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Fundraisers of Rick Prescott (R-NH)

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Year 2017
Fundraiser 1

Format: Gala

Target: Finance industry, prominent business owners

Location: Grappone Conference Center, Concord, New Hampshire

Topic: Reigniting the American entrepreneurs




Senator Prescott invited prominent business owners and leading members of the finance industry to join him at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord, New Hampshire. They were served a first class dinner with appetizers and desserts, and Senator Prescott went around the room talking and taking pictures with the attendees.


Thank you all for being here this evening. Let’s get straight to the point, ladies and gentlemen. I decided to dedicate my life to public service because I believe that one of the things that made this country the wealthiest on the planet was the American entrepreneurs and their hard work. My father was one of those entrepreneurs. He started out as a mechanic, working on cars more expensive than he could ever dream of owning for himself. He saved the few dollars he had left after caring for his four children, dreaming of opening a car dealership. But the years went by and he was not able to reach his goal on his own. So he went to a bank. A local bank right up the street from where we lived. And you know what? He got a loan. He got a loan because the bankers saw the potential in his business idea, and they saw a man with an entrepreneurial spirit matched by few. He got a loan and he opened his car dealership, and through hard work his paycheck tripled and he could give me and my three siblings a great education we all benefit from to this day.


This is a story it is hard to come by in today’s America. Through years of constantly imposing new regulations the politicians in Washington have made it almost impossible for an entrepreneur to get a loan. And if you are so lucky and get one, you can be sure that the government will knock on the door of your new business, asking to see a license for that, a permit for this. Most businesses will be dead in its tracks before they even get a fair chance of succeeding. I am a politician today because I believe it is not too late to roll back the regulations, abolish the red tape and release the entrepreneurial spirit of the American people once again.


For America to succeed we need our hard working men and women to succeed, and like my father, they sometimes need a little help. Like a loan. Or a break from the regulations forced on them by the government. I am here today to ask for your support in my fight against big government. My aim is to let the banks make the decisions on what is a good investment. My aim is to let people create businesses without having to spend thousands of dollars complying to some bureaucratic regulation, or comply with some ridiculous government standard.


Join me in my fight to reignite our economy through revitalising the American entrepreneurs. Let us together show the supporters of big government that America is ready to open for business once again. Thank you and God bless America.

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