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Censure of Representative Jacky Williams

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Representative Lawson, for himself, Mr. Blackstone,  Mr. Clay, Mr. King, Mr. Wolfe and  Mr. Roberts, submits the following


To censure Representative Jacky Williams

Section 1: Short Title:

A. This resolution shall be referred to as the “Censure of Representative Williams”

Section 2: Findings

A. That Congresswoman Jacky Williams convened a House Select Committee with neither a proper motion nor following proper parliamentary procedure. She also blatantly ruled proper motions out of order, convened hearings without proper authority, and issued potentially illegal subpoenas. She also maliciously maligned and sullied the good character of her fellow  Representatives including Augustus King, Reginald King, and Ted O’Brien.

B. Per House rules, all motions must be debated and voted upon, all proper motions must be recognized by the Chair, and subpoenas must fit the three guidelines outlined by the Supreme Court.

C. None of these actions are becoming of a United States Representative , the United States House of Representatives, or the United States of America.

Section 3: Censure

A. Be it resolved, Representative Jacky Williamsare hereby censured by the United States House of Representatives.

B. Nothing in this censure shall be construed as an act of judicial punishment, nor shall it absolve them of any legal liability for their actions.

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