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Press Office of the Democratic National Committee

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The official press office of the Democratic National Committee, the formal national governing body of the Democratic Party in the United States of America.

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Democrats propose budget to avoid government shutdown


WASHINGTON- President Kline and Senate Majority Leader Lewis Clayborne(D-OR) introduced the Democratic Budget proposal to the press today, after the Republican failure to take part in and respond to negotiations. The budget, while properly investing in America's infrastructure by increasing our commitment to that, secured over $1 trillion dollars over the next 10 years in cost savings. U.S. Senator of Wisconsin Harrison LeClavers(D-Milwuakee), the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said that the proposed budget was "an excellent roadmap forward for America" and that he hoped that the legislation would be able to make its way to the President's desk, through both Chambers of Congress.


"As they say, the show must go on, and we need to move forward with the business of the governance of this country. Now the Democratic Party has proposed a budget to the Congressional Republicans, and unfortunately, they have not responded with their own proposal in kind. Senator Clayborne and President Kline's decision to bring this budget forward, to the American people, is one that I believe has lots of promise, and is a budget that we should all support. We are a party that focuses on middle class Americans, on working class Americans, and that focuses on upward mobility, creating strength in the present with an eye towards the future. And I believe that we have successfully done that with this budget. 


One of the key issues facing this country, is our infrastructure. It is clear that we need to further invest in our infrastructure, and there are very many reasons to do so. Of course, it creates jobs, as people build and repair things like our nation's bridges and roads. And, of course, this is not simply just a short-term employment fix. It is the basis of long-term economic strength. The ability to move goods, to move people, quickly and efficiently around this vast country is one of our nation's economic strengths. Strong infrastructure lays the foundation for a strong economy tomorrow, whatever that looks like. Further investment in science and R&D will ensure that we are ready and able to face the challenges of tomorrow head-on, rather than scrambling from the back.


This also looks to the future in terms of providing good and efficient governance. This is an important issue to the President and the American people, and in an improving economy, we need to take a serious look at.. That's why the Democratic budget reforms will save the country over $1 trillion dollars over 10 years- something that we do, while getting rid of sequestration. Common sense reforms, like reducing government printing and travel, allowing for community use of Smithsonian Institutions during non-operating hours, as just a few examples, will help provide good and smart governance reforms, which is a key goal of this President. We hope that Congress can pass this legislation, with the bipartisan support that it deserves, so we can keep this country moving forward."

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President LaClavers is a Proven Leader!

With the start of 2015, the United States and the Democratic Party have all experienced a fair amount of change. First and foremost, the Vice President Harrison LeClavers has succeeded to the Presidency after the resignation of President Kline. President LeClavers brings his experience as a Senator for Wisconsin and as our Vice President. With his skills and leadership abilities, President LeClavers will be the leader the country needs. 


President LeClavers is set to bring stability and leadership to the country. As President LeClavers is the third President of this term, he has made it a priority to select the right people for a number of executive positions. Already, he has nominated Gary Locke, a former Governor of Washington, Secretary of Commerce, and Ambassador to China, to be our next Ambassador to the United Nations. Janet Yellen, the current Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve, whose experience in the banking industry is vast, has also been nominated to be the first female Chair of the Federal Reserve. Lastly, the President has appointed Lisa Monaco, the Assistant Attorney General for National Security to be our National Security Adviser. 


These new additions to our leadership team represent our country. Locke will be the first Asian-American UN Ambassador, Yellen will be the first female Chair of the Federal Reserve, and Monaco joins an elite group of females who have provided our Commander-in-Chief with the advice they need to protect the United States. In this great country over 300 million people, we have men and women who work each and every day to make this country strong. It is the mission of the Democratic Party to assemble a cabinet that represents our country and President LeClavers continues to do so. 


Based on the qualifications of each of these nominees, the Democratic Party calls on the Senate to make these qualified nominees their first priority in the 114th session of Congress. 

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Democratic Party Fights for the Affordable Care Act! 
The Democratic Leader in the Senate, Lewis Clayborne of Oregon, has reached a deal with the Republican Leader, David Krol of Georgia, to work in a bipartisan manner to address the needs of the American people. The Democratic Party applauds the leadership of Senator Clayborne to work with the Republican Leader. This represents a return of the United States Senate to its original mission of compromise. 


