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Description: Beltway Insiders is a Washington D.C. gossip column about what happens daily in the world of politics. If a Senate Leader makes a particularly awkward committee removal, we will report on it. Beltway Insiders encourages tips to be sent in. Also, Beltway Insiders will host competitions such as most and least competent in town every quarter.


Beltway Insiders will also have some stories which could be considered outrageous and others which are more serious.

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(Don't always believe what you read, this publication will have some outrageous articles and some serious. Obviously, this could argued to be in the outrageous category)

Is Lady Jacky Secretly Black?




Recently, California Republican Congresswoman “Lady Jacky” Jacky Williams made a comment to the San Diego Union-Tribune that she thinks Black America “deserves better than a family that uses rampant nepotism to gain power. That's not how the system is supposed to work. One day we will have a Black president, and it won't be a 'King.”


That is of course in reference to the recent appointment by Speaker of the House King’s appointment of his brother, Reginald King, to the chair position of the House Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary committee.


However, those comments in particular have led to speculation in the beltway about why Jacky Williams thinks Black America deserves better when she herself is not black.


Could she actually be black? Could she be like Ellen Ripley in last July’s sci-fi hit, Aliens? Maybe she has been rescued by a deep salvage team after being in hypersleep for 57 years. A hidden part of the movie could have been that Ellen Ripley was actually black before being in hypersleep. Is Jacky Williams here from the past, or in this case 1929, where she was actually a black woman living in America?


We will keep you updated on this story, and more importantly, the latest speculation as we get it.

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Williams sends HML King letter in relation to nepotism inquiry


Beltway Insiders has received a copy of a letter sent from Republican Representative Jacky Williams to House Majority Leader Augustus King. In that letter, Williams officially requests King to testify on the matter of potential nepotism in King's appointment of his brother to the Chairmanship of the House Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary committee. 


Williams has taken over the hearing, after King's brother, California's Reginald King, stepped away from officially running the investigation on behalf of the committee.


"In my capacity as the Chair of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct Investigation of King Appointment to Chair of the House Committee on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary, I am offering to take you up on your public offer to contribute evidence to the matter at hand as stated by you in a quote to the New York Times," the letter reads.


Furthermore, at the end of the letter, Williams sets a deadline for King's testimony.


"I will be expecting a response to this official offering by (Saturday, September 22 at 11:59pm EST), or other actions may be taken to compel your testimony due to your role in the appointment of Reginald King," the letter concludes.


Majority Leader King has commented on the letter through Beltway Insiders. In that response, he says he would like there to be a vote to officially start a hearing before he testifies. 


“I will be happy to testify in the hearing as I have nothing to hide, but I do believe that a vote should be held to get a consensus on a hearing being held. The United States being a Democracy means we are not ruled by a king or dictator. So once a vote is held I will happily show up”


We will keep you updated on this story as it unfolds. 

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Williams CoS: "Representative Williams has complete authority"


The Chief of Staff to California Republican Representative Jacky Williams is now telling Beltway Insiders that she has the proper authority to compel House Majority Leader Augustus King to testify in the recent nepotism matter where King appointed his brother to the Chairmanship of the House Committee on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary.


"Representative Williams has complete authority in the investigation to invite or compel any testimony that is needed for the purposes of the investigation and there is a belief that Majority Leader King is purposefully delaying or otherwise avoiding testimony to the committee despite publicly offering to do so," the Chief of Staff said. "There's a major conflict of interest in having Democratic members of the committee, hand-selected by King - the subject of this investigation, voting on whether or not King should be investigated."


In the meantime, Illinois Republican Anderson Kaine is now calling for a special committee to take care of the investigation, sharing Williams's sentiments.


"The Democrats on that committee are hand-selected by the Democratic Leader being investigated. Even Republicans on the committee will need to cozy up to Chairman King if they want their legislation considered. Neither party is free from conflicts of interest, and we can't have an impartial ethics investigation while the people conducting the investigation are beholden to the people they are investigating," Kaine said. "We need a Select Committee on Ethics to investigate this, and other corruption charges. And so long as this issue is before the committee, the House Majority Leader should have another Democrat in leadership choose their party's members on such a committee." 


A House GOP staffer has told Beltway Insiders that the Republicans are looking to get this right, rather than jump to investigations.


