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Christopher Williams

Fundraisers of Jacky Williams

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Fundraiser #1 | Jacky Williams 

Calvary Church Fundraising Event for Lady Jacky | "A Day with Lady Jacky"

Targetting: Christian conservatives; Preachers, Pastors, and Ministers; Members of Female Christian Organizations

Location: San Diego, California




“Thank you all, for joining me today. Every year at this magnificent Calvary Church, we gather here on the auspicious “Day with Lady Jacky”. This year marks our 15th annual and I am proud to be addressing so many distinguished guests. I am so glad to be joined by so many church leaders, Christian conservatives and other men and women of God.


Folks, it is quite possible we are on the precipice of a daunting moment of reckoning for this country. We have people in Washington who want to fundamentally turn this country around - and proudly, arrogantly even - propose that American taxpayers should gladly contribute to it. There’s an ideological paving of a road to extremism.


This effort began with direct, indescribable corruption. The nepotistic actions we have seen in the Congress this session aren’t just signs of ethical dilemma, but un-Godly. We know what the Almighty Word of God tells us…‘for the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption’, the Bible says, ‘but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life’.


Let me tell you something, my friends, we’ve got to ‘sow to the Spirit’. Let’s let the Spirit guide us, no matter what comes our way. Can we do that, together, folks? Can we?!


What does that mean in real terms? It means not backing down from our values. We cannot allow a major political faction to lead us down a path of accepting promiscuity and homosexuality. Period. I have opposed the AIDS bill before Congress that will do just that - dedicating millions toward what amounts to the acceptance of un-Godly, down-right immoral lifestyles. I have opposed it from the start, I oppose it now, and I will oppose it in the future! You know why? Because we know The Word. We know what Peter tells us: that we’ve got to ‘become partakers of the divine nature’ and not be trapped by ‘the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire’.


I mean really, folks. Don’t you think there’s a message through all of the effects of this gay-related infectious disease? The lifestyle of drugs and sexual partner, after partner, after partner, after partner. We know it is un-Godly - and now look at the impact.


I will not bow to immorality - especially not as a leader in our country impacting public policy.


And that is why It is vital that we receive your support. That is why it is vital for the people doing the work of God in their everyday lives to contribute to impacting the leadership that rules this nation, that impacts public policy, and spends your tax money. I couldn’t have offered up myself to the House of Representatives without you - and now, as Ranking Member of the Armed Forces, Foreign Affairs, and the Judiciary - become one of the most powerful women in the Republican party. You all play a vital role in the moral leadership you want to see.


And I have stood by my moral and values-oriented roots the day I arrived in Washington. Just recently, I drafted legislation to put an end to what is being called - and I cannot even believe this is a thing - ‘partial-birth abortion’. It is just what it says. A physician, horrifically, aborts a living human being just before they can exit their mother’s wound. This is grotesque and it violates human decency. It is also testing our moral willpower - and let me tell you, my brothers and sisters - we are going to pass that test. And as long as I am representing conservatives and Christians in a position of power, I will not allow our faith to be compromised by indecency!


So my honest, passionate plea to you today is to pledge your support and contributions to this effort - our lives and way of living may just depend on it.


I’ll be making my way around, having heart-to-heart conversations with all of you while we enjoy the amazing menu of food our amazing staff has prepared.


Thank you all so much for coming. And, as always, God bless you!”


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