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Senate Multi Bio Guidelines

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Name: (Name of your character)


Party: (Democrat, Republican, Independent)


Date of Birth: 

Place of Birth: 

Place of Residence:


Educational History:

Occupational History:



It is optional to include a written biography for your character. Details may need to be explained to Administrators on a case-by-case basis based on educational and occupational histories. 


Be aware that some allowed attributes in some states might not be conducive to winning an election. 


Forbidden character attributes:

High Military Official

Federal Cabinet or Sub-Cabinet Leadership

Federal Agency Leadership

Major Disabilities (deaf/blind) 

Former Governors or US Senators

Failed Former Nominee for Governor or Senator

CEOs of a Fortune 500 Company

Mayor of City with Over 250k Population 

Under Age 30

Former National Party/Congressional Leadership

Prominent House of Representatives Committee Chair

Major (A-List) Celebrities, Authors or Athletes 

**Unrealistic prior experience subject to Admin discretion

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