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Zander Kahuhu

Dilation and Evacuation Abortion Ban Act of 2017

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August 9, 2017



                 Mr. KAHUHU of IDAHO, Mr SAUNDERS of TEXAS, and Mr. LEE of UTAH, for themselves and others, introduced:


To federally ban dismemberment (D&E) abortion procedures in the United States, providing punishments, and for other purposes.


Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


Section. 1.  Short Title.

 This bill may be cited as “Dilation and Evacuation Abortion Ban Act of 2017”


             Sec. 2. Findings

A) Congress finds that dilation and evacuation abortion procedures are usually performed after the 20th week of pregnancy, or second trimester.

B) Congress recognizes that the crushing of the skull and cutting off the limbs of the fetus, is immoral and inappropriate, especially after the 20th week, when a heartbeat is clearly detected. The heart starts beating at the third week.

C) Congress finds that a unborn baby’s heart starts beating at 3 weeks. The brain starts functioning at week 6. All 10 fingers and toes are present at the 10th week, where the baby will start sucking its thumb. Lastly, the baby is over 6 inches long and can yawn,  hiccup, stretch, and make facial expressions, at the 22nd week.



Sec. 3. Ban of Dismemberment Procedures.

A) All Dilation & Evacuation abortion procedures are now illegal to perform in the United States. No doctor, nurse, gynecologist, or any other licensed abortionist shall perform a D&E Abortion procedure, under any circumstances.


Sec. 4. Punishments.

A) If a doctor, nurse, gynecologist, or any other licensed abortionist is convicted of performing an illegal D&E Abortion procedure, they will be subject to the following punishment/s:

1) If a D&E abortion procedure is performed, the suspect will have a felony, and can serve up to 10 years maximum in prison.




Sec. 5. Definitions.

A) Suspect: A doctor, nurse, gynecologist, or any other licensed abortionist convicted of performing a Dilation and Evacuation abortion procedure.


Sec. 6. Time Limit.

A) This Act shall take effect immediately.

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