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Williams Amendment on Helping Others Home Act

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24 Hours to Vote


Original Text:







QUARTER 1 1987


Mr. Blackstone, Mrs. Williams, and Mr. Kahuhu (for themselves and others) introduces the following bill




To provide  for increased funding for shelters for the homeless throughout the nation  states with opportunities to cultivate low-income housing.



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,



This bill shall be known as the Helping Others Home Act Low Income Housing Compromise Act of 1987.


SECTION 2: Block Grants for Housing Development.

a) $50,000,000 shall be appropriated to HUD for the fiscal years 1988-1998, for the purposes of the following provisions.

b) The Secretary of HUD (hereafter, 'the Department') shall appropriate the funds allocated in Section 2(a) for the establishment of block grants to states that present plans to the Department that cultivate public-private partnerships with housing developers in the construction and rehabilitation of low-income housing.

c) Low-income tenants of low-income housing shall not be required to contribute any more than 30% of their monthly income for rental purposes.

d) 'Low-income housing' shall be defined as any rental housing in which not less than 50% of its residential units shall be occupied by low-income tenants. 

e) "Low-income tenants" shall be defined as any employed U.S. citizen whose income does not exceed the area median gross income. 


SECTION 3. Permanent LIHTC. 

a) The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit created under the Tax Reform Act of 1986 (TRA86) shall be made permanent.


Plain English Summary: The Low-Income Housing Compromise Act of 1987 provides block grants to states to develop public-private partnerships with housing developers to construct and manage low-income housing units for low-income working people. It also makes the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, created in 1986, permanent.



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Coming well after the end of voting time, the vote by the Gentleman of North Carolina is not counted.


with 173 Ayes, 260 Nays, and 2 not voting, the Amendment fails.

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