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Campaign Of Nikhil Khanna

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Hello my name is Nikhil Khanna. I am someone who has fought for everyone to have equality of opportunity. I want the next generation to have a better not worse quality of life than we are today. Here are some of the policies I will pursue if you elect me to be the your  next U.S Senator 



I believe in a woman's right to choose. I believe that the right to choice is a very important right but at the same time I'm going to fight for things like the Hyde Amendment which prevents federal funds for abortion. I don't believe health insurers should be forced to cover birth control and abortion.


Gay Marriage 


I believe in states rights. I believe that local governments are more accountable to the people than the federal government on very personal issues like marriage. I will oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment but I will also oppose any legislation to make same sex marriage nationwide. I will also make sure no one has to do anything or pay for anything that violates their conscience but at the same time I don't want to exclude LGBT advocates from the Republican Party. Cool Shoes is proud to be   One of the great things about the Reagan coalition is that it was many people coming together with different viewpoints for a better country. 



Tax Reform


We need tax cuts for all Americans as I feel that Americans can spend their money better than the Federal government can.  I will support all attempts to balance the budget including the Balanced Budget amendment. The main reason I support tax reform is we as people from Connecticut have seen the effects of tax hikes in our great state. Many businesses have fled the state to Florida or other states. Federally many countries have fled to China and Mexico for slave labor. I will cut taxes for all to make sure that doesn't happen. 



Foreign Policy

I want a strong military. But at the same time I don't think that we need to topple governments in foreign countries just because we disagree with their ideology. Due to this militarism we also gave weapons to Al Qeada and other terrorist groups to fight communists when they are now a danger to our country. 





We need to cut 50 percent of the regulations from small businesses

Make regulations not mandatory but incentivize clean energy 




Nikhil supports all types of energy but wants to incentivize growth in the renewable energy field 
Nikhil supports tax benefits for corporations with clean energy 


Criminal Justice

Nikhil supports rehabilitation rather than full punishment for drug crimes
He does not support boot camps in juvenile prison


Tobacco Law

Nikhil believes that tobacco is dangerous and we need to settle with Big Tobacco
We need to run ads to make sure kids don’t smoke 



Nikhil supports legal immigration and a path to citizenship for illegals 
He supports legislation to help talented immigrants get jobs at NASA and other companies


Women’s rights 
Nikhil Khanna supports equal pay for equal work
He does not support quotas though






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Nikhil Khanna on Democratic opponent Isaiah Wilder. 


Hello Connecticut, this is one of my favorite states and the state in which I was born and where I became successful. I would like to talk to you about my opponent Isaiah Wilder. Isaiah Wilder is the brother of Representative Louis Wilder who in Congress has just pursued far left policy after far left policy. Louis Wilder wants tax increases which push jobs out of state and ultimately out of the country. He supports taxes and he supports regulation. Regulation is scaring people from starting small businesses and small businesses are the heart of this nation and they create most of the jobs in the United States. Bill Clinton has been one of the worst presidents for working people and all people of all time. We keep having intervention and intervention and none of it has ever worked and we haven't caught the biggest terrorists that we're trying to stop like Osama Bin Laden. If you elect me as your Senator I will pursue common sense solutions to bring these terrorists to justice and prevent a large attack. We also can't have boot camps to punish children in juvenile prisons. We have to remember that kids in juvenile detention centers are children they might be delinquents, they still are children. Children deserve to be treated in a way that's helping kids in bad situations go to college. I also will be a Senator for all of the youth in Connecticut especially since Isaiah Wilder wasn't even born here and didn't even grow up here. I am born and raised in Connecticut. I know what the Connecticut youth and their parents  think about. My father and I make an effort to hire teenagers and especially teenagers in bad neighborhoods in not just stagnant minimum wage positions but we have a ladder of opportunity that gets kids in management and we have helped a lot of these kids get into great colleges and some of them work for us now in the business aspect. I also have been disturbed by the Clinton administration's cuts for Social Security. Social Security has been around for hundreds of years and is one of the most popular parts of the federal government we have. We can't just have asked seniors for their entire lives with the promise and then not deliver it. This is an issue the Democratic Party used to fight for but now it seems they don't want to fight for. I would like for Bill Clinton to personally talk to seniors and explain to them his decisions which have hurt them and Isaiah Wilder will fight to continue those policies just like Representative Louis Wilder. Overall we must fight for our values as our values are what's at stake in this election.