"Republicans are happy with the enthusiasm, but believe getting to the truth and doing it right is more important than racing to investigate," the staffer said.


Other GOP sources are concerned that Majority Leader King may attempt to bully his caucus' committee members. Sources went on to claim that the King family has a history of doing so in the recent DNC leadership elections and that bullying would "skew the investigation away from truth."


Majority Leader King has denounced the accusations of bullying, even going as far as to saying he would be willing to release voting records to prove it.


“There was no bullying for votes,and I am prepared to release voting records to prove so," King said. "I also agree with Congressman Kaine over having a separate pick the members for the ethics investigation. I look forward to seeing our Congress United and doing the job we were elected to do. But any accusation of bullying is simply false and polarizing”


According to Senator Jacky Williams's office, Majority Leader King has responded to the recent letter sent to him requesting he testify.


"I thank you for your letter, but has their been a vote by the committee members to show a consensus that a hearing should be held. This is a democracy and I am sure matters like this should Ben led by with a collective effort and not by just one lone person," King reportedly responded.


We will keep you updated on this story as it continues to unfold.

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Democratic House Staffer: King was one of first to submit committee request


A Democratic House Staffer is telling us now there is "definitive evidence" to prove that Reginald King was one of the first to submit his committee request for the 99th Congress. Reginald King is currently receiving flak right now after his brother, House Majority Leader Augustus King, appointed him to be the Chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary.


The source also said that the only one who submitted his committee request beforehand was the House Majority Whip. 


We will keep you updated on this story as more breaks.

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King begins testimony before House committee on nepotism matter


A showdown between House Majority Leader Augustus King and Representative Jacky Williams has led to King officially starting testimony before the House Standards of Official Conduct Investigation of King Nepotism at the Committee on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and the Judiciary. 


The Investigation of King Nepotism refers to the matter of Majority Leader King appointing his brother, Reginald King, to the Chairmanship of the House Committee on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary. 


The deadline for Majority Leader King to respond to the official inquiry to testify passed by with a response, but apparently not one good enough to satisfy Williams. This morning, Beltway Insiders received a copy of an official subpoena for King to appear to testify by end of day. Williams even went as far as to have the U.S. Marshals Service deliver the subpoena to King.


It appears that the subpoena worked, as King is now officially testifying before the committee. 


Talk of a special ethics committee continued in the press last night, as Majority Leader King said he would allow another Democratic leader to appoint members to a special committee.


"I however will allow another democratic leader to appoint members to the ethics committee to allow a thorough investigation into the issue to uphold transparency and fairness from my part," Majority Leader King told the Los Angeles Times. "I will warn lady Congress Woman Jacky not to let the power get to her head, as she must seek permission from other committee members to hold a hearing or to even subpoena a person."


Republicans responded with the argument that since Williams was made chairperson of the committee, she has the rights to subpoena and start hearings.


"The Chairman of a select committee has the authority to call for hearings unilaterally. Rep. Williams has been given the gavel, and with it, the authority to call for hearings in the name of Congress," House Minority Leader Paul Cavalieri said to the Orange County Register. "Majority Leader King should quit his bait-and-switch, come before the committee, and get this business settled so we can move on to dealing with more pressing matters."


It appears that the special ethics committee maybe moot now with Majority Leader King officially starting testimony. We will continue to keep you updated on this story as it unfolds.

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Nepotism hearing gets heated in House, new subpoena issued, new hearing into Speaker King?


Testimony in the nepotism matter before the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct got heated today after House Majority Leader Augustus King began his testimony.


The nepotism inquiry relates to the matter of Majority Leader King appointing his brother, Reginald King, to the Chairmanship of the House Committee on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary. 


Many questions were barraged at the Majority Leader who continued to make the point not only that he didn't commit nepotism, that a hearing even being held is questionable.


"Before I begin I would like to state how appalled I am by the incompetent running of these investigations," King said. "Not only has the ranking majority member insisted on moving on these hearings unilaterally without a committee consensus, but she has also ignored by calls for a new body to be formed consisting of Democratic members whom I did not appoint. The polarizing attitude of these hearings is nothing but political spectacle to try and show me 'who is in control'."


A legal argument could be made that according to the new House Rules, the hearing should not currently be being held in its current form.


