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Presidential Election Events

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It's that time again folks! I know it may seem very early, but I wanted to give you all the opportunity to simulate some of the political posturing, donor communications, and support building activities that occur in elections. These events are designed to be fun, simple, and not super time-consuming. For the time being. For each of these events, it is not necessary to be an announced candidate, or even have any interest in running. The advantages you win by doing well in these events are transferable to anyone you endorse. If you want to build some political capital, these events are a good way to do it. If you have any fun ideas, or suggestions to improve this system, reach out to me on Telegram and I will be happy to hear you out. Complete Rules for all of the goodies you can receive from these events will be detailed in the 1988 Election Rules. Rules, descriptions, and events are subject to change. 


Event #1- Top Flight Campaign Manager- Due October 12th, Midnight

In this event, you will have the opportunity to win the expertise of a well qualified/talented campaign manager. For the GOP, this will be Lee Atwater, for the Dem's, Joe Trippi. Winning this will not only get you a cool news story about your campaign staffing up, but it will also give you a special advantage in a primary election. If you win, you may, once in the primary, take away 5 AP from an opponent of your choice. This must be done at the beginning of the week. In order to win this, you will need to, in a paragraph or two, explain why your candidacy is viable, and what your strategy is. These will not be public, and will not be unhidden until after the election. For example, you would say, I am viable because I am a religious conservative, and that will appeal to voters in Iowa etc. I'm not expecting a long explanation, just enough so that I can evaluate whether your strategy has enough potential to deserve the support of one of these campaign managers


Event #2- Suck Up to the Big Donors- Due October 19th, Midnight

Everyone knows that money matters, so this event will give you the opportunity to make a little extra dough. All I need from you is a list of 5 bullet points, explaining your appeal to a certain faction of your party, that you do not belong to. This will give you the opportunity to expand your base of support, and get some money while doing it. Your reward for winning this event will be the opportunity to,  one time, double the amount of money you take home from a fundraiser. You may only do this before it is graded, so choose wisely. 


Event #3- Build Your Iowa Organization- Due October 26th, Midnight

This is the opportunity every potential President has been waiting for. Want to get a headstart on your rivals? All you have to do is speak at the Harkin (or Grassley) Steak Fry. With a maximum of 500 words, try and rally the party faithful to your (potential) campaign. Whoever gives the best speech will receive 2 free Campaign Offices! You will get them for one week free, and pay upkeep every week after, so make sure you can afford the costs before you use them. This is also a great opportunity to get some positive news coverage, so as long as you don't say something stupid, you're bound to benefit! 

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