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Glory in the Morning

Audience: 290,000 listeners

Location: Great Plains

Revenue: $250,000

Potential Contracts: Chick-fil-A is offering you a $50,000 ad contract for five quarters, PM if you accept

Listeners like your Christian feel but many within the evangelical wing where turned off by your pro-immigrant stance, Catholics where many of them enthused by it and a great many have started to tune in, they make up a core demographic of your radio station; don’t forget that. Another core group tuning in is Hispanics who liked your attacks on Senator Williams for his highly inflamed tweets over immigration. Remember if your core group your targeting evangelicals are, target them accordingly. If not target Christians who will buy into the compassionate conservative message.


Williams Network

Audience: 345,000 viewers

Revenue: $450,000

Potential Contracts: Coca-Cola is offering a $90,000 ad placement contract for four quarters, PM if interested

The Williams Network could be classified as a right-wing news media source for its early criticism of former President Kline on issues over Afghanistan and Israel which has attracted a drove of tea party conservative and even center-right viewers. However attacking the establishment won’t get you any favors from them and the attacks on SML Krol has been noticed by said party establishment viewers who would rather see right-wing media attack the Democrats rather than attack each other. The graphics are great so keep up the work.


The Savage Land

Audience: 300,000 listeners

Revenue: $450,000

Potential Contracts: First Bank of Ohio is offering you a $100,000 ad contract for six quarters, PM if interested

Comedy gold is what most commentators are calling The Savage Land, most people listening like the way the news is presented, not too serious as other media but in a light hearted and funny. You have no political leaning as of yet  but your core demographic is 20-30 year olds who are majority white but you have a sizable chunk of black listeners which is expected to grow. However there were complaints from some viewers around saying “fuck you” on air, the FCC however has declined to take action. This has bumped your popularity so this is reflected within the grading.


Coast to Coast w/ Bill Wallace

Audience: 210,000 viewers

Revenue: $350,000

Establishment conservative answer to WNC and it shows, viewers tuning in are those conservatives turned off by WNC due to their attacks on Republican leadership, but that doesn’t mean that’s a good thing. Some tea party leaders have called it the official mouth piece of Senator Krol, for example explaining the budget deal sounds like a total mouth piece reflection of what Korl and Moreno did in the budget rather than reporting the news, you’re explaining the budget deal.  But others cannot deny that Coast to Coast is largely critical of Democrats and they like it.


Eastern Shore Media Group

Audience: 345,000 listeners 

Revenue: $500,000

Now this is very creative and I like what you did using your own voice, you get a bonus for thinking outside of the box. You give an unbiased approach to news which many Americans tuning in appreciate, explaining the midterm results and how it would affect both Democrats and Republicans has been given praises by both Democrats and Republicans, Your core demographic are 25-40 age groups, educated and politically active however there is a divide when it comes to racial groups, 50% of whites and 50% of Blacks tune in to listen to so be aware of that. Other than that excellent job!

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Williams Network

Audience: 745,000 viewers

Revenue: $550,000 +$90,000


You get a bump for interviewing the president which was impressive due to the fact of this being LeClavers first national interview since taking the presidency. You addressed a wide range of topics but I would have liked it to be more aggressive in nature, this was a fluff piece for the president with easy questions and answers, Viewers are concerned that LeClavers is inexperienced while you touched on it, you didn’t press him on, in fact because of your interview,  LeClavers image got improved but it remains seem if that was what you where aiming for.  An interesting perspective was during your piece on the recent border crisis, your commentary on the #SendthemBack movement obtained heated outrage from right-wingers but strong support from left-winger viewers who sympathized with immigrants whether they’re illegal or not, good work as usual.


 National Independent News Company

Audience: 845,000 viewers

Revenue: $650,000

+$200,000 candidate interview bonus


Bursting on to the scene, you are a direct challenge to the Williams Network, your audience is comprised of centrists and independents that favour an unbiased news source and a source that sticks to the facts. However unlike the Williams Network you don’t cover anything but the presidential election or what it appears to be which has turned off some viewers who would want a portfolio of different information regarding news and current events. Special notice goes to the second presidential debate that you hosted which increased your profile greatly. However that doesn’t mean it was for the good, the debate was chaotic while not the fault of the company, viewers found it hard to watch due to the lack of control over Senator McKnight for instance. However your interview pieces have gone over well with viewers, connecting them to their presidential candidates.  Also the graphics are great!



