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Zander Kahuhu

Grayson Kahuhu (R-ID)

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Character Name: Grayson Kahuhu

Political Party: Constitution (1987-2006), Republican (2006-)

Seat Held: Senator, Class 2

Date of Birth: 1969

Place of Birth: Nampa, Idaho

Place of Residence: Rexburg, Idaho

Race/Ethnicity: Mixed

Gender: Male

Religious Affiliation: Mormon


Family Information:

Mom is Paraguayan and was born and raised there. Maternal Grandfather escaped North Korea as a defector in 1950. Father was born and raised in Hawaii. Kahuhu has 10 kids (4 girls, 6 boys) and currently 5 grand kids. 


Educational History:

Vallivue Middle School, Nampa, ID (1981-1983)

Todd Beamer High School, Federal Way, WA (1983-1986)

BYU Idaho (1987-1990), AAS in Family History Research

BYU (1990-1991) MS in Political Arts


Occupational History:

BYU Idaho ASB President (1987)

Intern for Senator Larry Craig (1988-1990)

BYU ASB Secretary (1991)

Mayor of Nampa (1991-1994)

Mayor of Rexburg (1994-2006, 2010-2016)

Governor of Idaho (2006-2010)






Manado studied at BYU Idaho for 3 years successfully completing a BS in Family History Research and he also worked towards getting a MS in Political Arts but had to transfer to BYU to finish his last year of his Masters. After graduating BYU, Kahuhu ran for Nampa Mayor and won the term for 4 years as a Non Partisan Candidate. Kahuhu moved his family east to Rexburg in order to run for Rexburg Mayor, Kahuhu had very popular name recognition in Rexburg from his time at BYUI and got him easily elected with 58% of the vote. In 2006, Kahuhu  decided to advance his political career by running for Governor as a Republican, being Mayor of 2 small cities he didn't exactly have a good background but he showed dedication to the position throughout the primaries, campaigning hard throughout the whole State hitting large cities like Boise and Couer' d 'Alene and was elected as the GOP candidate for Idaho Governor. In the General Election, Kahuhu beat Democratic candidate, Marine Stein with 60% of the vote in a highly contested GOP win.


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Welcome back but I can't approve this bio,


1. What program did you study at BYU and BYU Idaho? The dates provided show you only did three years(not to sure BYU offers three year programs for BAs) and I assume you did a master's with a year? I suggest editing the dates significantly. 


2. Being a student is not a job, you will need to significantly alter your occupation  history.  And also explain how the mayor of two small cities was able to win the governorship. You will not be allowed to say you won the governor's race as a member of the Constitution Party so that needs to be changed as well.


3. There is no class 1 seat in Idaho, please check the senate roster. 


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One more issue, I don't know how a university student with no work experience is immediately elected mayor, like I said earlier occupational history needs to be filled in.

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