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Preserving a Legacy of Progress


“Our fortieth President is close to completing his second term in office, and we are so profoundly better off as a nation for his service and his work on behalf of our great nation. Ronald Reagan, who reporters called “the Oldest & Wisest,” or “O&W” for short, led the country from his predecessor’s malaise to a golden age of American renewal, revitalism, and exceptionalism.


America stands taller because of the Reagan Revolution. We are more prosperous - with over twenty million new jobs created. The tyranny of double digit inflation is over. The long boom of the Eighties have yielded a peace and prosperity that would have been unimaginable a decade ago. Our taxes are down, our regulations have been slashed, and our trade barriers are slowly receding. Our judiciary is being revitalized with men and women who read the Constitution as it is, not what others wish it was. Under our 40th President, we have slowly reversed the death of our moral values by beginning to restrict abortion rights and to affirm the precious lives of the unborn. 


We have stood up to the Evil Empire and challenged them around the world, and we continue to bleed them today under President Reagan. No longer will the United States be intimidated by Moscow but in fact, the Soviet Union can expect a vigorous response from America’s leadership. And today, the Evil Empire is close to retreat, a cold atheistic socialist menace that faces a young vibrant nation that cheerfully espouses the gospel of freedom and faith in God - not two exclusive beliefs - against it. 


Seven long years ago, the nation was faced with a choice. On one side, we could have continued the failed left wing policies of a broken, decrepit Democratic Party that simply wanted to cater to those who wanted to tax and tax, spend and spend, and elect and elect - and those who had no regard for our traditional moral values as a nation. And we had a choice to sustain a President who repeatedly, cravenly, refused to stand up to the Soviet Union. A choice to support a liberal intelligentsia that had in so many ways given up on America and sneered at us, in private. On the other side, we had a conservative revolutionary that so many wondered about. Under his smile, did the old man have what it took? Did the old man who told us that abortion was a hideous sin on America’s soul, the old man who talked up free markets in his speech kicking off his candidacy, did the old man who challenged the Evil Empire and talked up an arms build up really have what it took?


We voted, and we voted to put the old man in power. With many doubts, and baited breath, we did. 


And seven long years later, we have our answer. The old man was all that and so much more. The greatness of Ronald Reagan was that he made America reaffirm her greatness, for America, deep down, always was great. And it took the Gipper to bring America back from the brink and to be a - what some might say - a shining city set on a hill. 


Our great party has done so much for America, but the best gift in the 80's of the Republican Party to the United States was being Ronald Reagan’s Party, and we will continue to do so much more. Thank you and God bless forever these United States of America.” 

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Democrats pander to the left


With now almost 8 years of a Republican President in the White House, working with Congressional Republicans and commonsense Democrats, the 80s have saw a great period of renewal for the United States and its people. Republicans inherited so much bad from Democrats in 1980, and we are confident that we leave it with so much good for the American people - we have passed tax cuts, paved the way for deregulation and assuaged domestic spending. What we leave for the American people for decades to come is a renewed sense of promise, the American dream and . Sadly, the recent undertakings and positions of the Democratic Party put that in harms way. 


Make no mistake however, what was done throughout this decade could not have been without the input and help of many Democrats in Congress, but that same sense of bipartisanship has been lost to the wind. We asked you are you better off than you were four years ago? And with falling unemployment and inflation, the country answered with a resounding election of President Reagan and an affirmation of support for a low tax, low government spending, less regulation and high wage society. Inflation was 13.5% in 1980 and its now around 3.65%. Unemployment in 1980 was 7.1% and its now around 6.2%. 


With higher purchasing power for American families and a healthy booming economy, we can't let that all go to risk now. We can't afford to allow the great progress we have made for hardworking American families over the past 8 years fall by the wayside. America on the world stage has been restored thanks to principles of peace through strength. This is why now we need to renew and push for more of what has made this decade one of the greatest in recent American history. However, the same vision doesn't ring true in all the halls of Congress and this is why we must remain true to the values which have made us better off in this decade.


As the U.S. House of Representatives rests in the hands of a Democratic Party which has been imprisoned by some of the most leftist fringes in America, what has made us great and better off is truly at stake. This Congress has now been up and running for some time and we have seen a great dereliction of duty from Democrats in the realm of pushing for a vitalization and support of American values and families. As the Defense of Marriage Act remains dormant in the House, Democrats have shown their intention to ignore American traditional values, which have guided us throughout our nations history. As Democrats push hard on a bill which would increase federal funding to AIDS and other menial issues, core tenets of America fall by the wayside which include American families and jobs for the good people of our country.


The current Democratic Leadership have abandoned all sense of direction and commonsense with their latest policy proposals. As they inaugurated their new leadership, they also inaugurated a new doctrine for what they will do for America. Focus on issues that don't matter and ignore what hardworking Americans need to keep this economy going. What they will do is risk the progress that has been made to push what their big interests want, which have taken over the Democrat Party from the left.


Republicans will continue to push for an economy and an America that works for millions of Americans and their families, from Maine to California. In the absence of direction and commonsense from Congressional Democrats, we must continue to remain true to what has worked for America - low tax, low regulation, low spending and low inflation.



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