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Character Name: Calvin McConnell Coburn
Political Party: Republican
Seat Held: Kentucky Class II
Date of Birth: August 1, 1971
Place of Birth: Covington, Kentucky
Place of Residence: Covington, Kentucky
Race/Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Family Information:, (1) Virginia Grace; January 3, 1971 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2) Jeremy Cottingham; June 5, 1996 in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Educational History: (1) BA in Economics in the University of Kentucky (1993) and (2) JD University of Oklahoma (1997)
Occupational History: (1) Legal counsel for the National Rifle Association of Kentucky (1998 - 2004) (2) corporate counsel, Brown - Forman (2004 - 2010) (3) US Representative from Kentucky (2010-2014) (4) U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

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Generally speaking, we usually require somebody to have some sort of elected experience prior being a US Senator, particularly if they don't have something else in their bio that would give them some realistic name rec. If you could map out some kind of path like that (a stint in the House or State Senate or as a Mayor maybe?) everything else looks good.

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With the change, approved.

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