an underlying trust in God to be the guiding and shining light.


So that's why we can no longer accept the status quo and the dereliction of our values, we need to uproot Supreme Court activism in the form of Roe v. Wade, which opened the floodgates for destroying human life in the United States. I am a strong supporter in greater protection for the lives of the unborn, and that's why I call for an end to late-term abortions and partial-birth abortions. We need to protect social institutions which have led this country for so many years, I sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act with this in mind. I am a crusader for our important social values and I will continue to be if I'm elected to the White House. 


I support our constitution and that's why I support the second amendment, every American has the right to bear arms. Side for the isolated and few cases where restriction might be necessary, our founding document - the constitution - provides a direct and ultimate right to own a weapon. I believe this right extends to personal protection, every should have a right to defend themselves. 


Looking to our streets, we must make sure they're kept safe, that's why I support the death penalty and all the work that communities right across this nation are doing to keep America and their loved ones safe. I support the thin blue line and will continue to do so in the Oval Office.  


This election will be about the future, the person that wins this election could leave office in 1997, close to the next century. That person, that President, will have had a great opportunity to effect change for the next generation of Americans, in our schools, on our streets, in our homes and in our jobs. That's why this election is important - it's in part about our kids, our grandchildren and their children. We will no doubt face tough challenges, from home and abroad, but that's what being President is all about. I'm ready for this task, I'm ready to face the challenge. I ask that you come with me on this journey.


Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming out here tonight. God bless you and God bless the United States!


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Marshall Campaign releases platform:












Budget and Economy

The economy is an issue that affects everyone in the United States, that’s why it’s one of the most important parts of my campaign for President of the United States, as President I will:

  • Continue to cut income taxes for each and every American, it’s the right thing to do.
  • Cut the capital gains tax so Americans have incentives to invest in the economy, allowing them to achieve the American Dream.
  • Repeal the estate tax, allowing families to properly mourn the death of loved ones.
  • Keep inflation and prices low, allow Americans to have more purchasing power.
  • Starve the beast by forcing the government to live within its means, make the American budget responsible.
  • Cut corporation tax to allow American businesses to grow, creating more good jobs for the American people.
  • Give the American economy freedom to grow by repealing burdensome regulations.
  • Support the people, not Washington fat-cats, give them tax freedom.



Support for our military is needed now more than ever. Our armed services and the defense of the United States is of paramount importance. That’s why as President I will:

  • Increase and enhance military spending to ensure America is prepared to defend itself.
  • Modernize US military equipment to ensure a static competitive edge at all times other countries around the globe.
  • Maintain the importance of tackling aggression against the US.
  • Maintain the Reagan era military build up and make sure our troops have what they need to defend US military needs .
  • Maintain the policy of peace through strength.
  • Support deploying the next generation of military hardware and working to defend America's national security needs.


Foreign Policy

Maintaining good relations abroad is necessary for the United States as the greatest country on earth, but we must also tackle threats and aggression where we see it. That’s why as President I will:

  • Continue to tackle the Soviet Union, reduce their economic and political stability.
  • Continue to undermine the Soviet Union by building relations with China.
  • Increase the United States’ influence around the world by supporting and funding our interests.
  • Support our allies in Europe by tackling perceived Soviet aggression



Promoting open, fair and honest trade with countries around the globe will be a priority of my administration. As we look to protect American jobs and industry, we must also look to expand horizons economically. As President I will:

  • Strategically ban certain trade with the Soviet Union and other countries to protect US interests.
  • Push for more trade agreements with countries in the world but keep American industry, employees and interests as main priority.



I’m a firm supporter of our Christian moral values. My campaign will continue to crusade for our Judeo-Christian values, the values which make us great - that make us American. As your President I will:

  • Appoint constructionist judges and stand up for the Constitution.
  • Oppose abortions in every case but the mother’s life, rape, and incest.
  • Work to pass legislation which will ban late-term abortions.
  • Work to pass legislation which will ban partial-birth abortions.


Second Amendment

I’m a gun owner, I support the constitutional right to bear arms and I will fight back any attempts to restrict access to this right. As your President I will:

  • Defend our constitutional right to bear arms.
  • Defeat any legislation which looks to ban or otherwise limit the access to arms for law abiding citizens.



We need to get people out of welfare, we’ll do that by giving them the building blocks to build their prospects and their futures. Welfare is a safety net, it wasn’t designed for long-term aid. As your President, I will:

  • Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit as the best route out of poverty for American families.
  • Focus on getting more people off welfare by creating good paying jobs.
  • Reduce reliance on the state through job fares.
  • Ensure welfare benefits only to American citizens.
  • Create development zones which tackle problems in American cities, give them special status.