"A hearing should be happening, but it should not happen like this. It should be done legally, in compliance with the rules and regulations of the House of Representatives," Texas Representative Guy Hughes told Beltway Insiders. "It can not be one member of the House of Representatives going off half-cocked, assuming powers that they do not have, and issuing what I believe are illegal subpoenas willy-nilly."


A specific piece of law has been brought up in today's action, 5 U.S. Code § 3110. According to that, many have argued that this case is now in a legally gray area. 


"A public official may not appoint, employ, promote, advance, or advocate for appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement, in or to a civilian position in the agency in which he is serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control any individual who is a relative of the public official," the statue reads. "An individual may not be appointed, employed, promoted, or advanced in or to a civilian position in an agency if such appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement has been advocated by a public official, serving in or exercising jurisdiction or control over the agency, who is a relative of the individual."


King has questioned whether an agency can be construed to mean a house committee. The legality of that is still in question, Beltway Insiders has not recieved response from legal insiders in time for press.


The Chief of Staff to Representative Jacky Williams, the Republican currently leading the hearing, questioned the mental stability of Majority Leader King during the hearing.


"There were moments during that hearing where King showed signs of definite mental instability," the Chief of Staff said.


The committee is currently adjourned awaiting the return of Majority Leader King, who has departed claiming a potential violation of United Nations treaties.


"No disrespect ranking chair, but I have asked on countless occasions for a purpose and a time length for this hearing," Majority Leader King said. "My concerns have gone unanswered. I have been presumed guilty and am being forced to make myself innocent, which is not only a violation of US law but is also a violation of the United Nation Human Rights Charter. I have pointed out on countless occasions  of the invalidity of this hearing, its incompetence and its violation of rules and traditions."


In the meantime, Beltway Insiders, has received a copy a new subpoena which is in question itself. The subpoena asks for records to be produced "referring to any the request of or any appointment to any congressional committee in the House of Representatives of the United States of America." Also included is a request for any conversation held between Majority Leader King and any member of the House Democratic Caucus on the matter.


Democrats, including Guy Hughes, have come out in opposition to these subpoenas being issued.


"These subpoenas were issued without the approval of that committee, and furthermore were created for a hearing that was not legally approved by either the House of Representatives or that committee in particular," Hughes said. "This is a serious overstepping of Representative Williams' powers, and is deeply concerning."


For some historical context, according to Wilkinson v. United States, a Congressional committee must meet three requirements for its subpoenas to be "legally sufficient." First, the committee's investigation of the broad subject area must be authorized by its chamber; second, the investigation must pursue "a valid legislative purpose" but does not need to involve legislation and does not need to specify the ultimate intent of Congress; and third, the specific inquiries must be pertinent to the subject matter area that has been authorized for investigation.


Beltway Insiders has also received a letter from the office of Reginald King to Jacky Williams, dated before the subpoenas, saying that all records will be released, including any material requested moving forward.


"Any further materials the committee requests can be done so through written notice and said materials will be provided promptly," the letter reads.


Two new motions have also come forward in today's action. One a motion for a select committee into the matter issued by Guy Hughes, and another a motion for a hearing in the House ASFAJ committee to investigate Speaker of the House Teddy King on obstruction of justice charges. It is believed that motion is related of King's publishing of the latest subpoena in full to the Los Angeles Times.


RNC Chairman Michael Marshall responded to the publishing of that subpoena to the Cherryville Tribune.


"Perhaps the Speaker can agree with me that it would be best for him to not use any of the powers his office gives him in order to disrupt or otherwise cast a shadow over current and future proceedings," Marshall said. "I think, that at least, would be the decent thing to do in this case. If it's considered necessary for him to answer questions or inquiries, then so be it. But an across the board recusal from these proceedings would go a long way to ensuring and reinforcing the principle of an investigation trying to get to the bottom of serious ethics violations."


Texas Democrat Guy Hughes responded to the hearing, saying that he would like to see some evidence of obstruction of justice.


“If Jacky Williams wants a hearing on the obstruction of justice charges, she needs to lay out the evidence rather than make accusations. As it stands, there has been no offered evidence that the Speaker has interfered in this process at all, other than discussing the fact that he was issued an illegal subpoena," Hughes said. "The House rules, which are in effect until approved or voted down per their own language, state clearly that there can only be one hearing at a time. Jacky Williams is acting with a flagrant disregard of our rules."


