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Media Guidelines

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Media Guidelines


How player media will work will be based largely upon what was done in VUSA,


1. Readership will be determined by the following ratings: Low, Growing, Large, Influential


These ratings will determine whether your radio station or paper will be picked up by the more established AB run media while also determining the amount of money you will get.  At later periods I may also start to show the numbers of how much Americans and yes even international viewers are reading articles or watching your news station.


There will be the following news forms that players will be allowed to use:

  • Traditional Newspapers
  • Radio Stations
  • Think Tanks
  •  Or simply creating an actually character for media(More will be discussed below)



1. Player Media must not be your stepping stone for launching your political career ie. No promoting your own agenda or how many bills you wrote, or using your player media to endorse yourself for an election race. (granted this only applies if you are also playing a congressperson) you will got no rewards and no money period.


However to keep things interesting and fun you will not be penalized for heavily partisan media, not all media will be fact-based as we saw in VUSA, partisan player media deserves a chance to flourish.


2.Creativity increases your readership, the idea of the game? Experiment and try new things that you think will increase readership and increase revenues.


3.Money that your media platform earns can be used to upgrade your organization/upkeep costs.


4.You are to uphold journalist ethics, for example you don’t leak the name of a Democrat congressperson who gave you juicy info concerning the DNC to Dem leadership, if I find out you have done this, you will be punished severely.


5. Golden Rule: I view media separately from a political character. Meaning if you decide to also use player media alongside playing as a congressman/woman; there is a fine line of separation between both. You cannot be punished by your party if you write an article or host a panel or show etc that’s critical of said party.


6.I will be grading articles etc every two weeks; an expectation for grades will be three substantial pieces of work within that time. Quality over quantity applies however.  

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