Based on their agreement, the leaders of the Senate have made it their priority to review the following topics: 


1. Passing the student tax reform bill presented in the 113th Congress
2. Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit
3. Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment
4. Extending all expiring provisions, programs and authorisations, especially by enacting a Farm Bill and a surface transportation renewal act, and renewing CHIP, Federal Perkins Loans, and the Export-Import Bank
5. Extending the PATRIOT Act but with more focus on human intelligence, transnational crime, and protecting civil liberties
6. Finding a solution to reform the process of purchasing automobiles to empower consumers, and exploring reforms of occupational licensing
7. Bringing the federal gas tax into the 21st Century, both through increasing rates to properly fund infrastructure needs and through a study into the change to a distance-based program
8. Improving the culture around federal infrastructure spending, discouraging compartmentalisation and encouraging output-focused policies, looking into the creation of a federal Department of Infrastructure to eliminate waste, redundancy, and overhead
9 . Expanding Rural Broadband Internet Access and access to safe, clean drinking water
10. Giving every nomination presented to the Congress a fair and honest hearing process
11. Beginning discussions on the federal biannual budget well in advance of the expiration of the previous budget
12. Maintaining open lines of communication at all times between all parties


What is missing from this list of agreed topics for discussion is … healthcare. Nevertheless, the Republican Leader has brought up the American Health Care Act in the first docket. This legislation, states that its goal is to “To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act...” But should we take a trip down memory lane? 


Before the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare industry was running out of control and operating against the interest of Americans. Their focus was increasing profits by providing fewer services to their customers. What was a common decision by insurance companies? “Sorry, that’s a pre-existing condition. It’s not covered.” And hardworking Americans who spent their lives providing for their families were left with large medical bills that they couldn’t pay. 


The Affordable Care Act is far from a perfect piece of legislation, but it provides Americans with a number of benefits that are necessary for the system to work for the people. These benefits include: children could stay on their parents health care plan until they were 25, there were no longer pre-existing conditions that could limit insurance coverage, plans offered essential health benefits including: ambulatory patient services; emergency services; hospitalization; maternity and newborn care; mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment; prescription drugs; rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices; laboratory services; preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management; and pediatric services, including oral and vision care, there were no longer any lifetime limits for insurance coverage, and preventive care, vaccinations and medical screenings were fully covered by the insurer. 


The Democratic Party calls on the Senate Republican Leader David Krol to table this legislation so that a bipartisan group can work towards compromise amendments to the Affordable Care Act. The Democratic Party is open to working with the Republican majority but we cannot lose sight of our values nor rip the foundation out from under the Affordable Care Act. 

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For Immediate Release

Press Secretary of the Democratic National Committee

430 South Capitol St SE #3, Washington, DC 20003


Profile: Judge Jane Kelly

"A highly qualified Supreme Court nominee"




(Washington, D.C.) President Harrison LeClavers nominated federal appellate judge Jane Kelly to fill a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court. After confirming Sri Srinivasan to the Supreme Court earlier in the congressional session, Republicans in Congress are obstructing the nomination of Judge Kelly - who would be the fourth female Supreme Court justice - from passing the Senate, despite her high qualifications.


Who she is: She's is a United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit judge who previously served as a longtime public defender in Iowa. She would be the first public defender to serve on the Supreme Court in United States history. She was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate as only the second female Eighth Circuit court judge. Kelly clerked for both Democratic and Republican-appointed Judges, including, Donald Porter and David Hansen.


Fun Fact: Judge Kelly received the John Adams Award from the Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, which recognizes an individual’s commitment to the constitutional rights of criminal defense.


"This is a local Iowa girl, an intelligent and well-rounded lawyer who is from humble beginnings," said DNC Chairwoman, Hillary Edwards. "Jane Kelly is a highly qualified Supreme Court nominee and there's absolutely no reason to prevent her from becoming the fourth female Supreme Court justice and first justice with a public defender background. With Judge Kelly on the court, it'll be an addition to our nation. I am extremely confident she will uphold our nation's laws and defend our Constitution and Republicans should not uphold her nomination any longer."


Highlights from Kelly's Senate committee hearing


"Thank you for the question, I do not believe that a judge's personal views should be known or at least talked about, there is a clear separation in the law and personal beliefs, that is something I will uphold if I am granted the chance to serve on the supreme court.  As to my judicial philosophy, I believe that the times have changed significantly since our constitution was written and which means we must view it how modern society would interpret it."


"Senator I believe the second amendment is still relevant in today's America." 


"Our country's founders  who were of different religious backgrounds themselves knew the best way to protect religious liberty was to keep the government out of religion."


"I have clerked for two judges, taught at the University of Illinois College of Law, served as a public defender and supervising attorney, and have served as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit for four years. I've tried cases and made judicial opinions on cases that have impacted this nation, I believe strongly that my experience in the law which has passed decades has prepared me for the duties of a supreme court justice."



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