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When signing in a player media character, please include the following:


Name of Owner/Main Reporter:

Media Organization:

Type of Media:


Types of Media:



Radio (Please specify time of day)

Think Tank


All characters start with $250,000 in their bank account.


Grading Periods will be weekly. During the grading, players will receive several pieces of information based on their posted material: funds, demographic reports (gender, race, and political ideology for most part), and national rankings (if applicable).


Grading Parameters: Grading will be based on several different factors outlined by the media admin

  • Quality of stories (this includes grammar and readability) [Hint hint: Traditionally in news, people want to be able to read the story fast and get the facts pretty quickly.]
  • Journalistic ethics (If there is lying or obvious fibbing, you will be docked some points [Depending on where you are, it might not be as docked there as other locations] [Also, if you serve as a complete homer for your character, it will be docked off. It’s not bad to cover your character if they have something going on, but there is a line that can be crossed]
  • Creativity


Media markets: You may pick one of the media markets outlined below to start in (except California Pacific, New York, Mid-Atlantic, and Texas). You will have not have to pay for the original market (not even upkeep). Internet is exempt from media markets. So if you want to be able to work on the administrative side of things, you can expand all you want. If you just want to put out quality pieces, you can do that as well without any worry for money.







Expansion: However, if you wish to expand you must purchase space (and upkeep) for that market. See sheet for details. Perks of expansion include more influence on politics in those states. Expansion is not required however, you can not expand and still become a regional powerhouse in your market!


Auctions: Occasionally if and when certain leaks or breaking news stories come down the wire, the admin media organization will auction off the news story. If and when that happens, all media outlets will be notified and allowed to submit a silent bid for the story. The media outlets will have 12 hours to respond with a bid, the highest bidder wins at the end. This will only be applicable if there is more than one media organization operating at a time.


  Starting Cost Upkeep cost (every 6 months)
First market FREE FREE
Four Corners $750,000 $250,000
California Pacific $2,000,000 $650,000
Texas $1,500,000 $487,500
Tri-State $1,250,000 $250,000
Great Plains $750,000 $100,000
Deep South $500,000 $100,000
South Atlantic $1,500,000 $487,500
Mid-Atlantic $1,500,000 $487,500
East North Central $1,250,000 $406,250
West North Central $500,000 $100,000
Mountain States $500,000 $100,000
Pacific Northwest $750,000 $250,000
New York $2,000,000 $650,000
New England $1,000,000 $325,000
U.S. Territories $250,000 $300,000


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