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Jett Storm (D-MO)

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Fundraiser #1 - 2AP - 13 AP left.

Fundraiser Type: Email

Target: Liberals, Moderates, Middle-Class Voters, Voters aged 54-65, Senior Citizens

Topic: Healthcare


                                                                                                      Related image


                                                                                                           The Senate Campaign for Congressman Jett Storm                                   

                                                                                                                                  "Affordable and Quality Healthcare for All"


Dear {Insert name here}


The race for the 2018 midterms has just begun, but important issues such as healthcare have already taken the spotlight.  Healthcare is a vital need for all Missourians. Having access to health care ensures that our children are getting the care they need to grow into strong healthy adults, along with ensuring that our elderly are getting check-ups and have access to the prescriptions they need to live healthy lives.


Missouri needs an affordable and quality Healthcare system that works for all Americans.  Over the past 10 years, Congressional Republicans have publicly advocated for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act which has granted over 20 million new American access to healthcare today.  Despite the calls from Democrats to achieve a bipartisan compromise to fix the flaws of the Affordable Care Act, Congressional Republicans rather impress their big pharmacy donors and risk taking away HealthCare from almost 20 millions Americans nationwide and over 4 million Missourians Statewide.


I believe that in order to protect our health care system and to make the promise of an Affordable and Quality Healthcare system for all a reality, we must bridge the gap with sensible solutions that have a history of bringing in positive results. This is why I support the recent "MediChoice" reform proposed by Senate Democrats. 


How does MediChoice help you?

  • MediChoice Expands the eligibility for Medicaid from 133% to 175% of low-income earners, which means that more Americans will now be eligible for healthcare.
  • MediChoice will reduce the cost of prescriptions for our Senior citizens by amending Medicare Part D and allow the Secretary-General of Health to negotiate the prices the Prescription drugs.
  • MediChoice will allow Missourians to start buying into the Medicare from the age of 54, which will expand Medicare and reduce premiums
  • MediChoce  will also allow Missourians to buy-into MediCaid where they will gain access to lower premiums, better coverage at a rate that they can afford
  • MediChoice put you into the driver seat of the Healthcare system, and there is no better proposal than one that provides choice.

Together we will reform the healthcare system and push for Affordable and Quality Healthcare for All.


With your help, Congressman Jett Storm can deliver on these promises if elected to the United States Senate. Please consider donating today. God bless you and God bless the United States.


Thank you,


$5 - [  ]

$10 - [  ]

$15 - [  ]

$20 - [  ]

$50 - [  ]

Insert custom amount here.


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Campaign Fundraiser #2: $1,150,000 (SIG Appeal - Farming) 


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Location: Internet

Target: Missourians, College Students, Young Americans, Parents, Educators

Keywords: Jett Storm, Jack Edward, Storm, Edwards, Democrats, Republicans, College, Affordable, Affordable college, Missouri, Missouri Senate race, change, Bipartisan, Bipartisanship

Type: Youtube AD



                                                                         Image result for mahershala ali speaking



Storm: As a product of the Missourian Public University system, I understand the many struggles of our nations college students. While out nations student deal with the uncertainty of landing a well-paying job and the lack of bipartisanship in Washington over crushing effects of college debt, many students in Missouri and all over our country are worried about taking their first few steps into the real world. As legislators and parents, we must do everything in our power to instill hope back into the future and ensure that our children are prepared to tackle to solve the problems of tomorrow.


Over the next few weeks, we have to make a very important choice. We may walk upon the path of my opponent Congressman Jack Edwards who believes in pointing the partisan finger or we could take bold and definitive action on ensuring that our next generation has the tools that they need to tackle the problems of the future without falling victim to crippling college debt and .the lack of action by the Washington elite. Unlike my opponent Jack Edwards, I believe in our future and ambitions of our future generations. While Jack Edwards has left college nearly left students devoid of his campaign, I made sure to create a plan that will not only remove the fear of college debt but also make colleges affordable.


As your Senator, I will champion legislation that will help our college students become debt free after 10 years of working in our nations most in-need schools and for working in the federal government. A college education is not a privilege but is a liberty, which is why I will fight to Increase Pell grants and expand them for use towards technological and trade schools. Finally, I will also push for an initiative that encourages Direct Loan Lending with educational institutions of instead of via companies like Sallie Mae whose unfair loan rates pummel Missourian graduates in debt.


The future of Missouri is not red or blue as Jack Edwards would like to picture it but it is Missourian.  We must do everything we can as a community to ensure that not only do we hold the future in our hands but that we actively shape it in our vision. The key to this change will not happen without your support. So I humbly ask that you (a blue box that says text Storm for Senate at 2222 to submit donations of $2, $3,$5,$10,$20 or $100) Storm for Senate at 2018 to submit your generous donation to our campaign.


Thank you, my name is Jett Storm and I'm running to be your next Senator. 