House Majority Leader King has even gone as far as to tell Beltway Insiders that he wonders if there is more to the matter than just nepotism.


"After expressing numerous times about the invalidity of the hearing, the invalidity of the the subpoena and the lack of focus regarding the hearing and calling for a SEC [Special Ethics Committee], the Ranking chair and the rest of ASFAJ [HouseCommittee on Armed Forces, Foreign Affairs and Judiciary] Republicans members finally realize what I have been saying after another member spoke up. I believe that their is something more at play here other than just a "nepotism" accusation."


Beltway Insiders will continue to keep you updated as this story unfolds.

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Lawson: "Shut this down", Williams declines to recognize motion, censure talk arising


*Correction from previous column: House Majority Leader Augustus King did not leave the committee room, however the committee briefly was in recess*


The House Standards of Official Conduct Committee hearing continues to advance on with the hearing into the King nepotism matter. The nepotism accusation comes from the appointment of Reginald King, by his brother, House Majority Leader Augustus King, to the Chairmanship of the House Committee on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary. 


As concerns from Democrats over the validity of the hearing continues, one Democrat made a stark statement during the latest around of action. That Democrat was Nebraska Representative Robert Lawson.


"This committee is out of order, the Ranking Member is out of order and the Minority members of this committee are out of order. House Rules are clear that a time for debate shall be firmly established. The witness has asked multiple times for those rules to be followed," Lawson said. "The Minority, lead by the Ranking Member, have abjectly failed to follow the rules of this House. This committee should not exist. There was not vote, there was no debate. This committee is nothing more than a star trial worthy of Stalinist Russia with a verdict already decided regardless of evidence or truth. Shut this down Madame Ranking Member."


Lawson also asked about the timeframe of the hearing and made a motion to adjourn the hearing, which Representative Jacky Williams declined. Williams is running the hearing currently on behalf of House Republicans.


"As long as is necessary, Mr. Lawson - as long as is necessary to find the truth and to find justice," Williams responded. "We disagree that the subpoenas are illegal - in fact, Mr. King himself followed the first subpoena by being here to testify. Nevertheless, if the Kings and your party have nothing to hide, just turn over the information. Release the documents. Why must you need the subpoena to cooperate? If you have nothing to hide, abide! Your motion to adjourn is not recognized."


This led to a standoff between Williams and Lawson.


"This committee will follow the regular order of the House," Lawson said. "A motion has been made. 24 hours are required for a second before the motion is voted upon. You cannot rule it out of order. Nor can you not set a time for debate, a time limit to testify, or an overall timeline for this hearing. I again motion to adjourn."


Congresswoman Williams proceeded to rap the gavel three times and call Lawson out of order.


"Congressman Lawson, you are out of order! The testimony of Augustus King must continue," Williams said. "This is not a time for debate! Mr. King did you have any personal conversations with your brother, Reggie King, about appointing him to chair this committee?"


Wisconsin Republican Ted O'Brien broke party line to second the motion for the hearing to come to a close. It is to be determined if Williams will actually recognize the motion.


Even more moderate members of the Democratic Party are now calling out Representative Williams. One of those members is Indiana's Jackson Clay.


"Congresswoman Williams has lost all credibility as a member of Congress,"  Clay said. "She has run an extra-legal hearing, with no authority to subpoena, and is making a mockery of this House. She should resign, so the good people of California can have a representative who doesn't get bogged down in the craziness Representative Williams has created."


Also, joining the chorus of Democratic calls against Williams is House Majority Whip Thomas Blackstone of Massachusetts.


"It is unfortunate that Representative Williams would use her position of power to send illegal subpoenas, and to make a mockery of protocols in order to try to execute some sort of political vendetta on a colleague in the House," Blackstone said. "It is however a pleasure to see, that even in such dire circumstances, our democratic processes and rules of order still protect us from one person's disruptive and toxic agenda."


Regardless of these calls, Jacky Williams is holding strong in her convictions, according to her Chief of Staff.

