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Fundraisers of Bill Brink

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Fundraisers for Bill Brink, the Senator from New York.


Year: 2017 (1)

Medium: Email

Targets: Environmentalists, Animal Lovers

Subject: *first name*, I have a question.


Do you care about our oceans? Do you wish to see our oceans to continue to be polluted? If you answered yes, then no, New York Senator Bill Brink is the man who will do what it takes to stop the pollution.


In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences determined that an estimated 14 billion pounds of garbage has been dumped into the ocean. That was in 1975. Imagine how much that is now. Now imagine all of the animals who live in the ocean and die every year because of ocean pollution.


New York Senator Bill Brink, a former marine surveyor, cares about this problem. That is why he will seek to improve wastewater management to prevent dangerous chemicals seeping downstream into our oceans. He will also look at increasing penalties for anyone who continuously violates anti-ocean dumping laws.  


End your 2017 on a good note, and donate to save our oceans from dumping. 



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Year: 2017 (2)

Medium: Email

Targets: Brady Campaign, Gun Control Advocates, 

Subject: Don't think you can make a difference? Think again.


Sandy Hook Elementary School

Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado

Café Racer in Seattle


Just three instances of mass shootings where someone with a gun walked into a public place and started shooting. There are so many more out there. So why are Republicans seeking to pass a national concealed carry law?


Senator Bill Brink will stop that crazy legislation if it reaches the full Senate. It is time to reign in America's gun problem. That is also why Senator Brink supports a federal assault weapons ban. There is no need to have assault weapons. Let's face it: If you need an assault weapon to hunt, you are a terrible shot and probably shouldn't have a gun.


Those shootings maybe in the past, but it is never too late to make a difference. To prevent more people from losing their lives. Donate today to stop the floodgates from bursting open on guns!


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