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Located in New York City


Founded after the 2014 Midterm Elections, Adwoma Igbawe an organizer for the New York City - Black Lives Matter and Jax Thorn, also an organizer for New York City - Black Lives Matter, established Progress Forward, a progressive news website that discusses minority rights, LGBT activism, and many other progressive policies. The organization focuses on Congress and legislation that pertains to the advancement of equality for marginalized communities including students and the poor. The outlet is the successor to the organization Operation: Blue which Igbawe and Thorn established in response to the changes within the White House over the past few years. It shifted to focus more on congressional activism and analysis and support for legislation in favor of progressive values.

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Adwoma Igbawe -- Hello and welcome to the first Podcast for Progress Forward a progressive news outlet based in the Great City of New York. It is I your lovely hostess for the night Adwoma Igbawe hailing from The Bronx! Tonight we will be discussing some tea that our team found out during the election season. We saw a very heated election this year and ultimately we ended up re-electing our current president Harrison LeCleavers! Congrats to him! But it was a very bazaar election Y'all. Tonight we are joined by Senator Hillary Edwards who is the senator of my home state New York and she is here to talk about her experience on the censoring trail. But before we get into that, let me give you all a back story here.


Illinois Republican Senator Christopher Williams decided not to seek reelection which left for an open seat for the Senate. Dutch Savage a liberal independent ran along with Genevieve Washburn a Republican who ran in school vouchers, tax cuts and much more. But the interesting part of the story here is that our very own senator Hillary Edwards, a Democrat, endorsed the Republican candidate for Senate. Even though Washburn lost this is something that catches my eye. So to discuss this with us I’d like to welcome Senator Hillary Edwards. Welcome, Senator.

Hillary Edwards -- Haha, hi, Adwoma. It's good to be here.

Adwoma Igbawe -- So let’s get into this. You are a senator and have spent most of your time in politics. You worked for the Clintons, President Obama’s etc. but as a senator for arguably one of the most liberal states and also serving as mayor of New York... why did you endorse a Republican for the senate race in Illinois?


Hillary Edwards -- Well, as the Senator from this state, I think it's more than fair for me to explain my decision to back Genevieve. The simple truth, Adwoma, is that there's nothing other to my endorsement than what I told the people of Illinois. Genevieve has been a Democrat most of her life and she supported policies like paid family, middle-class tax cuts, and I really believed that she was a woman of the people - from her experiences as a mother and a public school teacher. I think she would've been a moderate Senator and that would've been a good thing for the Senate. Nevertheless, I am glad that the Democrats are leading the Senate going into the next congressional session and I'm proud of the leadership of Leader Clayborne and President LeClavers and I think we can really forge some great progress moving forward - which is what this organization is about and I'm proud to be here with you talking about our future.


Adwoma Igbawe -- Senator, even though she was a school teacher, she advocated for school choice and with the idea school choice, many have argued that its a way for parents to move their kids from school districts and could segregate our schools. Also, she has been vocal in her ads when she ran, in support of Right to work. Were you not concerned about that Especially living in a heavenly unionized state yourself?


Hillary Edwards -- Oh, I don't agree with everything Genevieve ran on at all. And it's not for me, now that the elections are over, to defend her or her candidacy. But, no, no one should be under any illusions that I everything on her agenda. What I did support was her advocacy for paid family leave, which we both know would go a long way in helping the middle class and poor families of all backgrounds in this country. I'm a big fan of people who want to serve our country and have the ability to bring both Democrats and Republicans together - something that I believe Genevieve would've been great at. She fought for things like infrastructure investment and government ethics and tackling corruption in Washington. That's something to fight for and I'm proud she fought for it.


Adwoma Igbawe -- Now what about Senator-Elect Savage? Looking at his platform he has some pretty good points. Protecting LGBT folks, environmental protection, right to work... And seeing that you say you support her ideas on Paid Family Leave but she supports right to work. That basically just silly. Supporting workers with paid leave but not being able to unionize?

Hillary Edwards -- Well, one of the big reasons I opposed Mr. Savage is because I didn't at the time have confidence in his leadership abilities. We're talking about someone who is a comedian becoming a United States Senator. I've had conversations with him since he won and I'm looking forward to his tenure.

Adwoma Igbawe -- No shade but Al Franken was a comedian and became a senator.