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Nikhil Khanna gives a speech in Stamford

Hello Stamford. Stamford has consistently been one of my favorite cities. I love going to the Stamford mall as it's always where I get gifts for my girlfriend and there's a great movie theater there. With my father and I's business I have hired many people from Stamford including someone who's very near and dear in my heart. One of my good friends and former employees's name is David Brown who is a Brown University graduate who I hired when he was poor but his parents saw that he was good in math and he could do math at a 11th grade level in 5th grade and she supported him all the way and they always strived for a better life for him just like my father did.  David Brown is now working for my company and he is one of the best business minds in the game. Going back to my father, he lived in India which is a great land but has been ruined by socialism in many ways. His parents saw his love of math and puzzles and they saw his mind and they saw his spirit and when he was a teenager he worked every job he could to save up to go to college. He eventually went to Oxford and is looked at as one of the great business minds in not only America but the world. My dad gave me some  of not only the best business tips but also he taught me to not forget about where I came from and to appreciate how he worked his ass off to build a better life for me and to give me all the opportunities I have enjoyed. My sister is a great lawyer and she was always encouraged by my father and my mother to go after her education. I care a lot about women's rights. For one we need equal pay for equal work and I don't see how that's a controversial position in the Republican Party which is my party and I want to help all people from all walks of life which I don't think the Democratic and Republican Parties are willing to do. I also differ from Republican orthodoxy which is I believe that women should have the right to choose. If you talk to women who have made the decision to end their pregnancies, they don't wear that decision on their sleeve. A lot of the women who made this unfortunate decision are mocked and ridiculed and a lot of them are trying to become lawyers, businesswomen, congresswoman, governors, or maybe even the President Of The United States. If women don't have access to an abortion they will have to live with the mistakes they made earlier on in their lives. But I'm not just going to let women have abortions and then forget about them like the Democratic Party and State Rep. Wilder want to do. I want to provide tax incentives for companies to hire more women and hire more women of color and hire more African Americans and hire immigrants and ultimately have a more diverse workplace which will create many jobs and this is not someone that a Democrat would do. In the spirit of diversity we will also have a program for extremely talented immigrants to get jobs at NASA and other great organizations that bring our nation to the future. Immigration will be encouraged with Nikhil Khanna in the Senate and I will try to find ways for hard working undocumented  immigrants to become legal. It is extremely immoral and frankly racist for us to separate the hard working immigrant families of this country. In fact I started a non profit dedicated to protecting immigrants and expanding their rights as Americans. My father and I believe in hiring immigrants and we have hired many immigrants into our company because we have a belief in giving back. That belief in giving back is what is fueling my campaign. That's another reason why I support Social Security and Medicare which State Representative Wilder says he supports in his platform but he's in the establishment Democratic Party which has had plans to cut Social Security and Medicare and I pledge that if you elect me as your next U.S Senator I will not vote for anything that cuts Social Security. Seniors have worked hard for those earned benefits so I think that we should give them what we promised. Also prescription drugs have become more expensive under Bill Clinton and State Representative Wilder wants to continue this. Thank you and last thing I would like to thank all the parents in this great city and all across America. You guys are raising the next generation and you are the best thing for our economy. Thank you.

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Nikhil Khanna gives speech in Greenwich 


Hello good people of Greenwich. Greenwich has always been one of my favorite cities in all of the world and I have traveled to many countries and many parts of our own country. Greenwich has always been a center for innovation. Any city where my father, a poor farm boy from India can become a multimillionaire is a city where there's something special going on. The sad thing about this campaign is that someone is running who wants to strip Connecticut and the country of what made it so special. Isaiah Wilder wants tax after tax and regulation after regulation. If he becomes our Senator what is so great about our nation and specifically our state will be gone. Isaiah Wilder wants to destroy everything that's great about this country and make into a country where people are on welfare and never work or start a business and even if they wanted to. My dad never took a penny from the government even when he was as poor as he could be because he believed in the power of hard work and the power of starting a business and he believed that it's not where you come from it's where you're going

