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Ron Tilsley (R-CO)

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Name: Ronald Tilsley

Character Type: Senate

Party: Republican 

Political Leaning: Libertarian Republican

Date of Birth: January 6, 1966

Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado

Residence: Aurora, Colorado

Race: White

Gender: Male

Religion: Methodist


Family Information:


Patricia (Wife ; b. 1969 m. 1994)

Ron Jr. (Son ; b. 1996)

Lily (Daughter ; b. 2001)


Educational History

1984-1988: University of Colorado-Boulder (B.A.--Business Administration)


Occupational History


1988-1991: Denver Post, Advertising Clerk


1991-2005: Restaurant Owner (various locations across Colorado)


1993-2001: State Representative, Colorado House of Representatives


2001-2005: Senator, Colorado State Senate


2005-2009: Congressman, Colorado's 4th Congressional District


2009-Present: United States Senate




Ron Tilsley was born January 6, 1966 in Denver, Colorado. His father was a police officer and his mother was a high school English teacher. Growing up in a middle class family, Ron grew up developing what his peers describe as a "tireless work ethic" and a penchant for helping those who needed it most. Though he was considered gifted and talented by his teachers, Ron was not always a dedicated student and nearly had to repeat the 8th grade. But he acquired mentorship from a former Army Ranger turned history teacher that would tutor him and helped improve his grades. Throughout high school, Ron unleashed his full academic potential and finished in the top 10 of his high school class.


During the summer months, he would often end up working for himself doing yard work in area neighborhoods. That culminated into shoveling snow in the winter. That lead to Ron's interest in pursuing business later on in his life. After graduating high school, Ron attended the University of Colorado in Boulder where he acquired a degree in business administration. His first job was working for the Denver Post selling advertising to local businesses. While he dealt with a ton of rejection, Ron sharpened his sales skills and called it "one of his worst...but best jobs" he's had as it helped developed his overall character. 


Having saved enough money by 1991, Ron and two of his friends from college purchased a Winnebago with a trailer and operated a "taco stand on wheels" business. The trio would traverse the state of Colorado and made it a profitable business. They made enough to open a permanent location in Aurora in one year. Ron leveraged his success of being a restaurateur and later owned and operated restaurants across the state. But the success didn't come so easy. In 1992, faced with the frustration of overbearing regulations, Ron decided to run for the Colorado House of Representatives with the mission that "if anyone wants to carve out a piece of the American Dream, they should do so without standing in the way". 


After serving 4 terms as a state representative, Ron was considering the idea of returning to private life to invest more time in his restaurants. But after being urged by many friends and fellow Republicans, Ron decided to run for State Senate and won by a narrow margin. In 2004, his public life came full circle when he decided to run for Congress in Colorado's 4th. This time, his frustration was focused on the War in Iraq and the growth of government.


His popularity among his constituents made him the talk of the possibility of pursuing a higher office. That decision was made in 2008 when Ron entered the race for US Senate, narrowly defeating Mark Udall. Ron continues to serve in the US Senate as of 2015, citing Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater as his political heroes. 


Ron married his wife Patricia, a psychiatrist in 1994. The two reside in Aurora, Colorado with their two children, Ron Jr. and Lily. Ron Jr. is currently a civil engineering major at Colorado State University. In his spare time, Ron can be seen dabbling in various outdoor activities, playing guitar and is a die-hard fan of the Denver Broncos. He humorously states that his life motto is "Family. Freedom. And the Denver Broncos." 

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