Hillary Edwards -- Yeah, and Dutch Savage is no Al Franken. *laughs*


Adwoma Igbawe -- Well I’m not comparing who’s funnier but still saying he’s not qualified because he’s a comedian isn’t a fair judgment. Plus since you say you don’t agree with Washburn on many issues wouldn’t have been a better idea to just stay out of this race anyway? I mean we as New Yorkers have issues too. *laughs*

Hillary Edwards -- I'm fighting hard for New Yorkers - I've been a Senator, a Mayor, and an activist, and I don't think you'd be here where you are now if you just sat out the political process. *laughs*


Adwoma Igbawe -- Well of course. But in a city that is majority immigrant and has a high poverty rate and a state that has a diverse landscape, I think it is a bad move to have supported Washburn. She wanted to weaken unions, she had no plan for the environment, Dutch Savage did. She wanted to implement school choice which could lead to more segregation in schools and she supported John Moreno who troubled me with his strong conviction of other issues that I’d believe differ from yours. 

Senator, If you stand up for New York Values then that means you stand for all of them. I understand that Washburn supported paid leave. Well said she did but I don’t see how she could have supported that while weakening unions.

Hillary Edwards -- I'm not going to litigate the issues of a past Senate race. I think this organization can be a force for good, but in a diversely partisan country, we've got to work together. And that also means respecting others' political views and trying to achieve a middle ground on these fundamental issues - especially as it relates to the economy. But above all, we've got to have good government and that means conservatives and liberals and those in between working together. That's what I am all about.

Adwoma Igbawe -- Senator I just want to say that I respect people’s opinions but won’t endorse them if I disagree. That’s all. But I’m happy to see that Jax has joined us!


Hillary Edwards -- And I love the enthusiastic and passionate activism, Adwona!


Jax Thorn -- Hey Adwoma! and thank you, Senator Edwards, for joining us!


Adwoma Igbawe -- Thank you!


Jax Thorn -- I certainly want to know how Senator Edwards feel about Senator Savage?


Hillary Edwards -- Hi, Jax! How are you?


Jax Thorn -- I'm doing well, but certainly curious. How do you feel about Senator Savage being Senator as you seemed to have campaigned against him


Hillary Edwards -- I hope he will do great work for the people of Illinois.


Jax Thorn -- Are you open to working with him?


Hillary Edwards -- Haha, sure, why not?


Jax Thorn -- *chuckles* sounds like you're not confident with that answer Senator. As the Senator of New York, you have the privilege of representing one of the most liberal states in the nation. Can you tell us some of the issues that are occurring in New York now and how you intend on fixing them?

Adwoma Igbawe -- Yes please call ‘em out for us.

Hillary Edwards -- Well one big focus right now is on the budget. The Democratic and Republican leadership are still trying to hammer one out, but I won't stop fighting until something very important is included in the budget - a re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act. It wasn't reauthorized in 2013 when it was supposed to. And now we have Senator Zamora releasing a memo in which he wants to make even more drastic cuts to Violence Against Women Act grants. We're talking about landmark legislation that is central to our nation’s effort to fight the epidemic of domestic, sexual, and dating violence and stalking. These grants help break the cycle of domestic violence, providing vital resources that save lives by assisting women, men, and children as they flee abuse and heal from trauma. They also support training for law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, service providers, and communities to provide comprehensive support to victims, hold offenders accountable, and keep our communities safe. And every woman in this country ought to be outraged that Congress is not holding up its end of the bargain in protecting the nation's women and young girls, but I will. When the leaders finally propose a budget, I will fight tooth and nail to include with it a ten-year re-authorization and protections for the LGBT community as well. I look forward to rallying the women of New York and the women of this country to fight for their protections. It's imperative!

Jax Thorn -- That is certainly a really bold plan Senator, but I'm also curious about your commitment to our public schools. Certainly, we have you on record supporting a school choice candidate, and to many New Yorkers, it sounds like you are not committed to our public school system or to the students who heavily depend on the system to get a good education. For many of us, a vote for Washburn would have been a vote for school choice. What are your plans for education?

That is certainly a really bold plan Senator, but I'm also curious about your commitment to our public schools.




