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Character Activities Cost Sheet

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Being connected with the voters of your state, or sometimes even expanding beyond, is always a vital aspect of political life. In non-campaign years, this can become an essential part of maintaining or expanding your standing at home, of introducing yourself to new people across the country, or shifting public opinion towards your agenda on legislative matters. Likewise, the two political parties can often make a big impact without a region or a series of key states with issue or grouping-specific speaking tours featuring their all-stars as well as up-and-comers eager to expand their national influence and name recognition. The following are the costs (which will be strictly enforced) for all of the most popular of character activities in the game:



Free of Charge


Press Conferences:

Free of Charge 


Personal Website/Blog/Facebook:

$10,000 per IG Quarter


In-State/Local Publicity Tour

(visiting local businesses, talking to local groups, etc.)

$15,000 per stop, unique brief remarks required for each stop


Book Promotion Tour:

(link to book by the standards outlined in the fundraising guidelines required)

$17,500 per stop in-state, unique brief remarks required for each stop

$25,000 per stop out-of-state, unique brief remarks required for each stop


Town Hall Events:

$75,000 base cost

-Add $15,000 per additional speaker


Public Rally/Speech:

$125,000 base cost 

- Add $25,000 per speaker 

- Add $60,000 per additional location


Other Events:

Public Activities are not limited exclusively to what is listed here, as creativity is strongly encouraged. If you are interested in hosting an event or some other medium of publicity not explicitly listed here, please contact the AB to inquire further as to cost and structure.

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