Some of the policies I'm going to introduce are I want a program for undocumented immigrants to find work and to rise up in the ranks and not just work at McDonalds and collect welfare checks all their life. Secondly I want a tax cut for not only the wealthy but I want a giant tax cut on the middle class and I will propose that in the Senate if you elect me. I will also protect Social Security and Medicare which a lot of seniors have worked their hardest for and if Isaiah Wilder becomes Senator we have a better chance of more cuts to Social Security. I will also fight against the Federal Marriage Amendment because I believe that the states have the right to choose what they want to do in their state since local governments are more accountable to the people. I will also fight against Bill Clinton' and Hilary Clinton's war on African Americans where Hilary calls an entire race superpredators and as a son of  an immigrant I was deeply offended. I will also fight against job killing regulations that are making our great companies from investing here. Another thing I want to do is since I know many of you are parents and will eventually send your kids to college I will propose a tax cut if you send your kid to college which I think will help a lot of families who are struggling with college tuition. I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to get an education and the federal government should reward not punish parents who want to give your child the gift of education. I will also give everyone a tax cut who sends their child to a private school as my Dad went to a private boarding school and it was a formative experience for him and I feel that we should encourage parents to be more involved in their child's education and not less. 

As a senator overall my main goal is to bring people together with the power for every single American to achieve his or her dream. Every child deserves to be  whatever they want to be and do whatever they want to do. As a senator I will craft policies to make sure America does that.



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Nikhil Khanna gives a speech in Hartford


It's wonderful to be in the great city of Hartford. Hartford has proven itself to be a very diverse city not just racially but economically and I feel the more diverse a city or country is the more successful it is. Hartford is also the home of many great businesses like Travelers Insurance which has proven itself time and time again to be a great job creator and a very innovative company. Let's give a round of applause for Travelers such a great company. I come today to talk to you about the various policy positions I will be fighting for if I am so lucky to become your next United States Senator. The first one I want to stress is that I will fight for immigration and I have been a critic of my party and the Democratic Party's  frankly racist's positions on immigrants. Immigrants are our future and they are our present and I feel the only way to get into the 21st century is by having diverse voices from all around the globe come to America and that's the way it has begun and that's the way it will continue to be and honestly we don't know what Wilder will do on immigration.


In fact I see nothing on his platform that says he will do anything for the immigrants of this country. On the flip side I have worked my entire adult life to benefit immigrants that's why I started the Immigration Society to help raise awareness for immigrants who are one of the groups in Washington that I never hear talked about. So do you want to vote for the guy who has fought for immigrant his entire adult life or someone who won't even put in his platform and when he talks about it he just gives lip service to the issue.  If you elect me as your Senator I will fight for all people to have their constitutional right for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 


The next issue I will fight against is politicians telling women what to do with their bodies. I have had it up to here with politicians controlling women and forcing women to bring a fetus to term. The result of less access to abortion is unwanted children and teen mothers and it is frankly sexist when politicians are so pro life like that. I will fight for energy independence which won't happen with Democrats in Congress especially Wilder who's brother and him have been fierce opponents of any type of energy but renewable. As Senator I will fight for cleaner oil but switching right now to renewable is a bad mistake that voting for Wilder will give you. Energy independence will not only give us cheaper oil which will result in lower gas prices but it will also create a lot more jobs than switching prematurely to renewable. 

I will also fight to make access to a quality college education more achievable for most families. I will fight for a tax cut for all families that send their kids to college so that families won't be punished for giving their child a college education. Helping kids go to college is a huge problem but I don't believe socialism is the way to do it like the Democrats are proposing. In every country where socialism has been implemented socialism has failed just think of China or Cuba or The Soviet Union. Look at the goods that came from those countries they are embarrassing compared to the United States. We can't let socialism ruin good college education but we also need to still encourage families to send their kids to college and that's why I will promise to get a tax cut for all families who send kids to college. 