Hillary Edwards -- *chuckles* I question how you seem to be speaking for all New Yorkers when you characterize the question in that way, but I digress. I support teachers and I support parents and I support students. I have been a firm supporter of the President's pre-school program because I believe that early education is key for every child at an early age. We need to revitalize schools in poorer communities - many of which are predominantly African American and Hispanic - because some of these schools are run-down and the students do not have the resources that it takes to really advance their education and become successes within the system. Our teachers need to be paid more and I sincerely believe that America's teachers are one of the most undervalued aspects of our society. We should be listening to them more - Genevieve's a teacher and that's one of the reasons I supported her. I'm sure she could tell you more about the school system then you could tell your audience. The bottom-line is that we need to be helping teachers and lifting them up - linked with their understanding that each of them hold within their hands the key to a child's future. So there's a lot more that goes into education than being for or against school choice.


Jax Thorn -- Well, we are in New York City and also in a state with a strong teacher Union. Are you saying that you support school choice?

Hillary Edwards -- I never said that once, Jax.

Jax Thorn -- It's a yes or no answer Senator

Hillary Edwards -- And I've said no. Numerous times.

Jax Thorn So then why endorse a person who would have voted in favor of school choice?

Hillary Edwards -- Jax, let me ask you a question...was school choice the only issue in which Mrs. Washburn had a position on? It's a yes or no answer, Jax.

Jax Thorn -- *chuckles* it wasn't but it is a definitely a policy that would have affected millions of New Yorkers whom you represent. The Supreme court has 2 open spots now, is there anyone or anything special you would like to see from President LeCleavers nominees?

Hillary Edwards -- I would like to see someone uphold civil rights, gay rights, women's rights. I want to see someone who believes the Constitution belongs to all Americans and not just a few. *chuckles* and maybe a justice who would've been for a recount of Florida in 2000 instead of electing a president. *chuckles*

Jax Thorn -- *chuckles*, well that's all we have for today Senator. I thank you for your time and to America, stay safe and Progress Forward

Adwoma Igbawe -- SoJax, I think that Senator Edwards who has been a wonderful supporter of many initiatives and have in many cases helped in New York is confused or sold out.

Jax Thorn -- Adwoma I personally believe that Senator Edwards is facing an identity crisis. What he says he stands up for and what she actually does are not coherent. It is definitely understandable if the majority of Democrats across the nation brand her as a sellout.


Adwoma Igbawe -- I love the idea of empowering more women but as a woman myself, endorsing someone because they are solely a woman isn’t good enough. We need someone who will further womanhood and independence for women. Not saying that Mrs. Washburn didn’t embody that but a lot of her policies that she stood on didn’t align with feminist ideas.

Also with Mrs. Edwards living in a heavenly unionized state, she endorsed a candidate that is looking to weaken unions.

Jax Thorn -- Do you think there is any salvaging of Senator Edwards before her election in 2018? surely there will be a lot of talking points used against her regarding this particular situation


Adwoma Igbawe -- I think with her and a lot of other Democrats, they become a bit too complacent with being in safe seats.

So, I think that she feels that she is in a state of comfort a safe seat.

Hey Jax, I just got a message from Senator Jackson Clay’s office.

Jax Thorn -- Really?


Adwoma Igbawe -- We reached out to some Senator on the Democrats side and Senator Clay responded with this:  “I’m all for bipartisanship, but I find it odd when a liberal Democrat endorses a conservative. I wonder what more was there because it all seems a little fishy.”

Jax Thorn -- Wow, could there be some bigger plan that was at play here?


Adwoma Igbawe -- That I have no clue. But I sense there could have been some dislike for Mr. Savage. I mean, he’s not my top pick for a Senate seat but he was very similar in alignments with Mrs. Edwards than Washburn.

Jax Thorn -- You are definitely right Adwoma, Senator Savage is a little rough around the edges but he was a backed independent by then the Democrats. There is one thing I certainly do find interesting though, Mrs.Washburn used to be a Democrat
and changed her affiliation around the time of President Obama's 2008 run.


Adwoma Igbawe -- Right! But that’s one reason why Edwards endorsed her. Was because of that.

Jax Thorn -- But also Senator Edwards campaigned heavily for Secretary Clinton, could this have also been some revenged tactic to get back at the DNC for not fully backing Secretary Clinton?


