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Rose Garden Annoucements

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Vice Presidential Announcement 


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Thank you all for coming,


Today I would like to announce after speculation my vice president. The man I have chosen has led this nation’s senate with distinction and I can call one of my closet advisors when it comes to policy and legislative matters. Senator LeClavers has served with distinction as a fellow soldier, business owner, state senator, senator of Wisconsin, chairman of the DNC and finally president pro tempore. Throughout these roles he has done an amazing job of public service and I am proud to have him serve as the next vice president of the United States.


Image result for cyril ramaphosa speaking to the press


"First of all, I'd like to thank President Kline for his trust, faith, and confidence in me to serve as the Vice President of the United States of America. It is truly a blessing and an honor to be considered for this position- a show of confidence that I can never forget. I will do my best to prove myself to the American people, to prove my ability to serve in this position, and work hard for the interests of the American people. 


Taking on the Vice Presidency is an awesome responsibility- the responsibility of helping the leader of the free world lead, and serving as one of the senior officials of the executive branch of the United States. I humbly accept my own nomination, and I look forward to going through the process of the 25th amendment to prove myself in front of the elected representatives of the American people. I expect nothing less than a tough, fair hearing, for this incredibly important position. I look forward to answering these questions, and the overall vetting process, to prove myself to the American people. 


I have always believed that i have a duty serve my country, my compatriots, and that has been a driving factor of my entire life. I proudly put on the uniform after being drafted in 1969, and served in Vietnam for four years as a member of the United States Army. I have always had a firm belief that you cannot say no when your country comes calling, because it has blessed me with opportunities that I would have never had in any other country on this earth. I firmly believe that we should all answer the call to duty, as the reprehensibility to give back to what has given you so much is something that I have always found incredibly important. 


That is what drove me to run for State Senate in 2008, just six short years ago when I held my first ever elected office. And that is what drove me to run for United States Senate in 2012- my drive to work for what is best for the people of my own city, of my own state, of my own country. The belief that I should be a public servant, give back to the communities that gave so much to me and my own family, and the belief that I could make a difference. That same drive is why I stand before you today, accepting the nomination to the Vice Presidency of the United States of America. The fundamental belief that I can serve as an effective public servant, and that I can make a difference for the American people in this new position. 


Thank you, and God Bless."


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Vice Presidential Announcement


President Harrison LeClavers(D-Milwaukee) 




My fellow Americans, 


Thank you all for tuning in today. Once again, we stand here before you to announce my nomination for the man who will be the 50th Vice President of the United States. He has served his career with distinction- serving as a young college graduate in Washington D.C., working in the Senate. Taking the world of politics by storm, he was elected the Mayor of Seattle at just 30 years old- and his constituents were so enamored with him, that he was able to be elected a United States Senator at the age of 34. A man who is young himself, representing the future of our nation. America's 50th Vice President will be America's youngest Vice President, and his name is Senator Revan Bennett of Washington.


Senator Revan Bennett(D-Seattle) of Washington




Mr. President, my fellow Americans of all colors and creed;


I proudly, and humbly accept your nomination.

I would like to thank President Kline and former Vice-President LeClavers for their years of devoted service to this country and her people, both in the White House and outside of it. Our nation is stronger, more together, and more optimistic thanks to their strong and steady hand in guiding our nation through struggle to struggle, with our nation emerging always brighter, always better on the other side of the storm. Thank you President Kline for your service. You are a true American hero, a man we all aspire to be. While I am sad to see him depart, I do thank God that he was a patriot and had the foresight to select the only man capable of filling his shoes if he were to leave office, the only man capable of taking his agenda for the nation to the next level. I thank God for this country and for peace in the world that President Kline had the wisdom to choose Harrison LeClavers as his Vice President.


Thank you President LeClavers for affording me the opportunity of a lifetime. I am humbled by your faith in me, and I pray to God for the strength to serve the United States and you in the manner required of me.


I have known Harrison LeClavers for many years know, and I as well as any man can speak to his good moral character, his soundness of judgement, his wisdom and strong leadership that have seen every community President LeClavers has represented benefiting in ways they could never dream of. And now we are all his community, and I could not be more excited about the opportunities that will come to our country because of that.


We stand on the brink my friends. We stand at the beginnings of a great new American nation, erupting from the past with the strengths of the future. There are great global dangers, people, nations, and beliefs that wish to see the people of America greatly injured, killed, eradicated from the planet. There are new threats, new enemies, but also new friends. New opportunities to help build the world of tomorrow, today.