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Location: St.Louis, Missouri

Topic: Abortion and Women's health

Target: EMILY's List, Pro-Choice activists, Women's Rights Activist, Missouri Now



"Thank you! it's truly an honor and a pleasure to be here with you all today in the great city of St.Louis. Over 106 years ago the Equal Suffrage league of Missouri met in this very city to fight, protect and expand their rights as women in this nation. They believed that no man, women or person should ever be able to dictate to them what they can and not do with their vote, bodies or voices. These brave women upheld the proud American virtue of self-determination.



My friends, in this election a woman's right to determine her destiny and her actions are coming under direct attack of my opponent Congressman Jack Edwards. Since the inception of his campaign, Congressman Edwards has vocally opposed women's healthcare and maintained his invasive beliefs that abortion should be entirely illegal. Congressman Edwards stringent beliefs of pro-life are outdated and are inherently dangerous to women everywhere.


I will always maintain that no one knows more about the women body than women themselves which is why I will be an advent supporter of a women's right to choose. Abortion should remain safe, legal and rare in the early term, but we should also focus our efforts on providing prevention such as education and access to contraceptives. By increasing resources to provide education and access to contraceptives the number of abortions would decrease and we would be strengthening the decision making power of women.


As Senator, I will vote against any attempt to remove federal funding from family planning clinics. Unlike Congressman Edwards, I am aware that these clinics provide basic primary and preventive health care services such as pap tests, breast exams, and HIV testing to more than four million low-income women and men at over 4,000 health centers nationwide. Thanks to these clinics the national unintended pregnancy rate is at a 30-year low, and rates of teenage pregnancy are the lowest in our nation's history. The success of the program is dependent on funding. Family planning services, like those provided at Planned Parenthood and other family planning centers, should be available to all women, no matter where they live or how much money they make.


Over the last year, our nation has taken 2 steps forward with the Democratic-controlled Senate that recently passed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in the last budget. If Congressman Edwards wins this election then the Republican party will undo any efforts towards expanding the right and resources for women. I ask for you all to join me as we win this Missouri seat and continue to press our nation forward.


Thank you and God Bess Missouri.







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Campaign Fundraiser #3: $1,250,000 

Campaign Fundraiser #4: $1,300,000

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Location: St.Charles, Missouri

Topic: Energy Independence

 Target: Koch Brothers, Natural Gas Companies, Blue Collar Workers, Pro-Key Stone XL activists, Farmer Union

Type: Gala


Good Night St.Charles!, it is truly an honor to be able to share this dinner with you all tonight and to be able to listen to and address all of your concerns. Currently, our nation is in need of a solution to our energy problem. As we move into an increasingly globalized world, it is imperative that we become less dependent on energy from foreign countries and begin to embrace the resources we have at our disposal within the borders of our country. I wholeheartedly believe that as every nation races to be number 1, America will only be able to maintain it's number 1 status in the world if we can master our energy resources and establish energy independence. 


Currently, 81% of electricity generation right here in Missouri is created by the use of coal, the Rockies Express Pipeline(REX)  helps provides our state with natural gas along with jobs, our Callaway Nuclear Generating Station contributes 10% of the state's net electricity generation, we have nine biodiesel plants and are  the third largest producer of biodiesel among the states. and we generate about 1,000 megawatts of wind generating capacity installed among 500 wind turbines. It is no secret that Missouri is both a leader in energy among other states and in the world. We managed to achieve this amazing feat due to our All of the Above energy policy.


The All of the Above energy policy has shown our states wonders,  which is why the energy policy in my platform promotes this solution for energy independence especially the Key Stone Pipeline XL. My plan for energy puts American firsts. It creates jobs, supports business, and puts us on the quick and long path towards energy independence.


My opponent Congressman Jack Edwards has run a campaign on two issues. We know he wants to ban abortion and lower taxes but what else? The Senate is for people who are there to implement the changes that their state needs and to legislate. The Senate, however, is no place for a two-issue activist. Unlike my opponent, I have presented a thorough energy plan Missourians agree with and I will ensure its implemented.


As your Senator, I will vote down the expansion of cap and trade and repeal its current form. Cap and Trade is not only bad for business and jobs but it significantly harms our  State's ability to energize our state as 81% of Missouri's electricity is fueled by coal. As promised in my platform I will pursue an All of the Above energy policy which encourages investment and development into green energy, completes the Keystone pipeline and empowers the economic vitality of our farmers by pursuing increased investments into biodiesels such as Ethanol.


My All of The Above energy plan is and will be a Missourian Empowerment plan as we will become the national leaders on energy throughout the nation and the world, but this can only be done through your help. I humbly ask you all to donate to this campaign as we will ensure that the voice of Missourians is once again heard in the halls in Washington, and begin to implement policies that will propel us into the future.


Thank you and God Bless You all!

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Campaign Fundraiser #5: $1,500,000 

Campaign Fundraiser #6: $1,250,000 (SIG Appeal to Chamber of Commerce) 

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