"Lady Jacky will do all she can to protect the hearing from obstruction," the Chief of Staff said. "She believes very strongly that the hearing must continue as we seek the truth and justice with respect to nepotism - which is serious and shouldn't be overlooked. The Democrats seen the poor performance, incompetence, and disgrace of Mr. King's testimony and are now swooping in to end a probe they themselves set up. Speaker King, who is Speaker-designate King, as he hasn't been voted in by the full House, should have no place in this investigation other than helping to provide the relevant documents sought out by the subpoena sent from the Ranking Member's office. If they have nothing to hide, they ought to abide."


In another development, according to members of the House of Representatives, there is now talk of potentially censuring Jacky Williams for her behavior in running the hearing. That could have the potential to be a major undertaking for the House. The last House members censured were Daniel Crane and Gerry Studds for their role in the 1983 congressional page sex scandal.


We will keep you updated on this matter as more unfolds.

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Ted O'Brien a traitor?


In the latest development in the nepotism inquiry, an anonymous source has told Beltway Insiders that Congresswoman Jacky Williams had some choice words when she found out that Wisconsin Republican Ted O'Brien seconded a motion to end the current nepotism hearing into the appointment of Reginald King, by his brother, House Majority Leader Augustus King, to the Chairmanship of the Committee on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary of the House of Representatives


The source is telling Beltway Insiders that Williams told O'Brien that he "committed treason" by seconding Robert Lawson's motion.


Jacky Williams's Chief of Staff denied the prospect of that when Beltway Insiders asked if they thought Ted O'Brien has committed treason against the United States.


"I have no idea where that comes from," the Chief of Staff said. "Absolutely not."


We will keep you updated on this story as more unfolds.

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King testimony comes to an end


The testimony of House Majority Leader Augustus King before the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct has come to an abrupt end after King elected not to answer any more questions.


"Until the legitimacy and legality of this hearing is confirmed by this committee and the House of Representatives as a whole, I do not believe I should continue answering questions under the current pretense," Majority Leader King said.


With that, the Republican running the hearings, California Representative Jacky Williams called the testimony closed and re-opened the floor to previously made motions to adjourn that she considered "out of order" at the time they were made.


There is some speculation that the sudden recognizing of motions was related to the recent censure talk amongst members of the House, others attribute it to House Majority Leader King willing to let Williams and the committee have records of committee requests.


It is also now coming out that Ted O'Brien, the man who seconded the earlier motion to adjourn the hearing made by Democrat Robert Lawson, was actually not a member of the committee at the time he made the motion.


Either way, it appears now that Majority Leader King has managed to get out of further testimony by just saying he would not answer any more questions. Whether the hearing will soon end with the new motions to adjourn expected to be filed soon, remains to be seen.


We will keep you updated as more unfolds on this news story.


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Source: O'Brien wants apology, censure against Williams filed


A source close to the office of Wisconsin Republican Ted O'Brien has told Beltway Insiders that the congressman reportedly would like an apology from California Representative Jacky Williams for apparently saying O'Brien "committed treason."


"If Jacky Williams is a lady as she claims, then she would apologize for the error in the fact that a Vietnam veteran betrayed his country," the source said.


Also developing now is a censure officially being filed by Nebraska Democratic Representative Robert Lawson in the behavior of Williams during her running of the King nepotism inquiry.


"Jacky Williams convened a House Select Committee with neither a proper motion nor following proper parliamentary procedure," the censure reads. "She also blatantly ruled proper motions out of order, convened hearings without proper authority, and issued potentially illegal subpoenas."


There are no co-sponsors to the censure as of yet, but that is expected to change.


The Chief of Staff to Representative Williams, in the meantime, has commented on the censure calling it a "distraction".


"The censure motion is nothing more than an element of distraction in the broader scheme to obstruct proceedings in order to save Augustus King from himself," the Chief of Staff said. "It's unfortunate that when the rubber met the road, King chose to cower and refused to answer questions."


In the Standards of Conduct committee, a vote is now taking place on whether to end the nepotism hearing. So far as of writing, the vote is 2-1 on party lines with Democrats leading to end the hearing.


We will keep you updated as more unfolds.

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Seymour pens explosive letter to Armed Forces, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary Committee


A public letter written by South Carolina Democratic Representative Douglas Seymour is creating a firestorm in the case of the King nepotism inquiry. The inquiry is related to the appointment of Reginald King, by his brother, House Majority Leader Augustus King, to the Chairmanship of the House Committee on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary. 


