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  1. I'm voting rework, and have an idea. I think we should have people either sign out their current characters and create senate candidates or decide run for Senate with their housie. It's a good way to save the reset and switch branches of Congress to help fix the realism problems, like have actual consequences (losing your seat in the next election) if you aren't being realistic for this time period. Also, since it's a presidential year, you can sign in a "more upgraded" player to run for President or use your housie. What I mean by more upgraded is that you can sign in a governor or something like that, but nothing crazy. We also have to speed up the quarters, if a scenario isn't gaining any traction with the player base, end it and move the round forward. The slow rounds are causing people to lose interest in this round and/or game. Just an idea to help save this current reset and make it more interesting.
  2. Rangerboy

    Crystal Ball Game 2018

    House of Reps Q1: How many house seats will each party have following the election? This is the straightforward one. 225 R 210D Q2: How many races will be "too close to call" as of midnight Pacific Time? 38 Q3: Surprise! Which incumbent will be the most surprising person booted from office? The winner is determined by a casual glance at news coverage, so make sure it is a big name! Josh Gottheimer US Senate Q4: What will be the party breakdown of the US senate following the election? 55R 45R Q5: Call Each Race. Percentages are optional. Arizona: Sinema (D) v McSally (R) McSally Florida: Nelson (D) v Scott (R) Scott Indiana: Donnelly (D) v Braun (R) Braun Missouri: McCaskill (D) v Hawley (R) Hawley Montana: Tester (D) v Rosendale (R) Tester Nevada: Rosen (D) v Heller (R) Heller North Dakota: Heitkamp (D) v Cramer (R) Cramer Texas: O'Rourke (D) v Cruz (R) Cruz West Virginia: Manchin (D) v Morrisey (R) Manchin Q6: Pick a race not listed in Q5 that will be an upset. Bonus: Tell us the narrative we hear from it. New Jersey, I just have a gut feeling Bob Menendez will lose his job and New Jersey will have it's first elected Republican Senator since 1972 State Governors Q7: What will be the party breakdown of governors following the election? 29R 21D Q8: Call Each Race. Percentages are optional. Florida: Gillum (D) v DeSantis (R) DeSantis Georgia: Abrams (D) v Kemp (R) Kemp Kansas: Kelly (D) v Kobach (R) Kobach Nevada: Sisolak (D) v Laxalt (R) Laxalt Ohio: Cordray (D) v DeWine (R) Corday Wisconsin: Evers (D) v Walker (R) Walker Q9: Pick a race not listed in Q8 that will be an upset. Bonus: Tell us the narrative we hear from it. Another gut feeling, I think Connecticut will finally have a Republican Governor after this election ***all these predictions are made possible by Modelo Especial*** Other Q10: Predict something absurd. This is open territory. The more specific, the better.
  3. Rangerboy

    Press Office for James Jefferson

    Radio Free China Act Signed into Law Falls Church, Virginia- While meeting with a group of Chinese-American constituents in Falls Church, Virginia, Congressman James Jefferson (R-Herndon) proudly announced that President Ronald Reagan (R-CA) signed the Radio Free China Act, which Congressman Jefferson sponsored. A transcript of what he said is attached below: -Press Secretary Debbie Smith
  4. Rangerboy

    Leave of Absence

    I'm back
  5. Rangerboy

    Leave of Absence

    Taking LOA starting Tomorrow and coming back Monday night. I might pop in but no promises. I'll be on telegram tho
  6. Rangerboy

    Theresa Kelly (R-AK)

    Welcome to the game and party! However, I'm unsure if you can have Governor experience in your bio. Nvm, it's fine, my bad.
  7. Rangerboy

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: James Jefferson Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: WMAL
  8. Rangerboy

    Technical Requests

    Leadership mods please ( if HmW gets it)
  9. Rangerboy

    Press Office for James Jefferson

    Jefferson Elected as Minority Whip Washington D.C- Earlier this week, Congressman James Jefferson (R-Herndon) was elected by his colleagues to serve as their party's whip in the House. He replaced Congressman Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX-7) when he was elected to serve as the House Minority Leader. Jefferson released a statement on the recent promotion: Press Secretary Debbie Smith

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