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Ralph Staples Barrett PR

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For Immediate Release


Ronald Reagan has Made America Great Again (for real)


(Phoenix, Arizona) Representative Barrett commented on the Iran Contra scandal with a few words.


"Ronald Reagan made America Great Again in the Eighties and that is more than good enough for the American people. They know the Oldest & Wisest has turned around the malaise that has gripped this nation. We are a nation of free markets, free people, and a vibrant buoyant spirit that marks the Eighties, led by a gallant and open minded tolerant leader who has led our entire great nation.


America is booming. Peace is in our times. The United States is leading the world to a new age of prosperity. And we owe it to Ronald Reagan.

I understand he made a mistake. It's unfortunate. But I think given the service Ronald Reagan has given this nation, and in light of his apology, he ought to be given a chance to continue performing his duties: in other words, to continue the job of making America truly Great Again."


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Ralph Staples Barrett
Republican of Arizona 2nd


For Immediate Release


Marriage is An Institution


(Phoenix, Ariz.) Representative Barrett urged the Democrat - led majority in the House to put the Defense of Marriage Act, sponsored by Representative Marshall, on the House floor.


"It is ridiculous that the Democrat - led majority and the Far Left is refusing to put the Defense of Marriage Act on the US House Floor. It passed with bipartisan support in the Judiciary Committee and should see the Floor. We can all agree that the institution of marriage is a holy one, between a man and a woman, in the eyes of God. Well, maybe not the House Democrat leadership.


Over sixty percent of the American people believe in marriage remaining between men and women. This is a common sense measure that should pass Congress easily. Yet the Democrat leadership won't even do that. Indeed, I think the fact the Far Left being unable to be in line with heartland and mainstream values is a telling reason why President Ronald Reagan won twice and why the Republicans are doing so well in the eighties.


The Democratic Party is out of touch, per usual, which is shocking to nobody at all."


- 30 -


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