We mustn't set back the good work the thin blue line, community leaders and other Americans have been doing to keep their communities safe. We need to keep criminals off our street and keep Americans from Maine to Oregon safe from harm. As your President I will:

  • Continue to support the death penalty as a deterrent for the most serious and heinous crimes.
  • Support the victim, not the criminal. Push for more compassion in criminal cases for those affected by crime.
  • Rehabilitate prisoners where appropriate and necessary.
  • Continue to support mandatory minimum sentences as a main tool to deter crime in the United States.
  • Keep our streets safer by supporting our thin blue line and giving them the tools necessary.



I want my kids to have a first class education and so do you. That’s why it's important to ensure we allow parents to make the important choices regarding their kids futures and their prospects. That’s why as President I will:

  • Keep control of education in the hands of local education and parents, who know best for their kids.
  • Unlock American potential by investing in important areas such as science, math, engineering and technology.
  • Get the federal government, so far as possible, out of education.
  • Give parents the choice to send their children to the best schools possible.
  • Identify failing schools and take action, no child should go to an unsatisfactory school.


Government Reform

Our government is too big. Overspending and over-regulation dominate the federal government today, this isn’t fair on the American people. It’s high time we tackle this type of behaviour. That’s why as your President I will:

  • Support policies which give individual states more freedom to exercise the 10th Amendment.
  • Shrink so far as possible the federal government in size and scope.
  • Identify waste in the budget, cut it and return it to the people.
  • Work to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, force government to spend only what it receives.



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Marshall Campaign happy with passage of the Defense of Marriage Act


A statement released by the Marshall for President Campaign lauded the passage of the Defense of Marriage Act through the House of Representatives. Marshall had this to say:


"I began this campaign with defending our Christian moral values as one of my main policy planks. The passage of the Defense of Marriage Act will go a long way to prove my credentials on this front. Moving onto the Senate, this piece of legislation is now one step closer to becoming law, and I'm proud to say that I sponsored it. 


This bill would define for federal purposes marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and reinforce states' rights to enforce this. This is all about defending the Judeo-Christian values that have and will continue to make America the greatest country on the face of the earth. Not many people on the campaign trail right now hold as strongly convicted views of the social contract in America right now, but I'm proud to say that I will be a crusader of these rights.


I look forward to the legislation's consideration in the Senate, I will be calling for the Senate to pick up this bill and I look forward to it being signed by President Reagan, sending a clear message that America will defend its values."

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Marshall Campaign pleased with conduct of Republican Primaries



A statement released by the Marshall Campaign following the conclusion of Super Tuesday relates to the "good conduct" imposed by candidates throughout the primary election. Fmr. RNC Chair and Congressman Michael Marshall had this to say:


"There has been a bit of mud sling and a bit of point scoring between all the candidates of this campaign, but overall it has been a positive and productive primary season for everyone involved here at the Republican Party.  


After my events I sat down to watch and listen to other candidates not only from my own party but from the other side, the Democratic Primary. And it really does show you that the adults will be separated from the children in this upcoming Presidential election. I can't remember the last time a party primary drove a substantial wedge down the center of a party, we saw in the Democratic Debate and throughout the Democratic primary campaign that the only agenda they have is to destroy each other and make each other look bad, all to score a few extra votes at the end of the day.


We Republicans have went to the primary voters each with a different vision in so many platform areas, not with stinging personal attacks or mud to throw at each other. What we see here is two different qualities in leadership. On one side - the Democratic side - we have a style of divisiveness and demagoguery, and on the other side - the Republican side - we have a style of leadership where we express our honest views on issues and let the voters decide, based on that. 


Make no mistake, the eventual nominee of the Democratic Party will go to each state in this country not long from now and tell you that Republicans can't lead and that they seek to divide, I implore the American people to look past that rhetoric. And like most you, I await the results from Super Tuesday states." 



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Marshall Suspends Campaign and Endorses Anderson Kaine



A statement released by the Marshall Campaign following recent results. Fmr. RNC Chair and Congressman Michael Marshall had this to say:


"I want to thank all my supporters and those who have followed me this far, but it's over. We ran a good campaign and fought the good fight but we must now set out sights on coalescing around a candidate to take on the Democrats in November. 


That candidate, I believe, is Anderson Kaine. Not much set Anderson and I apart during this campaign except a few polling margins, our views - especially on social issues - are quite similar. His vision for a principled America is something I can support and get behind. And I wish him all the best throughout the rest of this primary campaign.


To the thousands of votes cast for my name among Republican primary voters, I thank you. To the contests I won, I give a special thank you. But my campaign is now over, God bless you and God bless the United States of America."

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