The letter essentially argues against the narrative given by Majority Leader King during his recent testimony before the House Standards of Conduct Committee.


The letter starts off with his wish to "to establish a clearer timeline of events regarding the internal Democratic Party processes relating to the assignment of members - and in this particular case, the Chairman - of a committee."


He several aspects of the Majority Leader's narrative, the first of which being that everyone had a fair chance to serve on the committee.

"First, the Majority Leader claims that he gave everyone a 'fair and equal chance to apply.' This may be true, but what was not indicated in this statement was the fact that not everyone had a fair or equal chance to serve on a committee," Seymour said. "Without divulging the inner workings of our Party, I can state that six (6!) members of our caucus expressed interest in chairing the House Committee on the Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and the Judiciary. I was one of those who applied to serve on this Committee, and who offered to Chair it."


Seymour takes offense to the criteria that Majority Leader King used, even saying that he personally was singled out by King.


"I also take offence at the so-called criteria used by Majority Leader King, which appear to have been designed to eliminate a single individual - me - from the running of chairing a committee," Seymour said. "Simply running for a leadership position at the start of this Congress does not eliminate my extensive qualifications from potentially chairing a committee."


He later even goes on to attack the King "political machine" and offer his testimony before the Standards of Official Conduct committee.


"Whether nepotism was involved, I can only indicate that the King political machine appears to be very much alive and well in California, and now - with their taking on the positions of Speaker, Majority Leader, and Chair of this prominent committee  - of the United States Congress," Seymour said. "I hope you understand the potential risks that my coming forward have for my own political future. But I believe that nepotism is a serious enough offence - in fact, it is illegal under the laws of our great nation - to make this story heard. I am willing to testify before the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, if that should be deemed necessary."


Seymour also spent time in the letter dogging the experience narrative by touting his own experience in Vietnam.


House Majority Leader King, when asked for comment by Beltway Insiders, said that he did give everyone a fair chance and is sorry that Seymour feels the way he does.

"I am sorry Congressman Seymour feel the way that he did," King said.  "I have spoken to him plenty of times regarding setting the agenda for the party and enlisting his help to unite the progressives, bol weevils, and establisment democrats. I gave everyone a fair chance, including those who opted not to run for party leadership. Any accusation of nepotism is false."


Republicans have already come out supporting the letter, including the person running the House Official Standards of Conduct inquiry into the matter, Jacky Williams.


"Congressman Seymour's letter is a bombshell that confirms our worst fears about the King family and their nepotistic actions - which Lady Jacky believes to be illegal," Williams's Chief of Staff said. "It also exposes Augustus King as a liar before the American people and before the Congress of the United States. Furthermore, it gives insight to the depths that members of the Democratic party have gone to obstruct the truth from coming out - from trying to end this hearing to trying to subvert the rightful and legal subpoena for documents issued via the hearing."


Also coming forward to comment on the Republican side was Virginia Republican James Jefferson.


"I recently received a copy of the letter that Congressman Seymour wrote to Congressman King and Congresswoman Williams and I applaud Congressman Seymour for shining some much needed light into this whole controversy,"  Jefferson said. "According to the letter my democratic colleague from the great state of South Carolina wrote, I take it that nepotism did occur during the selection of the Committee chair and that House Majority Leader King did, in fact, not tell the truth to the American people when defending his pick for the chairmanship of such a prestigious and important committee in the House . In my opinion, Congressman Seymour would've been a better choice as Chair, just on experience alone. I'm deeply saddened by what has came to light from the Democratic Party and I hope the Ethics committee investigates further into this and we can move on and get to work."


We will continue to keep you updated on this story.

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Jesse Jackson not running for President in 1988




Reports are coming out of the Rainbow/Push Coalition that Jesse Jackson will not be running for President coming up in the year 1988.


Rumor in Washington has it that Jackson has ran out of political capital thanks to a recent nepotism scandal. Jackson, according to sources, appointed all six of his children and his wife to high ranking positions within the PUSH coalition. 


The final straw apparently came when Jackson appointed his fish, Reginald, to the board of directors for PUSH. It is believed that Reginald never showed up to any PUSH meeting.


We are waiting to hear back from the PUSH coalition's committee on official conduct to see if there will be an investigation into the matter. The chairperson of that committee is currently Jenny Woods after Reginald had to recuse himself from the board of directors.

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