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  1. Rangerboy

    Leave of Absence

    Taking LOA starting Tomorrow and coming back Monday night. I might pop in but no promises. I'll be on telegram tho
  2. Rangerboy

    Theresa Kelly (R-AK)

    Welcome to the game and party! However, I'm unsure if you can have Governor experience in your bio. Nvm, it's fine, my bad.
  3. Rangerboy

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: James Jefferson Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: WMAL
  4. Rangerboy

    Technical Requests

    Leadership mods please ( if HmW gets it)
  5. Rangerboy

    Press Office for James Jefferson

    Jefferson Elected as Minority Whip Washington D.C- Earlier this week, Congressman James Jefferson (R-Herndon) was elected by his colleagues to serve as their party's whip in the House. He replaced Congressman Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX-7) when he was elected to serve as the House Minority Leader. Jefferson released a statement on the recent promotion: Press Secretary Debbie Smith
  6. Rangerboy

    Fair Minimum Wage Act of 1987

    Mr. Speaker, I cannot, I repeat, cannot support this legislation. Raising the minimum wage will completely ruin the economy by driving prices up. Everything from burgers to housing will raise in price and we will be back at square one. Also, if you enforce these onto small businesses that don't make nearly as much as bigger businesses, they will eventually go out of business and kill, what I consider, the backbone of this nation. If the other side of the aisle wants citizens to have more money to spend, why don't we give them tax cuts? That way, they will have more money to spend, which will help out the economy more than raising the wage. I urge my colleagues from both sides to oppose this legislation, and think about the average citizen and the small business owner! I yield
  7. Rangerboy

    Radio Free China Act of 1987

    Mr. Speaker, I believe this bill has passed with no objection. I yield

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