Most of all my campaign is about bringing people together. Many politicians talk about rich and poor and black and white and immigrant and natural born citizen and I want to know all the concerns of all people no matter if they're rich or poor or whatever. That is what the American Dream is all about.



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Nikhil Khanna goes back to Stamford 

Hello Stamford what a wonderful evening. I always love coming back to Stamford and it's one of my favorite cities. I would like to talk about policy solutions that I feel are going to help the state and the country a great deal. America is a very divided nation and I want to bring people together. I feel that America is strongest when every voice no matter how small is heard. In this campaign I have talked to men, women and young adults about the policies that would make most sense for the American people and specifically the people of Connecticut. 

First off we are going to really focus on the terrorists that are a real threat to us. Osama Bin Laden is one of the largest threats to the national security of the United States. Our number 1 foreign policy initiative should be the capture or killing of him as he will be a large threat later. One of the big issues with the Wilder/Clinton foreign policy is it is not targeted and smart. It is focused on overthrowing foreign governments and not focused on actually getting the bad guys that are a real threat to our nation's national security. 

Secondly we have a real big tax problem in our economy. Due to the high taxes of the Clinton administration which Wilder supports businesses are leaving the country and going to Mexico  or China and leaving the working class of this country unemployed and poor. As your U.S Senator I will work my hardest to create tax reform that will incentivize businesses to stay in the USA.  I will also hold Bill Clinton accountable for his anti working class policies. 

I will also make one of my first priorities to reform or outright replace the crime bill. Some of the provisions in the bill just disturb me and they should disturb every citizen of this great nation. One of the particular provisions that disturbed me is the provision which allows boot camps for juvenile prisons. We can't forget that these prisoners are children and should not be treated to an environment with an as harsh or harsher environment than  a normal prison. Another part that infuriated me was that it eliminated the possibility of higher education while incarcerated which is a disadvantage to people who are eventually going to get out of prison. Probably the worst part of this whole idea is when Hilary Clinton who is supposed to be this big civil rights icon called black males ''superpredators'''. All of this the Wilder brothers support and this is totally unacceptable. 


We are also going to incentivize parents taking their children to college as many kids face serious student loan debt up until their 50s and 60s and many times people have trouble retiring because they are deep in student loan debt. This has to change but it is not going to change with socialism because socialism never works. The way it's going to work is with tax cuts and Wilder is not going to help with this issue because as we have seen the Wilder brothers and the rest of the Democratic Party are allergic to the words tax cuts. 

Another thing we are going to stress is immigration. I have fought for immigration my entire life. I have started a non profit for immigration and at Cool Shoes we have a very diverse workplace that is full of immigrants and African Americans and women. We will create a pathway to citizenship for immigrants. Most undocumented immigrants have been here for a long time and they have families and they pay taxes while getting nothing in return. Washington D.C has turned a blind eye to this problem and we need to really help immigrants work and be successful Americans. Isn't that what the American Dream is all about and if you elect Wilder you'll just get more Washington D.C lip service. 


Overall this campaign is about restoring the American Dream. We are a nation of immigrants and we are multicultural and we must embrace that. I believe that every American should have the opportunities to make it and then they can do it. The biggest evidence for this is my Dad who left India and moved to America to make a better life for himself and he became one of the biggest shoe moguls in the world. This is the American Dream.


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General Election Campaign Round 


Starting Budget- 200,000

Income- 60,000,000

expenditure, 240000


Campaign Expenditures

Round 1 

80000-TV ad in Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area

Male Narrator: Nikhil Khanna has helped immigrants his entire adult life by starting a foundation and donating thousands of dollars to causes related to rights for immigrants while Isaiah  Wilder has not. Isaiah Wilder has been a career politician his entire life and has not fought for rights for immigrants at all. We need a senator who will fight everyday for immigrants. Vote Nikhil Khanna. 

80000-TV ad New Haven-Milford Area 

Male Narrator: Throughout the entirety of Bill Clinton's years in the White House, Bill Clinton's policies have driven jobs out of Connecticut and out of the United States. Louis Wilder will continue the corrupt policies of Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party that has driven your job away. Mr. Wilder cares more about renewable energy than about keeping jobs in the US. Vote Nikhil Khanna. 

