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Senate Election Rules and Calendar

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The Basics


Winners in each state are going to influence outcomes in the related states. The size of your victory in each race allows you to influence the outcomes of the other races, but there are no guarantees you will sweep the entire set. 


Players may sign in candidates specifically for the Senate races in Indiana, New Mexico, Ohio, Florida, North Dakota, and Missouri. Each player may sign in more than one character and may win more than one contested Senate seat. If more than one player from a specific party runs for a seat, a primary election will occur. It will create some minor benefits, but campaigning in May doesn't do much compared to campaigning in October. 


If no one signs in for a senate race from one party, then that race will be forfeited. The other party will continue to run a campaign for the chance to influence outcomes if far-leaning states on the other side.

After a successful election, players may pick one senator to continue playing with an increased IVS score to account for their win. 


Starting Your Race


1. Unless you are the incumbent for that seat, you must sign in a new biography in the Senate Multi biography thread here, and await approval.

2. Once approved, start an official Press Office for your campaign and related activities. You may begin posting here as soon as you would like, as its content (or lack thereof) will be open to criticism.


3. In your Press Office, post a formal announcement for your intent to seek the office (this must be a speech of at least 150 words). 


4. Register your candidate here

5. You are STRONGLY encouraged to post a platform in your Press Office of no less than seven planks to define your campaign, which will be used to determine the starting support for each candidate. If you do not post one, your opponent may develop a major advantage. These will lose effectiveness if posted after date in the Calendar. 

6. Start a Campaign Fundraising thread here, and a Campaign Warchest here

7. Start an official campaign thread in this forum, with the first post having links to your Press Office, Biography, Fundraising Thread, and Warchest. 

Note: Players with Independent Senators may sign in an Independent candidate to seek any Senate seat, as long as their character reflects their current caucus choices. 




There are no hard deadlines on fundraising, except that no fundraisers will be graded in the final 12 hours of the campaigns. You are allowed an unlimited number of fundraisers, so long as you have the AP to spend.

There are four types of fundraisers: 
1. Targeted speech, with a specific interest group and location noted. 
2. Direct email/mailer to supporters. 

3. An appeal to a Special Interest Group. 
4. Anything you want to try, requiring my approval beforehand. 


Hours System of Campaigning


The senate elections will use an hours system to allot player activity. Each week (Sun-Sat), beginning on Aug 19th, each announced Senate candidate will receive a pool of 30 Activity Points (AP) to spread around. Players who register prior to Aug 19th will have 15 "bonus" AP to spend by Aug 18th. 

Each event will be posted within your official campaign thread (except fundraisers). Do not post any campaign material in another thread if it costs AP (again, except fundraisers). There are benefits to posting early and often, rather than dump-posting in the moments prior to a week's end. I will be tracking narrative, targets and locations, ability to counter opposing narratives, and ability to fulfill a full-time campaign schedule throughout each week



Stump Speeches - Give a big speech no more than 500 words. Stump speeches have a high cost due to their higher relative impact than other forms of events. Cost: 2AP

Surrogate Speeches - Have someone give a speech under 400 words in a single location on your behalf. Cost: 1AP

Public Rallies - Package a stump speech and up to 2 surrogates in a massive rally at a single location. Cost: 3AP

Talking Points - Giving local NPCs and media talking points for your campaign within a specific city/region of the state. Cost: 1AP per 3 talking points

Fundraising - Whether a mailer, a SIG plea, or a donor gala, these are how you fill your campaign warchest. Cost: 2AP

Advertising and Infrastructure Spending - Does not cost activity, only money. 

Other - Information available on request on a case-by-case basis. 


 Rules to follow

1. The top of EVERY post in your campaign thread should include a running budget of your Activity Points

2. All campaign events posted before midnight on the declared "feedback days" will apply to a grading period. 

3. You are responsible for keeping up with the calendar. 

4. The Elections Administrator commits to getting polling out periodically with enough time for candidates to plan and change their strategies. 




