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Press Office of Jackson Clay

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Clay named Committee Chairman

Q1 1987 | Press Release #1


Muncie, Indiana – Representative Jackson Clay, recently reelected to his House seat, has been named by Majority Leader King to the chairmanship of the HELP committee. As chairman, Representative Clay will be responsible for docketing legislation, and moving it through the committee to the full Senate. The primary focus of the committee is on legislation relating to domestic issues, including the economy and healthcare. This fits with Representative Clay's focus on pocketbook issues that have allowed him to return to Congress once again, and he expects to make the most of it. "It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to give my district an even greater voice in the House. To know that I will be much more involved in economic and health issues, and to take the Hoosier common sense my home state has given me to Washington, to do positive things for the American people, is a great honor and privilege. I intend to hit the ground running, and get started improving the lives of people in my district and across this country."


Representative Clay also made some headlines, calling for an investigation into the allegations of nepotism against senior members of the Democratic Leadership. Representative Clay takes issues like this very seriously, and has asked that it be thoroughly reviewed by an unbiased committee, and that said committee should avoid partisan rancor and focus on doing the work ahead of them. "I hope that these allegations will be proven false. Members of the Democratic party deserve to have a leadership that is corruption free, and I believe we have that right now. That's why I welcome an investigation. I completely believe that the committee will find the allegations to be false, and that Representative King can get on to the good work he has planned for his committee." 

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Clay statement on King Investigation

Q1 1987 | Press Release #2


Muncie, Indiana – The minority members of the house ASFAJ committee have recently opened an investigation into the conduct of the House Majority Leader in appointing his brother Chairman of the committee. Representative Clay has been at the forefront of the calls for an investigation, but now has grave concerns about the conduct of the committee. While there is no way to deny there is something off-putting about the appointment, the way the Republican party has attempted to subpoena a leader in the Congress, without having the formal authority to do so, is a much more clear and apparent overreach of power. The Committee has no formal authority until the rules of the House have been put in place, and that has yet to happen. The GOP would be wise to rein in their members, as they are accusing the Majority Leader of crimes that they cannot prosecute, nor do they have the authority to investigate. "I've always been in favor of an investigation, but this action by the minority party makes a mockery of the Congressional System. We have rules and norms in this country, and we should follow them. The Republican party is attempting to flaunt those rules and punish a member of the Democratic Leadership, without a committee structure in place. They have threatened him with subpoena, when they have no right to issue one. If I were the Minority Leader, I would race to get my party in line, instead of throwing stones across the aisle. We should investigate this, but we should do it right, not by conservative fiat." 


Representative Clay is calling for the investigation by a select Committee on ethics, to be headed by a chair who is not involved in the present situation. If there is misconduct, a bipartisan committee can determine that and punish accordingly, but Representative Clay will not support any findings or punishments called for by the current committee investigation. 

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