Adwoma Igbawe -- Possibly

Jax Thorn -- Well I guess we may never know, but I do believe Senator Edwards will be a watched Senator, but for reasons that are not so positive


Adwoma Igbawe -- I agree. Now that is all the time we have today. Join us back for our next show coming up soon!

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Adwoma Igbawe -- Hello Listeners and welcome to Progress forward! I am your co-host Adwoma Igbawe, proudly from the BX!


Jax Thorn -- And I am your co-host, Jax Thorn!


Adwoma Igbawe -- So on our last broadcast, we had Senator Hillary Edwards from right here in New York speak and today we have a special treat for you guys! We have United States Senator from the State of Illinois joining us today. Welcome, Senator Dutch Savage!


Dutch Savage --  Adwoma, Jax, thank you so much for having me on your program. I really admire what you are doing here.


Jax Thorn -- Thank you, Senator, for taking the time out to speak to us today. You have certainly been a very active in the congressional session so far, how are you feeling about the Senate?


Dutch Savage -- It's been a mixed bag. Obviously, I do not have a strong political background so there has been an adjustment period. There have been things that I have been less than enthused about and some things that have given me a great deal of hope. In my first Senate speech I condemned the Senate as a pox and a plague, and I still very much have that opinion to some extent - but I have also come to recognize that there are people in the Senate who could very well be the cure if given the chance.


Adwoma Igbawe -- Senator Savage, you for sure as you touched on have made some noise off the bat as a freshman senator. You have started the Reconciliation Caucus which you try to have a fair balance of democrats and republicans. Can you touch a little bit on that caucus and what is the main purpose of it is?


Dutch Savage -- It has several purposes. The first and most important point of it is to act as a standing, permanent bi-partisan working committee that addresses issues of contention and tries to identify if there are ways to break impasses that have not been considered that might balance the competing interests of Democrats and Republicans. The second and much smaller purpose is to bring people of different partisan backgrounds together in a friendly environment so that we can build the kind of personal and professional rapport that compromise comes out of.


Adwoma Igbawe -- And currently the caucus has how many senators?


Dutch Savage -- Five permanent members and two honorary members with reduced privileges. Three Democrats, three Republicans, and myself.


Adwoma Igbawe --  Would you mind sharing who the permanent members and the honorary members are?


Dutch Savage -- Our membership is public knowledge, but sure. Myself, Senator Marc Baudin, Senator Lewis Clayborne, Senator Jackson Clay, Senator Elias P. Richmond, Senator Hugh Merchant, and Senator Max Coburn.  And to clarify, Senators Clayborne and Merchant are our honorary members.


Jax Thorn -- That membership is truly a bipartisan caucus, and I am positive we can expect some good things to come out of there. You stated earlier that you feel that there people in the Senate who can be the cure to a divided Senate, who are they?


Dutch Savage -- I don't like to specify names in this case, because you never know who could surprise you in the long run. That said, so far, I believe that the five core members of the SRC are absolutely committed to changing the way that the Senate operates, and from our honorary membership, Senator Clayborne has been enthusiastic. For us, a lot of the credit does go to Max Coburn and Marc Baudin, who were the first two to speak to me after my speech - Clayborne spoke to me right after. So what I said resonated there, and I think that is a positive note. I think there is a potential, though, for every member of the Senate to come together and act like a stateswoman or statesman - we just need to fire up the will and the desire.


Adwoma Igbawe -- Now let me shift gears if I might. Currently, there is a budget that needs to be passed and two supreme court justice nominees that need to be confirmed. So the Senate has a lot on its plate. Where do you stand specifically on the budget negotiations? I know you have stated in the past that you aren't too much of a fan and I quote "I would like to restate my commitment to the public, visible debate of the budget. Even if there are attempts to quickly pass a privately negotiated budget, I will push for a vigorous public debate on its qualities rather than just let it slide through." So can you address this?


Dutch Savage -- Well, I voted against cloture largely because I felt that the budget was being pushed through without thorough analysis - there is presently an amendment to the budget being debated that I authored that is being voted on in the Senate right now.

At the same time, we do have to recognize that a lot of discussion in the Senate does happen away from the video cameras and that's an important part of the process - I have been involved, to a limited extent, in part of that process although not the primary negotiations that everyone is talking about. When building a proposal, I'm fine if that happens in the background - but when it's on the floor, I want a thorough review in front of the American people so they can see where their Senators stand and what they are doing.


