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Press Office of Robert Lawson (D-NE)

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(Washington)-Newly reelected Congressman Robert Lawson (D-NE) wasted no time during the start of his 5th term to push for a pro-Nebraska agenda. The Congressman submitted four pieces of legislation in total today. The Social Security Home Care Act and Social Security Preventative Care extend Medicare coverage to essential health care services for our nation's seniors. By providing preventative care for seniors we can ensure higher quality of life and stop illnesses before they become more grave. By covering home health care services we can ensure that seniors can stay in their homes longer with a better quality of life. The Student Aid Readjustment Act expands Pells Grants making sure that more students can afford to go to college. The National Community College Technology Education Act sets up competitive grants for community colleges to help foster a focus on technology training for 21st century jobs skills. Speaking to the press Congressman Lawson stated;


"A society is judged by how we treat the most vulnerable. That is why I am proud to have sponsored two pieces of legislation that will help ensure that our senior citizens have a high quality of life and access to the affordable care they deserve. Doing anything less would be unconscionable. A society is also judged by how it prepares for the future. By expanding Pell Grants we open up endless possibilities to tens of thousands of more Americans each year. And by working to focus on the jobs of the future we can ensure long term prosperity for every American. I am proud of these bills and I look forward to debating and passing them here in the 100th Congress."



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(Washington)-Congressman Robert Lawson (D-NE) commented on the ongoing "controversy" around the DNC leadership. It a tough fought race for Speaker between Congressman Lawson and Congressman Edward King (D-CA) King was able to prevail narrowly but decisively. Congressman Lawson withdrew his nomination once the math became clear and asked the Speaker King's nomination be made universal. In addition, Congressman Augustus King (D-CA), a brother of Congressman Edward King was elected House Majority Leader. Finally Congressman Reginald King (D-CA), the third King brother, was appointed Chair of the Armed Forces and Judiciary Committee of the House. Suddenly Republicans are up in arms about potential nepotism. Frankly Congressman Lawson is having none of it. Speaking to the press he made the following comments, 


"It is frankly sad that Republicans, willing to jump on any issue to distract from yet another failed Congressional election of theirs are maligning qualified and exemplary men who were duly elected by our caucus. Suddenly nepotism has become the word of the year. Hogwash as we say back in Nebraska. The Kennedy brothers all served in government while Jack was President and no one with any dignity cried foul. The Adams family were a political dynasty as are the Bushes. Several Members of Congress serve alongside family members or succeeded family members. So until we are ready to investigate all of these individuals I think it's time to set aside this ugly rhetoric. Truly I believe that if the King brother's were even a little different in appearance we would not be falling all over ourselves about this issue. But we continue to be as a society shocked by successful minority men much less three so obviously something must be wrong. And something is wrong, but it's not the King brothers."



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(Washington)-Republican Ranking Member Jacky Williams (R-CA) of the Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary Committee broke several House rules in setting up essentially a star tribunal to indict House Majority Leader Augustus King (D-CA). Republicans and some Democrats raised concerns about nepotism following the election and appointment into high positions of power of the King brothers of California. A hearing was agreed to by all sides to find the solution. However, House rules dictate that a vote and a debate must occur before a Select Committee is established. No such thing occurred. Instead Congresswoman Williams convened a tribunal based on the assumption of guilt by Mr. King. She was joined by other Minority members including Michael Marshall (R-NC). While supposedly holding hearings to find the "truth" about a potential violation of House rules Republicans certainly violated House rules of their own. In addition, word has spread that Congresswoman Williams has illegally begun submitting subpoenas including to Speaker of the House. Congressman Robert Lawson (D-NE) spoke to the press,


"This is banana republic dictatorship level stuff. You cannot simply submit subpoenas without a legal basis. You cannot convene House Select Committees without votes or debates. The Republicans, so power hungry after years in the wilderness, have set aside our democratic traditions in an effort to smear three good men. This committee is worthy of the trials under Joseph Stalin; presumed guilt, not time frame, no question about truth or evidence, but rather a clear political goal with execution in mind. Shame on Congresswoman Williams, shame on Congressman Marshall and shame on the Minority Leader for letting this illegal circus come to town."



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