Readership: 245,000

Revenue: $350,000

+$400,000 candidate profile bonus


A new publication, all I can say is you’ve done a mighty fine job publishing pieces covering the presidential candidates, this is high quality work and your readers appreciate it. Again this form of media tries not to take on any sides in the political debate so viewership is made up of right-wingers, to moderates and the occasional leftist likes your profile pieces so keep it up. Your Washington Round Ups are informative, maybe too informative for the likes of some. Remember some people enjoy reading quick news on the go especially on a website. But overall good job.


The Savage Land

Audience: 500,000 listeners

Revenue: $450,000


The comedy show became a reality show in the last week, scandal and intrigue. First with Senator Moreno and then with Senator Williams. Is the show taking on serious politics? It may seem so and the listeners love it, nothing better than holding crooked like a carcass politicians to the fire which most other news stations are not doing, it’s the comedy show that broke the PPT scandal involving Moreno and the secret plot and then counter-plot involving Senator Williams. You’ve gone from an obscure radio station to a political comedy show on the way of becoming something as Colbert or the Daily Show. Keep going with this, your listeners love it.


The Brandon Hall Show

Audience: 110,000 viewers

Revenue: $250,000


Also a new production but very focused on the GOP so the audience are primarily made up of Republicans. It was short but focused on the National Infrastructure Bank and the feud between Williams and Moreno over it. I liked this part, what I didn’t like was going into the background of SML Zamora, it could have been a brief statement on his experience and maybe gotten an interview with him, save that for next time. There isn’t much to say as the first show was brief coverage on only two events in the news, with one story being more important than the other. Nice start however!



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Williams Network

Audience: 345,000 viewers

Revenue: $150,000 +$90,000


The news of the week is that the Williams Network under investigation from the FEC and he scandals of you attempting to bury a news story to help a member of your family’s career. This will over shadow your interviews and will continue to do so. Do not attempt to do what you tried to do or the consequence of said actions will be worse. Your interview with Senator Storm was interesting, it covered what the senator views as his important topics from criminal justice reform, to education, and to the weak performance of President LeCleavers and his endorsement of Senator Clay as the democratic nominee. However, your attacks on Dutch Savage where viewed as childish and immature with it seems a clear vendetta against the one-time media personality now attempted politician,


“At the comedian's recent night club rendition, Dutch Savage, the grandiose radio host announced he would be filing to run for the United States Senate in Illinois. Say it with me: carpetbagging!”


This won’t win you viewers and it buys into the narrative that the Williams Network is less about presenting the news and more about protecting the Williams name.


 National Independent News Company

Audience: 1,115,000 viewers

Revenue: $750,000

Revenue offer: United Continental Holdings is offering you $100,000 for ad placements for three turns


The major criticism I’ve had with NINC was the overwhelming amount of election news that you where putting out. While viewers like to be updated on the presidential race, they also want to hear other political news about the issues. However, this week its changed up, you’ve covered the president’s executive orders on immigration, the fruit and vegetable bill, a guest editorial attacking the Republican’s push to right to work laws nationally. Overall, you’re now earning the viewership of former Williams Network viewers who have been disgruntled over the scandals and ethic probes concerning the network. However, remember to diversify how you present the news and the view ship will continue to increase.


 The Savage Land

Audience: 520,000 listeners

Revenue: $490,000


Your recent shows have been increasingly critical of former senator Chris Williams and the Williams family in general. Your piece revealing the information of the Williams Network burying the Rollins letter has earned you accolades but also detractors who claim you have a vendetta against the family, the whisper campaign isn’t helped by the fact that you’re now running for Chris William’s former seat. Overall you where the first and only media network to release the Rollins letter partially but atleast you released it.  