Adwoma Igbawe -- Can you explain your amendment?


Jax Thorn -- And what do you want to see in the budget?


Adwoma Igbawe -- Sorry, Jax, Didn't mean to cut you off.


Jax Thorn -- *laughs* it's alright.


Adwoma Igbawe -- Senator, feel free to answer whichever question first.


Dutch Savage -- Yes, well, the current budget as it stands closes the loophole that allows companies to essentially delay paying taxes on funds held overseas, and I support closing that loophole. So, generally, when we look at situations where a company stands to suddenly lose billions of dollars, they perform a practice called tax inversion. There is also a proposal in the budget that would restrict tax inversion, but looking over that specific bill it actually has a fairly large loophole of its own where it exempts corporations that have 'substantial business activities' overseas. So, my amendment temporarily lowers the tax rate for repatriated funds as a bridge between the closed loophole and the bill designed to prevent corporate inversion.

Did you have any questions on that front before I explain what I want out of the budget?


Adwoma Igbawe -- No! That was great! We can move onto the next question.


Dutch Savage -- First and foremost, I want a budget that is not divisive. A lot of people felt that the last budget screwed them over, and I want to make sure that we create a budget that at least acknowledged the value and worth of people and communities an inclusive fashion. I like budgets that help everyone rather than budgets that hurt some and help others.

Secondly, I do want to see a budget that preserves social safety. I am not necessarily married to existing programs as they currently exist so I am open to reform, but I do want to make sure that the sick, the elderly, the impoverished, the disadvantaged, the marginalized, and so on and so forth are taken care of in a meaningful way.

Thirdly, if you paid attention to my campaign you know I really care about infrastructure and science research and education, so I would strongly prefer a budget that strengthens all of those areas.


Jax Thorn -- There seems to be a lot of common ground coming out of all camps of the Senate. During your election, there was a very surprising endorsement given to Ms.Washburne by Senator Edwards of New York. How did you feel about that?


Dutch Savage -- It's a free country, and people are free to endorse and campaign for who they want. I hold no real ill will towards Senator Edwards over that - I have absolutely no right to - though I don't agree with the stated reasons. The irony, of course, is that I had also spent that week saying that we were in dire need of electoral reform and anti-corruption efforts and that I believed the two parties would work together to prevent those changes, so I think a Democratic Senator from another state showing up to campaign for someone who they were ideologically opposed to show people that I wasn't just making stuff up. I think it helped my campaign more than hurt it, at least as far as passion for my candidacy went among my supporters.


Adwoma Igbawe -- Well Senator Savage, we thank you for your response. We gave our little two cents last week in our previous show and we are glad you joined us. We look forward to seeing great things come about for you in the Senate and wish you the best.


Dutch Savage -- Thank you, Adwoma - and you as well, Jax. It's been a pleasure.


Jax Thorn -- It Truly has Senator! and to America stay safe and Progress Forward!


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Posted (edited)


                                                               Image result for denzel washington


                                                                                                                      Dirty Protests Strike In Beaumont


Jax Thorn:Hello everyone, I am Jax Thorn reporting to you  live in New York City.  We have  breaking news coming into the Progress Forward Newsroom. It has been reported that the prisoners of the United States Penitentiary, Beaumont have begin smearing feces within the walls of their Prison cells.


Many inmates at Beaumont have stated that their inspiration comes from the Dirty Protests from Norther Ireland.


For those who may not know the Dirty Protests was part of a five-year protest during the Troubles by Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) prisoners held in the Maze Prison  and a protest at Armagh Women's Prison in Northern Ireland. The dirty protests lasted from April 1976 to March 1981 due  to the brutality dealt to  prisoners  by prison officers


With that context one can only believe that the prisoners at Beaumont  must be under some type of duress to replicate the dirty protests.


As more information is released about the situation in Beaumont, we will report here on Progress Forward.


Remember my friends,stay safe and Progress Forward.



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Posted (edited)






Jax Thorn:Good Day America.  I am Jax Thorn and I am reporting to you live from New York City in our Progress Forward studios. As I speak to you we getting  a live news feed from one of our sources  


Apparently there has been shooting on Omaha,Nebraska. The shooting is being described as a traffic stop gone wrong, as a African-American male described to be his mid 30's has been shot and killed by an officer.


