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  1. I’ll be on limited activity tomorrow and Wednesday. I’ll be on telegram though if you need me.
  2. House Minority Leader Daniel Baresi endorses Florian Wood.
  3. @BaresiNY I'm with Wood in 2020. #Wood2020 #GOP #SC
  4. Hello Columbia! What an honor it is for me to be here tonight. I’m here tonight to tell you that, later on this week, you’ll be voting in a primary that will set the tone for the rest of the primary season. You’ll be voting for the candidate that will represent the republican party in the general election. I urge you to vote for the candidate who will provide us the best chances to win the general election. I urge you to vote for Senator Florian Wood! Senator Wood like President Trump, but more polished. In a perfect world, that would mean he wouldn't have media backlash everyday and the Democrats would work with him to get actual legislation passed, but you know how they act, folks. Hopefully they won't, but I have a feeling they will just to get power, like they have the past four years. Now, I know he is your Senator, and I’m not gonna stand up here telling you what makes him the best person for the job, you all already know that. You all have the honor to be represented by such a great Senator, better than some of the ones that have been in longer than him! He understands what issues are most important to you, and what issues are most important to the rest of the country. I trust Senator Wood to be a great successor to President Trump, and I trust Senator Wood to be a great leader for this nation. This won’t be the last time you see me, South Carolina. I will definitely be back here to help Senator Florian Wood win the general election, and to help win back the U.S House of Representatives in 2020! Thank you all for coming out tonight, remember to vote my friend Senator Florian Wood this week in your primary. Thank you and may god bless Columbia, may god bless South Carolina, and may god bless America!
  5. @BaresiNY I'm in Columbia, South Carolina. Stay tuned for a huge announcement! #GOP #SC #2020
  6. @GioNJ @SiSiPuedeRivera maybe if you sent a copy to my office and let me read it before you try to attack me on twitter, I might! #manners #respect #NJ
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