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Lilakai Wauneka

Lilakai Wauneka (D-NM)

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Character Name: Lilakai Wauneka

Avatar: Luci Tapahonso (First poet laureate of the Navajo Nation)

Political Party: Democratic

Seat Held: United States Senator, New Mexico (Class 1)

Date of Birth: 19 November 1961

Place of Birth: Shiprock, New Mexico

Place of Residence: Shiprock, New Mexico

Race/Ethnicity: Native American (Navajo Nation)

Gender: Female

Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic


Family Information: No spouse; no children

Parents: Hoksay (father, b. 1931) & Ahson (mother, b. 1935) Wauneka (m. 1954)

Siblings, Siblings-in-Law, Nieces, & Nephews:

Hastiin Wauneka (brother, b. 1955) & Alex Johnson (b. 1954) (m. 1982) - No children

Klah Wauneka (brother, b. 1957) & Angelica Clahchischilliage (b. 1961) (m. 1985) - Ángela Wauneka (niece, b. 1989), Jorge Wauneka (nephew, b. 1991), Cecilia Wauneka (niece, b. 1994)

Atsidi Wauneka (brother, b. 1958) - Unmarried

Radmilla Wauneka (sister, b. 1966) & John Frank (b. 1959) (m. 1999) - No children


Educational History:

1976-1980, Shiprock High School, High School Diploma

1980-1982, Diné College, Associate of Arts in Social & Behavioral Sciences

1982-1985, University of New Mexico, Bachelor of Arts (Major: Political Science)


Occupational History:

1985-1986 - Bureaucrat, United States Bureau of Indian Affairs

1986-1988 - Researcher, Congressional Budget Office

1989-1990 - Reporter, Navajo Times

1991-2005 - Delegate (Shiprock), Navajo Nation Council

1999-2003 - Speaker Pro Tempore, Navajo Nation Council

2003-2005 - Speaker of the Council, Navajo Nation Council

2005-2013 - Representative (New Mexico's Third Congressional District), United States House of Representatives

2013-present - Senator (New Mexico, Class 1), United States Senate

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Hello! Welcome to the game, I see no issues we have to fix so approved! ?

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Thank you all. I'm currently travelling, so I might not be the most responsive for the next couple weeks - it's a wonder why I allowed myself to finally join VGS now - but I'll hope to be more active soon.

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