The John Locke Institute

Audience: 234,000 readers

Revenue: $300,000


Your one piece about Cabotage laws was interesting, it presents a common-sense argument as to why the United States should allow foreign companies to invest in domestic airlines and your readers agree. Unlike other media, you are the only one that offer recommendations for legislation to be passed or not be passed. However, its clear the Locke Institute wasn’t meant to report the news but influence the American public on public policy. Good job!

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National Independent News Company (NINC)

Audience: 1,315,000 viewers

Revenue: $850,000


So once again NINC comes out on top not due to the sheer amount of work you guys produce (which I couldn’t go through and mark all of it) but because of their strict journalistic ethics and their dedication in presenting the news. The top three pieces that I think are really good,


1.      Zamora Budget Proposals

Literally no either media source covered this especially when Zamora suggested highly unpopular and downright absurd cuts like the reducing the Civil Rights Division in the DOJ and reducing funding for FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund

2.      Chamber of Commerce endorsement refusal

When the Chamber of Commerce refuses to endorse the Republican presidential candidate that’s huge and you covered it well, bringing both Moreno and Clayborne to offer their insight really sealed the deal with this one.

3.      Zamora Interview

While this interview was shorter and actually quite a nice fluff piece instead of questioning Zamora directly as to why he let the Republican majority erode in the elections, it presented an embattled man to most viewers but many saw him to be hypocritical especially with this line, “However, after the election results came in, it became clear to many in the GOP that we would need to take a hardline stance against the President and Democratic Party's agenda. With the Senate Republican caucus eyeing this strategy, I decided that it was time for me to wrap up my time as caucus leader so I could continue to embrace my sincere faith in bipartisan governance.” Due to the fact that NINC released his budget proposals and the constant PR attacks made by the Senate Democrats, this interview polarized viewers from supporting a man who believes strongly in bipartisanship to mocking the former SML for his new found sense of bipartisanship.


Progress Forward

Readership/Audience: 130,000

Revenue: $234,000


I’m very conflicted with your first interview to be honest and your audience was too. The interview felt like an coordinated attack instead and asking the tough questions as to why Edwards decided to endorse and even campaign for a Republican, however these questions needed to be asked surely since the Senator A) Represents a Blue State and B) Has styled herself as a progressive. However it was a coordinated attack but Edwards was able to withstand the attacks especially on school choice, and she did have a point, school choice wasn’t the only issue that Washburn was running on and the repeated attacks on that where tiresome. It was also low blow in my opinion to add that commentary after the interview especially since you did not do it for Senator Savage’s interview.


As for your second interview it was unsurprisingly fair and balanced and asked meaningful questions concerning the budget, the supreme court, and yes Hillary Edwards. But unlike the Hillary Edwards interview, the audience was more comfortable with this one and it reflects better on you guys to stick to interviews like this, while you may be a progressive news source, you still have to adhere to professionalism.  


The Washington Daily

Readership: 140,000

Revenue: $250,000


A very balanced magazine including the first article concerning the supreme court nominees, just focusing on what happened including the now controversial nomination of Justice Jane Kelly, however it wasn’t perfect. There could have been more analysis but then again you used the viewpoints of senators across the political spectrum to do that I think with Baudin, Coburn, and Savage.As to the polling release, you could have done way better than just releasing the numbers, you could have written an article with analysis so that wasn’t all that great. But do keep up the good work!


Bread and Roses Magazine

Readership: 97,000

Revenue: $150,000


It’s hard to label this newspaper, some might call it progressive, others might call it full on socialism but I prefer to view it as democratic socialism and the ideas reflect that. It rails against the Democratic Party for taking the course of moderation but fails to acknowledge the various amount of moderates in the senate caucus, while the few Democrats who read this agree with that opinion, in honesty their opinion of the article means horsecrap as your main audience eats this up willingly and wants more. Interestingly enough you could have attacked LeClavers for submitting to a budget of moderation but instead you threw that pent up leftist anger at the party itself and led out a somewhat vision of what the party should do instead. While this isn’t news per say it’s a very strong opinion piece if you buy into democratic socialism  so good job there.

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