What great problems there are before us: the clear and present danger of unmitigated climate change; to bringing prosperity and opportunity to every American; to strengthen the grand alliance with Europe; to continue the task of building a strong and prosperous and united hemisphere under the alliance for progress; to assist our brothers and sisters in Asia and Africa in preserving their freedom and promoting their progress; and to defend and extend freedom throughout the world to all who share this one planet. These issues require a special type of leader, one who has the foresight and the wisdom to know both that Rome was not built in a day, and knows that this great Western Civilization that we have worked so hard, and so long for can be brought crashing down to ruins in an hour.


There is much work to be done in the United States. Impoverished communities, increasing stagnation, wealth inequality, the impact of climate change, a faltering international image. We have problems to tackle. But Americans have never failed in the past, we will not fail now, and we will never fail. America might have a fever but the man to break it is LeClavers


I am proud to stand behind President LeClavers, the special type of leader our nation has been crying for for far too long. I am proud and humbled to serve the American people in this capacity of Vice-President. I pledge to give my best in all that I do for President LeClavers, for the American people, for God and for Country. That, I swear to you, the American people, for it is you, not the President and the Vice-President, that are the true masters of the American dynasty.


I believe I speak for the President and myself when I say these words, that we are completely and totally committed to you, the great people of this greatest of nations. That every day we wake up to fight for you, and every night we go to bed to do it again. We will always fight for you. That is our eternal promise to you. 


I know I speak for the President and myself when I say "You'll Never Walk Alone."


But we need your help. Your faith, your support, that unbreakable spirit that sums of the history of the American people. We must all work together towards this future, for out of many we are one, and it is only by working as one that we may stride forward into that great new hope.


It will take all of us. It will take work, blood, sweat, and tears, but in doing so, in sacrificing and in working and in dreaming, we will build a New America for all of us, and the sun will never set on so glorious a human achievement!


Thank you, god bless you, and god bless the United States of America.

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SCOTUS Announcement





President stands in the Rose Garden with Justice Jane L. Kelly and Justice Sri Srinivasan.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening. Thank you for coming here today.


Just yesterday, myself, my wife, the Vice President, his wife, the Secretary of State, and her husband, all attended yet another funeral of someone who dedicated their lives to public service- Justice Scalia. While Justice Scalia and I often saw things differently, it cannot be denied that he did what he thought was correct, and he always attempted to interpret the Constitution for the betterment of our country.


And a couple of months ago, in September, all six of us attended the funeral of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A lioness of her time, she will go down as one of our great Supreme Court justices. She fought for what was right, from the bench, and the impact of her life's work will be felt by many Americans for years to come. From enabling women to get admitted to institutions like the Virginia Military Institute, to opinions authored upholding the basic tenants of the Constitution, like a right to a lawyer for the accused, she has left a legacy that will remain for a very, very long time. 


But now, it is my solemn responsibility to appoint the successors for both justices. I have looked throughout the court system, for a pair of justices who would work to uphold the Constitution, who understands that the Supreme Court should uphold the rights of the American people, a pair of justices who will do the nation proud. And, I beileve that I have found a pair of Supreme Court justices that will make our nation proud. 


The first justice I want to nominate, is Justice Jane L. Kelly of the 8th Circuit. She is the second woman to ever sit on the 8th Circuit. She joined the Federal Public Defender's office in 1994, fighting to make sure that we have a fair and just criminal justice system for all. One that protects the rights of everybody involved. Her expertise in criminal law will make her an invaluable asset to the Supreme Court, as she will go out there and be a fighter for the rights of the individual. Her credentials to serve on the Court are exemplary- as shown by her unanimous confirmation to serve on the 8th Circuit by the United States Senate in 2013. I look forward to both a thorough, and ultimately successful, confirmation process for Justice Kelly. 


The second justice that I will nominate to serve on the Supreme Court, is Sri Srinivasan. Serving on the D.C. Circuit court, he is seen as somebody who is a strong, solid member of the D.C. Circuit court. He would be the courts first Asian-American, which would be a momentous occasion. However, his qualifications, like Justice Kelly's, are also impeccable. He is an immigrant himself, moving to the United States at the age of 4, working his way up on his own merits. he has a stellar, bipartisan record of public service, and has shown throughout his career that he is anything but a partisan- he judges cases on its merits, fiercely maintaining the independence of the courts. These are qualities that the Senate saw in 2013 as well, as he was approved 97-0 to sit on the D.C. Circuit Court. 


I look forward to a robust and fair confirmation process for both candidates, and I look forward to both of their eventual confirmations.