There are four kinds of infrastructure investments that can benefit your campaign. 
Campaign Offices

GOTV Campaigns

Targeted Outreach (Youth Voters, Elderly Voters, Evangelical Voters, etc. Others will be approved on the basis of a request to the Elections Administrator, and their effect will largely be dependent on the relevant areas of your platform)

Each investment in these costs $100,000 and can be invested in multiple times. Your campaign should note what locations in the state they're being purchased in, as detailed or as broad as you would like. Pay attention to not just major cities, but rural areas, business corridors, etc. You are STRONGLY encouraged to attempt to use this space to carve out a unique strategy for targeting the voters and demographics you think are needed to help you win! 

Parties can purchase GOTV infrastructure and Targeted Outreach independently of the candidate. They should post their investment in the appropriate thread here. 

All of these costs are recurring, meaning if you want for them to carry over across weeks that you must continue to pay for them. In the case of GOTV Campaigns, these are the most effective in the round leading up to an actual vote.




Candidates can run five kinds of advertisements. 

1. Print Ads. These ads run in newspapers for across the state. Players should design a quarter-page advertisement to run in newspapers across a state (should be more than just text) for a cost of $250,000.  Players may upgrade these costs for a half-page ad ($500,000) or a full-page ad ($800,000). 

2. BillBoard Ads. These ads are for billboards in major cities, on important highways, along train tracks, etc. These should be designed substantively by the candidate, and described in detail (or better, create it and attach the picture). These cost $500,000, and must be paid for each week to maintain them. 

3. Internet Ads. These are embedded ads in websites like news sites, Facebook, etc. These should include details of how the ad looks, and what it includes within it (a certain level of detail is expected). You MUST target these ads using online criteria, and explain them (you cannot just say "young people". How do you know they're young? Note certain kinds of internet activity you would target). They cost $750,000 per advertisement, per target. 

4. Radio Ads. Radio advertisements should include text (with music and who is speaking) that runs roughly 30 seconds at a regular speaking speed (Admins will be checking). Each Radio Advertisement costs $300,000 to run it across half the state, or $600,000 to run a full-state ad. 
These ads can be extended to 60 seconds by doubling the price. They may be run on Drivetime radio by further multiplying the price by 5, on morning drivetime by multiplying by 3, on noontime by multiplying by 2, or they can be run on Online Streaming Services by multiplying by 3. 
Each run of the advertisement should be priced individually. 

5. TV Ads. Players should post a description of an advertisement that runs across a 15 second television spot. *be sure to set the scene and describe the mood of the piece*. Each TV Advertisement costs $500,000 to run it across half the state, or $800,000 to run a full-state ad. 
These ads can be extended to 30 seconds by doubling the price. They may be run on primetime TV by further multiplying the price by 5, on Daytime TV by multiplying by 3, or they can be run as Youtube Ads by multiplying by 3. 
Each run of the advertisement should be priced individually. 



1. No Extensions will be offered due to the flexible schedule. This includes in the final post before Election Day. 

2. FEC Violations

(a) Either campaign may contact the Elections Administrator with any concern over spending of their opponent, which will IC count as informing the FEC of a potential violation.

(b) Any campaign who has a single error during the Election will not have it count IG as a violation, but will have it rectified by the Elections Administrator through either changing how the money was spent or potentially disallowing the spending entirely.

(c) Beginning with the second FEC violation, a campaign will lose all funding that occurs as part of the error and be subject to an IC scandal from a formal FEC notice. These will increase in severity over time with additional violations.

(d) The Elections Administrator may communicate with a campaign over a perceived "honest mistake" and can clarify the intent of the post. In these cases, the Elections Administrator can choose to waive the penalty. This is entirely the discretion of the Elections Administrator.

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Senate Elections Calendar

Registration Opens: Aug 10th 

Registration Closes: Aug 22nd

Platform Deadline: Aug 22nd

Primary Day: Aug 26th 

All Campaign Material Turned in: Sept 14th

Election Day: Sept 16th 

*All Deadlines are 11:59pm Eastern Time. 

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