There seems to be a live facebook feed of the incident. We are going to share this feed here, but we warn you all of any graphic content  and suggest changing the channel if you ware with kids and fainthearted.


*The video plays*


Jax Thorn: That video  is truly disheartening, and our prayers goes out to everyone affected by this incident.  As we continue to receive more information on this incident we will share it right  here on Progress Forward.


Remember my friends,stay safe and Progress Forward.

Edited by Storm

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Jax Thorn: Good Day America, I amJax Thorn and I'm  reporting to you live from New York City in our Progress Forward studios.  We are back again to report more breakthroughs regarding the shooting in Omaha,Nebraska.


Our sources has confirmed that the victim in the video is 35 year old  African-American Roland Steele and he was shot to death by the police during a traffic stop. 


The Omaha police department claims  the stop was a routine traffic stop. The officer involved  in the shooting stated Steele was reaching for his gun five minutes after Steele told the officer he was a legal gun owner, the officer claims he repeatedly told Steele to keep his hands on the steering wheel until asked otherwise.



Steele's friend Thomas Bustamente claims Steele was reaching for his id after the officer asked him to produce it.


The lawyer of Roland Steele's family released this statement


"Once again, the police have killed an innocent black man and have lied to save their good name. Roland was Afghan vet deployed four times and earned a bronze star and a MSM during his service in Afghanistan. After he retired from the army Roland worked as a security guard while being a single father raising two children. Roland was a responsible gun owner and was highly observant of gun laws. So for the police to claim that a combat vet would mysteriously tell a police officer he was a gun owner and then reach for his gun is odd and a clear sign the police has covered up their crimes. We demand that the state attorney's office launch an investigation and we demand that the police department release the name of the officer." 



Jax Thorn: As this story of the shooting in Omaha,Nebraska unravels, we will be sure to update you as soon possible.


Remember my friends,stay safe and Progress Forward.

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                                                                                                                                                            Trouble in Beaumont?



Jax Thorn: Good Day America, I am Jax Thorn and I'm  reporting to you live from New York City in our Progress Forward studios. We are receiving news from our reporters in Beaumont penitentiary the the situation in Beaumont has worsened and seems to be a huge humanitarian crises.


Beaumont officials have refused to allow the press to interview prisoners, however prison officials have claimed the inmates are protesting due to false claims of poor food, poor healthcare, and abusive behaviour from prison staff. Just like the dirty riots back in Ireland, prison staff have been instructed to use water hoses and spray the walls at each incident.



It is also being reported  that 14 Prisoners at United States Penitentiary, Beaumont have begun to refuse food.


What's even more astonishing is that a source also claims prison guards have begun to beat inmates who participate in smearing their feces on their cell walls. 


Recent AP tweets has stated




@AP: Warden of Beaumont United States Penitentiary says prison is considering force feeding the 14 prisoners on hunger strike.




@AP: Prisoners have been on a protest strike due to poor food, poor healthcare, and abusive behaviour from prison staff.




@AP: The protest started with protesters smearing their feces on their cell walls.



Jax Thorn: The situation at Beaumont penitentiary is truly troubling as these are human rights violations. As we  gather more information from our sources we will be sure you keep you updated on the situation at Beaumont.


Remember my friends,stay safe and Progress Forward.

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Jax Thorn: Good Day America.  I am Jax Thorn and I am reporting to you live from New York City in our Progress Forward studios.  Earlier today the hearings regarding the mistreatment and abuse claims at Beaumont Penitentiary and in the Bureau of Federal Prisons has commenced.


The Senate Committee on the Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and the Judiciary summoned the appearance of Beaumont Warden Charles Daniel and Director of The Bureau of Federal Prison  Charles E. Samuels Jr.  


Shortly after the hearing started allegation of documents regarding human rights abuses in the  Bureau of Federal Prison were being destroyed was immediately leaked.


Progress Forward has reached out to the  Bureau of Federal Prisons but the Bureau has refused to comment on the allegations. 


More news has also surfaced that 56 female inmates at Aliceville FCI have gone on hunger strike after claiming guards forced them to perform sex acts to avoid being sent to solitary for infractions.


There is something rotting in our federal bureau prisons and I can definitely you, it is not the feces on the wall.


As more information unravels Progress Forward will be sure to report the News to you first.


Remember my friends, stay safe and Progress Forward.







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