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Vice Presidential Announcement


President Harrison LeClavers(D-Milwaukee) 




My friends, we gather here today for the formal announcement of the nomination of a Vice President. Revan Bennett, my good friend, served extremely well in his position and worked hard- I pray for their family in what must undoubtedly be a trying time. But now, of course, the country commands me to nominate somebody else to serve as Vice President of these United States. I have picked somebody that I feel could add a lot to this Administration. This is a man who knows the value of hard work, somebody who understands the ins and outs of policies on many different issues, and who will bring a unique perspective to this Administration, one that will help us work towards accomplishing our goals in both the short and long term future. Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you the next Vice President of the United States, Senator Marc Baudin.


Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Marc Baudin of Ohio




Thank you, Mr. President, sir. Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to have been nominated to serve as Vice President of the United States, and I am looking forward to working with President LeClavers towards a stronger America. I have always first and foremost, believed that the future of America lies with her youth, and that we are only as strong as our weakest link. In my work as a lawyer, as a Foreign Service Officer, and as a Senator, the effects of actions and procedures on youth has always been an important consideration for me. Building the future, by utilizing the present is the code I have lived my life by, and I believe it is the critical approach in making not only this nation, but the world a better place.

I was born right here in our Nation’s Capital to a family that moved to a new location every few years. I spent time all across Europe and as a Foreign Service Officer, all over Africa as well. I have been witness firsthand to the plight of children not only in Africa, but in Europe. Some starving, some with poor family situations, and even poorer living conditions. I counted myself lucky to be an American citizen, I still do.

Yet when I returned to the United States, I saw firsthand that the same poverty affecting children around the world was affecting ours as well. In my eyes, this is completely unacceptable, and supporting youth has become a cornerstone of my life, as a private citizen in Cleveland, and as a Senator in Washington. As Vice President, I would continue to be the advocate our youth need and deserve.

My faith and my family are incredibly important to who I am as a person. I’d thank my lovely wife for being here today. I have three children, and I understand firsthand the struggle many American families have in ensuring a bright future for their children. We as a nation, we as a government, need to ensure that all our youth are prepared for the years ahead. Someday they will be taking up the mantle of leadership, whether its in politics, art, or business, it is my personal goal that we can make our youth more prepared to face an increasingly competitive economy.

I firmly believe that one of the greatest things we can do is pass our knowledge and wisdom down to our children. I think it is an essential cornerstone of politics that we support this. We have done much in this field already, but it’s time to do more. Thank you. God bless.

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Vice Presidential Announcement


Chief of Staff Bennett, Senator Saunders, and Senator Clay come out to the Rose Garden, flanking the podium. President Baudin comes out with Senator Brink.


Image result for francois fillon garden speech


Thank you for joining me here today. I would like to introduce to you, Senator Bill Brink from the State of New York, who I am nominating to serve as my Vice President. Only a few days ago, I invited Senate Leaders Jackson Clay and John Saunders, as well as House Leaders Speaker Sessions and Leader Linda Sanchez to the White House to discuss the next Vice President of the United States. The name we all could agree on was  Senator Bill Brink. 


I remember when I was elected to the Senate, Bill, who was in the House at the time, gave me a call to congratulate me. His sincerity was touching, and when he was elected to the Senate a few years later, I made sure to make a return call congratulating him. I have nominated Bill not only because he is a truly heartwarming guy, but because he is a steady and reliable hand. A diligent member of the House, and a diligent member of the Senate, Bill has represented his State of New York well. He cares about his constituents and has always put them first. I have no doubt that as Vice President, he will do the same. Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Brink.



Senator Bill Brink

Image result for dean heller podium


Thank you, Marc! My fellow Americans, let’s face the facts. We are now on our fifth president in the last five years. Though there have been ups and downs throughout the administrations of our predecessors, I respect each of those predecessors for what they were able to bring to this country. I thank them for keeping this country safe, regardless of the political rhetoric that has spread at times about them.

However, today is a new day, a new block on the building blocks of this country. Many are skeptical of this new day. That’s okay. This administration is here to work, I wouldn’t be joining it if it wasn’t.

Many have and will ask me why I have accepted the nomination to become Vice President. Marc Baudin and I come from two different ends of this party, after all, I am a New York environmentalist while Marc is an Ohio moderate. In the end, it is a sense of duty why I am standing here today. Marc and I will disagree sometimes, but that will be a good thing.

This country has been through some very difficult times just in the last few years: the prison hunger strikes, the border violence in New Mexico, two major hurricanes, and more. I am confident with your help and support, we will be able to make it through the next set of challenges. As they say in the great state of New York where I hail from, excelsior!

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