8000 TV Ad in Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area

Male Narrator: For the entirety of Nikhil Khanna's adult life, he has consistently hired teenagers and young adults in his stores and has consistently been an advocate for education and an advocate for children in the private sector. Many kids who he has mentored have gone to great schools because of him. Would you rather have someone like this being your next U.S senator or someone like Wilder who likes to give lip service but has not actually done anything. 




Campaign Press office link 

Talking Points 


We will cut taxes which will incentivize job growth and allow Connecticut citizens the right to have more control of their money. 

We will provide a pathway to undocumented immigrants and have job placement programs so that immigrants will have a chance to become successful members of our society and provide a different voice to solve some of our country's problems and maybe be the next big CEO just like my father. 

Repeal or reform the crime bill which disproportionately targets people of color and immigrants and children and punishes rather than rehabilitates children who don't deserve to be treated as harshly as adults. 

We will support energy independence and coal but we will also support renewable energy and we will support ways to make coal and other non renewable energy sources cleaner. 

Incentivize parents sending their children to college with tax breaks and other forms of tax incentives 

Allow ways for non violent drug offenders to clear their criminal records by helping their community. 

We will protect Social Security and Medicare as the American People earned them and we can't take away a system that we forced seniors to pay for and now not give them the benefits. 


Stump Speeches 

Hartford, CT

Stamford, CT,




Hello Greenwich.  This is one of my favorite cities. It's a place where there are a lot of parents and let's give a round of applause for the parents of this city. You do a great job of raising your children and giving them the best opportunities that a parent can give to their child. That's certainly what my father gave to me. I am here to give you policies that I will pursue if you elect me as your Senator.  It's also a place where a poor kid like my dad can get the same opportunity as someone born rich.
I will work hard to make sure every child gets a good education. A good education leads to a good life and a more fulfilling life at that. I believe that parents should be able to send their kid to college and not have to worry about the cost and not worry as much about student loans. My opponent and the Democratic Party want to do that with socialism and I want to do it through the tax system. I want to give tax breaks to universities to lower their tuition and also we will give tax breaks for anyone who sends their child to college as then people can send their child to college without worrying as much about debt. This tax break won't just apply to traditional colleges it will also apply to trade schools and innovative colleges of the future. Also on the grade school level we will support you to be able to choose what school to send their kids to which is a policy proposal that Democrats don't want. Democrats are so beholden to the Teachers Union that they won't do anything to help the hard working parents of this country.
We also will fight against bigotry of all kinds. Greenwich is known as a very accepting city and I know it's hard to vote for a Republican after some of the recent news stories about Republicans condemning women and homosexuals and others. I want to assure you that I'm a different kind of Republican and I have fought my entire life against bigotry and intolerance specifically starting a non profit called The Immigration Society. I have actually a better record on immigration than Wilder as I started a non profit which I put my own money in which I doubt Mr. Wilder would do which has helped immigrants get higher paying jobs and has benefited many immigrants in its history. That's why  I would be a better U.S senator than Mr Wilder. Goodnight Greenwich.



80000-TV ad in Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area

Ad describes how Wilder has not done anything for immigrants while Nikhil Khanna started a non profit for immigrants. Male narrator: Nikhil Khanna has been an advocate for immigration his entire adult life. Being the son of an immigrant he understood the importance of helping people from all across the world come to the United States and achieve the American Dream. That's why he started a non profit with his own money and that's why he is running for U.S senate. Louis Wilder doesn't even put immigration in his platform so  will you support a candidate who has vocally supported rights for immigrants or a candidate who won't even talk about the issue. 

80000-TV ad New Haven-Milford Area 

Male Narrator: Under the Bill Clinton administration many jobs have been driven out of Connecticut and out of this country through high taxes and high regulation from the Clinton administration. Louis Wilder will continue these failed policies and that's why you should vote for Nikhil Khanna for U.S Senate and he will vote against any attempt to get higher taxes that will undoubtedly drive jobs out of the United States. 

8000 TV Ad in Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area

Male Narrator:Nikhil Khanna has had a record of being a champion for children his entire career. He has made an effort to make recommendations for his workers to great schools and as a Senator he will champion the youth of this country. 

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